Friday, 4 December 2015

Fashion | Wrapping Up Warm For Winter.

There’s no doubt about it, Winter is absolutely freezing here in the UK... I’m getting cold just thinking about it. Not only are we hit with a sudden fall in temperature, but we’ve also got torrential downpours and the blustery winds to deal with too. An outfit worn this time of year needs to be seriously practical & if it’s stylish too, well that’s a bonus!

The first thing I think about when planning an outfit around this time of year is ‘how many layers can I cram under my coat today?’ Well with this one, it’s about fifty thousand! This parka has literally been glued to my back for the last couple of months. It’s my dog walking coat, going out coat, dinner with friends coat, going to work coat… And so on and so forth, you get the drift don’t you! There’s so many styles like this available on the high street right now, this one however I picked up in Next a few years ago & it’s safe to say I’ve well & truly gotten my moneys worth out of it.
Along with my trusty parka I’ve been reaching for my bargain Timberland boots quite a lot  recently. They’re comfortable, sturdy & most importantly keep my feet warm and dry. I suffer quite badly during winter with chilblains on my hands & feet so finding a good pair of winter boots is a pretty big thaang for me! Just to make sure I’m extra toasty I’m popped on my black gloves & Zara tartan scarf. If you were to buy anything as a stocking filler this year, I absolutely urge it be a Zara scarf. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for them now, they’re super soft, warm & cosy, and not to mention absolutely huge!

Primark had some super cute knitted hat, gloves & scarf sets that were on at half price so I think I’m going to pop in and pick some up, because I absolutely love getting wrapped up warm for winter. How have you been embracing (or not so embracing) the colder weather we’ve been having?

Thank you for reading. Lots of love. Claire.x

Parka - Next
Jumper - The Hundreds
Boots - Timberland
Gloves - Primark



  1. You look amazing. I love the parka. I think they are so amazing for keeping warm. They also go with all outfits. Your dog is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Amy :-) How sweet! They're so easy to wear, I've barely had this one off of my back. X

  2. Replies
    1. You definitely do! It's one of the best purchases I've ever made :-) I've gotten so much wear out of it! X

  3. Ooh you look so cosy and warm! The parka is so cute :) I think I really need a good practical coat like that.

    For me winter is ALL about layers (usually thermal leggings under everything - sexy ;D!)

    Thanks for a great post :)

    Whiskey Jars Blog X

    1. I absolutely love it - I've had so much wear out of it. I can't reccomend a parka enough! Haha. I need to get myself some thermals! I'm always so cold! X


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