Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Beauty | My Favourite Lip Glosses.

For me finding a lip gloss that works well is really flipping difficult. Finding a gloss that's non sticky, non drying & non uncomfortable on the lips, well that's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Over the years I've searched high and low for lip glosses that actually work and products that I would wear until the cows came home. Granted I've only found three so far that I love, which in the grand scheme of things cold be deemed as pitiful, but for me these three are pretty much a big deal.

Tany Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss - Berry Picking.
What stands out most for me with this gloss, is it's thicker formula. Tanyas' lip gloss is much more velvety and all round more luxurious feeling on the lips than anything else I've tried. The product applies with a fluffy doe foot applicator which with one quick swish transfers the colour beautifully opaque onto the lips. The shade is perfect for an evening or autumn time look & works amazingly well with a gold shimmery eye. I love this colour & really must pick up some more in the range. I picked this up for £4.99 in Superdrug which for me is a complete bargain, more often than not too, they have three for two deals on Tanyas' products so you can really grab yourselves a good deal.

New Cid Cosmetics IGloss - Coral Candy*.
I was lucky enough to receive this bad boy in a goodie bag from my first blogger event since moving to Leeds & what a beauty it is! It's definitely grown on me! I look at this gloss as more of a gel like product, it is slightly stickier than the other two but that quickly goes away, and I love how this one applies with a smooth gel like sheen. The gloss goes on really easily with its' little paint brush style applicator and looks really lovely over pink toned nude lipsticks. I wouldn't say this gloss is particularly coral coloured once it's on the lips so I do prefer to wear this over a lipstick or on it's own for a natural makeup look. For me though it's the packaging that keeps me coming back to the IGloss, the tube contains a long rectangular mirror as well as LED lights which light up as you pull out the applicator. Basically this lip gloss is amazing for a night out - It should be in every womans' clutch bag!

Younique Lucrative Lipgloss - Lovesick*.
This gloss is much more light on the lips and applies ridiculously easily with a small fine brush. If I'm wearing a gloss, I tend to find myself reapplying more often than I would with a lipstick so having a mirror on the side of the packaging really comes in handy. With the formula being more on the lighter side, the gloss applies with more of a sheen rather than an opaque colour & is one I would probably wear over a lipstick. In the bullet the shade lovesick appears to be more red however on the lips is a light pink. The formula is lovely, it's not sticky in the slightest and is really comfy on the lips. I love these lip glosses however I would be careful when picking shades just as they aren't totally true to the bullet.

Have you got any lip gloss recommendations? Now we're getting into Summer I feel like it's the perfect time to start experimenting with glosses. I'd love to read some reviews if you have them?

Have you tried any of these products before? Have they worked for you?

Thnks for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x


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