Thursday, 5 November 2015

Beauty | Derma V10 Multi Radiance Cream*

I was advised by a skin consultant a few weeks ago, that even though my skin is relatively normal, it's also severely dehydrated. I really need to get myself back on the H20 band wagon & desperately need some major moisturisation in my life! I'm using a few different moisturisers at the moment as part of my morning skincare routine however something's that's new is the Derma V10 Multi Radiance Cream

I added the Multi Radiance Cream to my skincare routine because even though primarily I was looking for hydration, I could also do with eradicating any dullness in my skin... And trust me there's a boat load of it! The Multi Radiance Cream contains a whole host of vitamins as well as zesty lemon extract and essence of pomegranate which all help give a youthful, sun kissed glow. Talking of sun kissed, you might think you don't need it now the weather's turned Wintery but having the added SPF will really help the skin combat the dreaded ageing process... And you can never start too early if you ask me!
I enjoy how the Derma V10's Multi Radiance Cream is considerably thicker than my other moisturisers as it feels especially luxurious at this time of year and oozes into the skin beautifully to leave the face gleaming. It's a sudden injection of radiance that does unfortunatley wear quite quickly, however that feeling of hydration to my face sticks around all day! As the name suggests, the product is instantly refreshing and makes for an important addition to my new skincare routine. I've really enjoyed using this little beaut over the last few weeks, it's been fab!
I bagged my Multi Radiance Cream from #TheCityGirls blogger event but you can but it from Amazon for only £2.59 which I think is a complete bargain! I have a feeling they're stocked in B&M too for around the same price, if I'm wrong please let me know, but I'm 99% sure that they are!

Have you tried any of Derma V10's products before? I've tried a few bits & so far so good, especially considering how affordable they are.

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

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