Wednesday, 16 March 2016

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Wilkos isn't a place I'd usually shop for cosmetics, but when a friend advised me that they stocked 'the best mascara she'd ever used' in the form of Essences' plump no clump mascara, curiosity well & truly got the better of me & I had to dive in & explore the brand even more.

Essence Plump No Clump Mascara.
I've reviewed this mascara previously on ClaireMac but I had to include it again with this brand focus post, because you all need to know about it. The price point is fantastic at £2.79 and what I love so much about this, is how dramatically black & voluminous it makes the lashes look. It's a very buildable mascara and works brilliantly layering over other brands. I love using this over Maybellines' Colossal Volume Express mascara - For me, the two are the perfect pair!

Essence Cream To Powder Highlighter.
Now this is a product which packs a punch! I apply the cream highlighter with the Makeup Revolution Pro F102 Concealer Brush which ensures I have a very precise highlight line on the tops of my cheek bones as well as under my brow bone & nose. The peach toned highlight works amazingly well, the longevity is fab & I love the creamy formulation with my skin.

Essence Eyeshadow.
I bought this shade as I thought it would double up as a highlighter too, but in honesty it's way too glittery to do so. On the eyes though it looks sensational. I love popping this silvery shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes with pretty much any colour lid. I love it especially with deep purple tones as the reflective shimmer makes the eyes pop. 

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks.
I love bargain lipsticks, you all know that my obsession with lip products is my life & these two are no exceptions. The colour pay from the two are great, and the creamy formula makes them a dream to apply. I wouldn't say they're any more long lasting than others I've used, but honestly, I couldn't care less. I love applying these & love how they look on my lips.

Essence Lip Liner.
There was a time not so long ago when I didn't own any lip liners & now I have about 15. They're one of my favourite makeup items to wear, purely down to the longevity & the mattifying formula. I selected this shade as I thought it'd look both fab on it's own & also when layered with nude & brown toned lipsticks. I'm favouring brown toned lipsticks at the moment & this product is the perfect nude!

All of these products together in no way broke the bank, I think the total for everything was around £11, which I think for makeup that works, is absolutely amazing. Have you tried any other Essence products? What should I be buying?

Thank you for reading | Claire. X

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