Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Beauty | Manuka Doctor Apirefine Lip Enhancer

It seems like years ago now, but a few months back I attended #TheCityGirls event in Leeds, where I was gifted with the most amazing goodie bag. One of the treats inside was the Manuka Doctor Apirefine Lip Enhancer.
If I'm honest, this is a product that I would never in a million years would I have picked up... Not only does the idea of plumping my lips freak me out a little, but doing so with bee venom didn't sit quite right with me & because of this it's taken me a little while to test the product. It's been sat in my bottom drawer for the last few months however after reading rave reviews of the product, my intrigue got the better of me!

Initially I thought because the product is made up of purified bee venom & manuka honey, the application process was going to feel a million tiny bees stinging your lips! Eeek! Even though it is very tingly, it isn't half as bad ass as I thought it was going to be... Imagine Soap & Glorys' Sexy Motherpucker only on a slightly more tingly scale.
The bee venom encourages the lips natural collagen formation and plumps the lips in only a couple of minutes. The difference it makes to my lips is just the right amount, I think if they were to increase in size any more I'd look out of proportion, but I quite like how my lips look with the Lip Enhancer on. I've been using the enhancer before applying glosses as I think it looks best with a sheen to the lips, my favourites at the moment are those from Tanya Burr & New Cid Cosmetics - I think the paring of the two products works absolutely fantastically & you deffinitely get the full effect of the Lip Enhancer.
The solution is very liquidy (if that's a word) and feels quite loose on the lips so instead of applying the product straight from the tube I've been dabbing a bit of the product onto my finger, and then sweeping it across the lips. I find this works better and I'm able to get a much more defined look.

Even though the product works really well, I think it's going to be one of those cosmetic items for special occasions. I do like that it makes my lips look a lot fuller, however as an everyday look, I think it may be a bit much, especially if I'm having more of a natural makeup look.

Have you ever tried anything like this before? Or like me have you been nervous about trying something you later really liked?

Lots of love | xclaireabella

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