Wednesday, 25 May 2016

OOTD | Reinventing Your Wardrobe.

Do you ever get those moments where you feel like you're stuck in a rut with your wardrobe? Well that's what I'm going through right now. Looking through my wardrobe I've got a handful of clothes that I like, however the vast majority of pieces I just wear, not to look cool, not to keep up with the latest trends, but literally just to cover my modesty. I'm feeling so uninspired with my wardrobe right now.

For me fashion has always been fun! It's a cool way to represent yourself in any which way you desire & everybody's different. That's what I love about fashion - It's diversity.

At present my wardrobe is looking a bit lackluster to say the least. I don't have the disposable income to go out and buy myself the newest trends, I'm working my butt off so when I do come home all I want to do is get into my pjamas (we've all been there right) and quite frankly I need a complete wardrobe intervention!... Unfortunately without winning the lottery, it's something that just isn't feasible for me right now so I've done the next best thing... I've dug everything & I mean everything out of my wardrobe, reintroduced myself to a couple of pieces I'd forgotten about & begain thinking of different ways I could recycle what items I have.

Today I'm wearing pieces that previously I've worn the absolute heck out of seperately, but never together! This outfit all stemmed from finding a couple of plain white shirts in the back of the wardrobe, a complete staple piece, but one I don't wear enough of, so today seemed as good a day as any to wear one. I'm a massive fan of a peeping crisp white collar under a chunky knit however because the weathers looking pretty fantastic right now I decided to pop on an oversized long sleeved top instead. This had the same effect a chunkier knitted jumper would have, it's just way more appropriate for this time of year. By this time I was already feeling pretty preppy, which is why I decided to go the whole hog, pop on a pair of turned up jeans and throw on my favourite rucksack. Enhancing the back to school vibes even more so I'm wearing my lightweight black duster coat from Missguided - I absolutely adore this coat, it was so affordable & literally goes with everything. I couldn't be any happier with it.

I'm completely digging this look & I felt super duper confident in it. Lord knows  would love a lottery win, like I said, but it's been so fun digging around in my wardrobe and rearranging everything. It almost (and I mean almost) feels like I've got a new wardrobe!

How do you guys recharge when you're stuck in a fashion rut?


Jeans - Denham*
Shirt - Primark
Top - Miss Selfridge
Coat - Missguided
Rucksack - Primark
Sandals - Bank



  1. Great look! And great idea, recycling what you already have. I'm hoping to have a little wardrobe clear out soon and I want to work towards having a more eco-friendly wardrobe. I've just purchased a few sustainable fashion pieces, which are going to be featured in a haul next week - all at reduced prices, of course. I love a bargain, haha! xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Ah yeah. I saw something on one of your social media sites about wanting to turn your wardrobe into something more eco-friendly. Oooh yes. We all love a bargain don't we :-) Can't wait to see what you've bought. X


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