Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Beauty | Recreating Teenage Me

I was a teenager officially seven years ago, this year... That's almost a decade ago! Any who... After seeing videos from Helen Anderson & Lily Melrose replicating their teenage makeup, I knew I had to get an invite to the party!

Although I've used a lot of makeup in this routine that I wouldn't have necessarily had (because I was even poorer then, than I am now) at the time, I think the techniques I've used are so 2006!

My base was always super duper flat back in the day, there was absolutely no contouring what so ever! I had absolutely no idea what concealer was & used to swap and change my foundations as they ran out however a product that was very much a part of my life was the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I didn't really know at the time what the powder was doing to my skin, only that I enjoyed the effect it had so I continuously repurchased. I should probably pick it up again actually - It's nice to visit old favourites every once in a while.
I've filled my eyebrows in ever so slightly here, however back when I was a teenager this would definitely not have been part of my makeup routine. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was younger & makeup totally wasn't my forte so the thought of filling in my brows didn't cross my mind at all.
My makeup look was always about the eyes. My lashes were always lined with lashings of jet black liquid eyeliner (top & bottom waterline) along with about 50 coats of mascara... And as if that wasn't enough, I'd always add a pair of false lashes on top too, just for good measure!
In order to balance out my super heavy lashes I'd always wear a bold lip.. whether it was red, orange, purple.. You name it, I'd wear it. Today I'm wearing an old favourite of mine, it's Maybelines' Superstay liquid lipstick in red passion.

Moving away from makeup, I've also styled my hair in the exact way I would when I was sixteen. For me it was all about backcombing!... The bigger bouffant, the better! I'd always have the front bits of fringe brushed over my face in a side parting... The traditional emo look, if you didn't guess. I even had my lip pierced at either side when I was a teen... Because I was really cool like that!

How does your makeup routine differ now to that when you were a teen? Did you also go through the emo stage like me? I'd love it if you recreated your teenage selves & tagged me in your looks. It's amazing, if not a little cringey, looking back on past makeup looks.

Thank you so much for reading. Lots of love | Claire.x


  1. Awesome post. :D So funny to read. :D
    I didn't do much make when I was teen. Only thing I did was dark bottom-line on eyes. :D Rembembering now, I think it looked awful, don't know why parents let me out of house looking like that. :D haa haa. Also, I plucked my eyebrows first time when I was 14? I had those big ones that tend to grow together, soo.. yeah, little too late but better late than never I guess. :D

    1. Hey. Thank you Madara :-) Ohh yes, you couldn't beat a super dark black eyeliner on your bottom lashes. That was the in thing back then! Ha. I plucked my brows waaay too much when I was younger, I've hardly got anything left now. This full brow trend is definitely something my brows won't allow me to recreate unfortunately. X

    2. Your brows anyway look really nice. :) I'm totally not into any eyebrow trends ;) natural but groomed I think is the best. :)

  2. Hahaha, I love this! For me it was all about the heavy black waterline, too much pale powder, and un-filled-in overplucked brows. Oh, and no blending of eyeshadow, because why would you? Solid stripes and blotches of Barry M Dazzle Dust are clearly your best bet! x

    1. Aw. Barry M dazzle dust! I forgot about that stuff :-) Yeah I was a massive black waterline fan too! It was the only way back then. Ha. I wouldn't dream of going out like that now. X


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