Sunday, 29 November 2015

Beauty | The Body Shop Frosted Plum.

Last week I had the fantastic opportunity of attending The Body Shops' Christmas event, where I got to preview their new festive scents. One that really took my fancy, as you can tell by the title of this blog post is their Frosted Plum range.

So as you can see, i didn't just like the scent... I fricken loved it! I managed to pick up the shimmer lotion, shower gel, soap & lip balm all of which have made fab additions to my bathroom essentials. Being honest, I really enjoyed all of the new Body Shop festive fruity scents however being  the interior decor snob that I am, I wanted to get a few things from the same range because they'd look amazing together in my bright white bathroom.

Well isn't the frosted plum shimmer lotion a blast from the past! I remember going to school discos in the 90's and absolutely covering myself with those body glitter roll-on's that you used to get! Well this product does exactly that, only it leaves your skin feeling moisturised and smelling delicious too! The formula is luxuriously thick & oozes that fantastic plum scent. It's a beaut of a moisturiser that leaves the skin with a festive shimmer.
The frosted plum shower gel lathers brilliantly well & a little goes a very long way with this product. The gel leaves the skin feeling quite matte which works as a fab base for any moisturiser.
I've been using the frosted plum soap every day since getting it. Not only does it clean & leave you feeling refreshed it's the perfect scent for a pick me up.
You all know that I bang on about how my lips basically turn to stone in Winter time, so the frosted plum lip balm has been pretty much glued to me. I'm not usually a fan of the tin type balms as they can become quite messy, but the scent was too much for me not to buy. I'm a massive fan of The Body Shop lip balms & this one is no exception.

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop Christmas range yet? 

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Beauty | Inecto Coconutty Goodness.

A few weeks ago when I was back up North visiting family, I’d mentioned to my Gran that I love using coconut products because naturally they’re really beneficial & on a plus side they smell pretty darn great too! Of course, Gran being Gran, she went out and bought me umpteen amounts of coconut based products, literally it’s all I can smell as soon as I walk through my front door… Things could be worse right?

Part of my goodie box were two products from Inecto. I almost didn’t recognise the brand to begin with as the packaging has changed quite dramatically over the years. I remember walking home from school (almost ten years ago – eep) and popping into Boyes for a can of coke (because they were cheaper there, than the regular shops) & a swift browse of their beauty and haircare isles. Something that I always picked up was the Inecto hair treatment… I was really bad for straightening my hair back when I was younger, my dry split ends were horrendous, but the coconutty goodness of the Inecto hair treatment worked wonders! Anywhoo… Fast forward ten years and here we are again! I haven’t actually used any Inecto products since then so it was a really nice treat to see them in my box.

Since discovering Soap & Glorys’ Whipped Clean, I’ve gotten really into Shower Creams. They’re much more nourishing and kinder to the skin, so out of the two Inecto products here, it’s safe to say I was really excited to try the bath & shower cream. The cream is infused with pure coconut oil meaning it’s super moisturising and smoothing to the skin, which is going to be perfect for the bitterly cold days we're having now. The product lathers quickly & the benefits of the coconutty goodness can instantly be felt. It's such a smoothing shower cream which leaves me feeling squeeky clean  - It's an absolute pleasure to use, the scent is just a bonus!
Now onto the hand cream! The formula is really lightweight & massages into the skin rather easily. It is slightly thinner than hand creams that I've used before, but even still, it's really lovely to use & nourishes my hands beautifully. Again the scent with the hand & nail cream is fantastic, it's the perfect amount of coconut. I need to pop this product in my handbag as it'll make a perfect pick me up whilst on the go.

Have you tried any Inecto products before? What's your favourite scents?

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

Monday, 16 November 2015

Fashion | Claire's In Flares.

I didn't mean for it to rhyme, but once I'd thought of this posts title, I couldn't think of nothing else! Honest! 
If you know me, you'll know that I have lived in skinny jeans for as long as I can remember. I couldn't imagine my legs being in any other Jean until I bought these! 

I'd decided to try these on, in a bit of a whim really. I'd seen them on the sale rail at a bargain price and seen as though I had a bit of time to kill, I thought what the hell & tottled off to the changing rooms to try them on. At a complete surprise it turned out that I actually really liked them! I'd never have thought about switching things up Jean wise, but now I'm definitely going to keep more of an open mind when it comes to my denim, because I'm a massive fan of these babies!

Admittedly I'd bought these just because they were cheap. I mean, come on, they were in the sale at £5.60... I couldn't not buy them! Styling them up I found quite tricky to begin with, only because I'm so used to my skinnies, I felt like I'd been dropped in at the deep end, but I was feeling the seventies vibe with these! As a whole I'm not really into the seventies trend, however I think this look is more muted and much easier to wear.
I've gone with a trusty turtle neck today, one to keep me toasty warm & two, to balance my top half out with the flares. I'm really enjoying grey tones at the moment, so I've added my relatively new sleeveless jacket which helps make my outfit look a little more seventies. I've gone old school with my trainer choice today. Again if you know me, you'll know that I very rarely wear trainers so today is a day of outfit firsts for me!

What do you think of today's outfit? Is there an item of clothing that you pretty much live in, like me and my skinnies? 

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

Jeans - Topshop
Turtle Neck - Primark
Sleeveless Jacket - New Look
Trainers - Converse
Ganesh Necklace - Charmed Ivy
Deathly Halows Necklace - EBay
Watch - Radley*


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Beauty | A Manuka Honey Hair Pick Me Up*

I’ve heard a lot recently about the benefits of Manuka Honey, they call it ‘natures pure miracle’ so when I was gifted with this 7th Heaven (previously known as Montagne Jeunesse) hair mask, I was expecting some pretty serious stuff! I’ve always seen the 7th Heaven hair masks in the likes of Boots & Superdrug at bargain prices - This one will only set you back £1 so I was really excited to try this in the hope that I’d love it… And basically have cheap haircare for the rest of my life! Woohoo!

Firstly let me tell you, that you get an absolutely amazing amount of product in each sachet. I have mid length hair & found I had so much of the  product left over after ensuring all of my tresses were suitably covered. I popped the remaining product on the ends of my hair just to be on the safe side & to make sure that my locks were going to reap the full benefits of the Manuka honey mask. The product applied brilliantly, I found it really easy to use & because there was so much product there, it covered my tresses perfectly.
7thHeaven suggests for you to apply the product after shampooing and leave it to work its’ magic for between 1 – 5 minutes. I’d actually left mine on for a little longer because I got distracted by Youtube videos (does anyone else watch Youtube videos in the bath?) but as Tesco says… Every little helps right?
I wouldn’t say that my hair was in particularly bad condition, however I do feel that it lacks a bit of oomph. Anything that can revive & make my tresses more vibrant is definitely a winner in my books! Luckily for me this is exactly what the Manuka honey hair mask claims to do! It’s certainly left my hair looking brighter, especially when the sun catches, I think it makes my hair look so much healthier and vibrant. I’m surprised actually at how much this product has transformed my hair. It looks fab & it smells pretty darn great too!
Overall I’m really impressed with the 7th Heaven hair mask! I actually haven’t got a bad word to say about the product at all… Apart from that it’s probably going to make a (small) dent in my bank balance, now I want to go out and buy every scent available! These would make great stocking fillers too, so I’m probably going to go out and buy some for festive treats for people!... I just won’t tell them that they only cost a measley pound! Eeep!

Have you tried any of the 7th Heaven products? I really want to try their mud face masks, as they look amaxing! And you can’t beat a pamper night!

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Event | Benito Brow Bar. Share the wow!

So something quite monumental in my life happened last week... I finally got my brows tamed! I'm quite big on well groomed brows & am always using innovative products to refine their shape, however i haven't actually had them professionally 'done' for well over a year now. Cringe! I'm so bad! I've tidied of course with use of my trusty tweezers & have always thought I'd done a half decent job but after visiting the Benito Brow Bar in House Of Fraser, I've suddenly realised how wrong I was!

It wasn't until I sat my butt in the chair & got talking to the ladies at Benito, that I actually realised how bad my brows were!.. It honestly felt like they were threading my brows for a good half an hour or so! I was half expecting them to have done my full face, nut nope... Just my obviously unruly brows!
Like I said, I hadn't had my brows threaded for a very long time so the feeling of having them done was a bit of a shock to the system - It wouldn't say it was painful, it was just a little uncomfortable, but the result afterwards was fantastic! My brows have literally never looked so good! 

I'm really pleased with how Benito have worked their magic in shaping, redefining & tidying my brows. Have you visited a Benito Brow Bar before? 

Lots of love | xclaireabella

Monday, 9 November 2015

Fashion | Joules Milton Longline Jumper*

If there's one item of clothing that seems to be all over the blogs during Autumn Winter, its got the be the slouchy sweater. Whether it be a super thick cable knit, an over sized retro sports sweater or like with this one a relaxed grey marl sweater - I just can't get enough!


As soon as I saw this piece on the Joules website, I knew I had to have it in my life! As dramatic as that sounds, I feel like I've been in a bit of a fashion drought recently, so having found a piece I love & that I know I'll get a lot of wear out of, I knew I had to just go for it. I sized up with the Milton as I liked how it looked slightly over sized on the model & I'm really glad I did, it fits brilliantly well! I think if I'd gone for my usual size I would have been slightly disappointed. I've teamed the longline sweater with my usual black skinnies & thigh highs... An xclaireabella classic monochrome look you might say? Gahh, I just can't help it!!

What do you think of todays outfit? 

Thank you for reading! Lots of love | xclaireabella

Sweater - Joules*
Jeans - H&M
Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Next
Bag - Priamark

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Beauty | Derma V10 Multi Radiance Cream*

I was advised by a skin consultant a few weeks ago, that even though my skin is relatively normal, it's also severely dehydrated. I really need to get myself back on the H20 band wagon & desperately need some major moisturisation in my life! I'm using a few different moisturisers at the moment as part of my morning skincare routine however something's that's new is the Derma V10 Multi Radiance Cream

I added the Multi Radiance Cream to my skincare routine because even though primarily I was looking for hydration, I could also do with eradicating any dullness in my skin... And trust me there's a boat load of it! The Multi Radiance Cream contains a whole host of vitamins as well as zesty lemon extract and essence of pomegranate which all help give a youthful, sun kissed glow. Talking of sun kissed, you might think you don't need it now the weather's turned Wintery but having the added SPF will really help the skin combat the dreaded ageing process... And you can never start too early if you ask me!
I enjoy how the Derma V10's Multi Radiance Cream is considerably thicker than my other moisturisers as it feels especially luxurious at this time of year and oozes into the skin beautifully to leave the face gleaming. It's a sudden injection of radiance that does unfortunatley wear quite quickly, however that feeling of hydration to my face sticks around all day! As the name suggests, the product is instantly refreshing and makes for an important addition to my new skincare routine. I've really enjoyed using this little beaut over the last few weeks, it's been fab!
I bagged my Multi Radiance Cream from #TheCityGirls blogger event but you can but it from Amazon for only £2.59 which I think is a complete bargain! I have a feeling they're stocked in B&M too for around the same price, if I'm wrong please let me know, but I'm 99% sure that they are!

Have you tried any of Derma V10's products before? I've tried a few bits & so far so good, especially considering how affordable they are.

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Beauty | Forever Living with Inspire Global

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be introduced to Forever Living. I'd seen the brand circling Facebook, along with the likes of Juice Plus & Actiderm & if I'm honest I was a tad skeptical, I originally thought these type of brands were a bit of a fad... Something that's in fashion now, but would quite easily be forgotten about. How wrong I was! Brands like these show absolutely no sign of stopping, they're very much onward & upwards & I think it's a fab way for people to earn a little bit of extra money. So win win if you ask me! I took part in an Inspire Global facebook chat a little while ago & won myself some Forever Living goodies, which I'd love to tell you about.
If you didn't already know, Forever Living have been going for 30+ years now and are the largest growers, producers & distributors of Aloe Vera products. Today I'll be talking through a few beauty bits however Forever Living also provide products to aid with weight loss, aromatherapy products, fitness aids, even products for your pets! There is literally a product there for everyone!

I'd previously had my eyes on the Aloe Lips so was over the moon when this arrived though my letterbox! I've said it a gazillion times but as soon as the weather turns colder, my lips instantly turn all shrively & flaky & not all that nice so I was super excited to try this out! I was surprised at how easily the product glided onto the lips, granted it does feel slightly slippery on application but you really get that tingle that the product is working. It's the mix of aloe, jojoba and beeswax that make for an awesomely nourishing lip balm that's perfect at smoothing out any flakes on your lips. The aloe scent is really beautiful too, it's not majorly strong but you do get a whiff of it. As well as during the day, I've been using the Aloe Lips just before I go to bed & find that it works right through the night - It's a fab product!
I wasn't totally sure how much use I'd get out of the Forever Hand Sanitizer but I've found that by keeping it in my handbag at all times I'm actually using the product quite a lot. It's fab for a quick refresher on the go. The only thing that's baffled me with it, is that it's supposed to have a lemon & lavender scent but I'm really not getting it at all, for me the product smells strongly of that usual alcahol based sanitiser scent that you get. If you've tried this product, I'd love to know if you've thought the same with the scent. Other than that though it works fantastically well & I'll be making sure I get full use out of the product.

It's quite difficult to give a full review of sample sized products, however the Aloe Jojoba shampoo & conditioner were both really enjoyable to use. I actually found my hair to be much more manageable after using these products, I didn't have the usual ten minute faff on detangling my tresses so that was lovely. Well done Forever! 
The Aloe moisurising lotion is a great pick me up for the skin! I've been using it on a morning before applying makeup and it really brightens the skin and acts as a fabulous primer. The product contains collegan and elastin so over time I'd assume this product could be totally bad ass in decreasing the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes. 
Something that really intrigued/scared me was the Forever bright sparkling aloe vera toothgel. I'm a complete Sensodyne gal when it comes to toothpaste (damn you sensitive teeth) so I'm very much used to the taste & the consistency of that. Swapping to a gel formula felt quite bizzare to me & even though I did feel like my teeth were squeeky clean, I don't think this product is for me... I'm definitely a one toothpaste kinda gal!

Have you tried any Forever Living products before? I've really enjoyed test driving these products & I'll definitely get a lot of use out of them. If you'd like any more information you can contact Emily at Inspire Global.

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

Monday, 2 November 2015

Fashion | Denham Sharps*

A couple of weeks ago I attended a blogger event at the relatively new Denham store in Leeds city centre. I had a fabulous time at the event (which you can read about here) & even though it only lasted an hour or so I've learnt so much when it comes to denim. Luckily at the end of the event we were all gifted with out very own pair of Denhams' denim which is what I'm going to talk to you about today... If you couldn't guess by the title. Doh!

I originally picked up my usual jean size in the Sharps but after trying them on and taking a bit of advice from the staff at Denham, I actually opted for the size below & I’m so so glad that I did. After wearing the jeans for a couple of weeks, they've morphed to fit my body shape perfectly! They have a slight stretch so are super duper comfortable &  because of the colour and style I’ve found myself reaching for them pretty much every day! They’re amazing! They are a tad pricier than what I would normally go for jean wise, but you can 100% feel the quality in these jeans that my other pairs just don’t have!
With it turning awfully chilly recently I’m wrapping up with a thick grey marl turtle neck (the British AW essential!) and a ridiculously fluffy blanket scarf. I love wrapping up in a cosy warm scarf, cinching it in at the waist with a belt to still provide a flattering feminine figure – There’s nothing better!

How are you wrapping up warm this Autumn Winter? Have you tried any Denham jeans before?

Thank you for reading! Lots of love | xclaireabella

Jeans - Denham*
Turtle neck - Primark
Scarf - George at Asda*
Belt - River Island
Boots - Primark
Satchel - Primark

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Beauty | Bramley Hand Wash With Clary Sage & Essential Lemongrass Oils*

I know what you're thinking... 'What the hell is she writing about a hand wash for?'.. And I'll be honest, I'm slightly questioning it myself, but let me tell you, this is no ordinary hand wash. Bramleys' hand wash is the hand wash of the gods!

Bramley use natural ingredients & therapeutic oils within their hand wash to produce an absolute beaut of a hand wash. Their formula is much thicker than I've used before and foams really easily revealing a super nourishing and refreshing hand wash. A little goes a long way with this product as you don't even need a full pump to clean and leave your hands feeling refreshed. 
Now lets talk about the scent! Gahh, this is amazing! I've never smelt something so deliciously pungent in my entire life. The lemongrass oils really shine through with this product and leave my hands smelling delightful for hours. 

Big thanks to #TheCityGirls and Oates & Co for gifting me with this wonderful product. 

Thanks for reading. Lots of love | xclaireabella

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