Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Beauty | My New Base Products.

Does anyone else get to point where literally all of your makeup products run out? Rather than running out one by one, a few weeks ago it seemed like all my base products ran out at the same time. Duhm duhm duuuhm! Total world problems!
I put the feelers out on twitter during a #bbloggers chat a little while ago to see what foundations & concealers you guys recommended. I fancied something new, with a decent amount of coverage but I also something that left my skin looking natural and healthy. I had so much feedback (thank you very much ladies), with the general consensus being that I needed to try the Bourjois healthy mix foundaion & the Collection lasting perfection concealer... So that's what I bloody well did!

I've had the Collection lasting perfection concealer on my 'to buy list' for a little while now so admittedly when my previous concealer ran out, I did get a little bit giddy about trying this newie. It's such a cult product in the beauty blogger world so to say I was expecting great things is a bit of an understatement! 
There weren't many shades left by the time I'd got to the Collection stand but thankfully there was a cool medium left & thankfully it suits me perfectly. I was surprised the colour shade sat so well, as it's the second darkest shade, and I certainly haven't got the darkest of skin tones. This spurs me on though to purchase the lightest shade as I know it'll make an insane highlight. The product is much thicker than other concealers I've used, it feels really luxurious on the skin & blends really well. It does take a little longer to blend than other concealers I've used, just because of how thick it is but once it's done it looks amazing. Blemishes, red patched, dark circles, you name it, they're all gone! I'm well and truly on the Collection lasting perfection concealer bandwagon!

I'm not the worldliest of foundation users, if you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll know I've literally tried about five foundations in my whole lifetime (bad blogger  I know). Basically I found a foundation which I loved & that worked perfectly with my skin tone, so i just stuck with it. Before I knew it, one bottle, turned into two, turned into twenty! So here I am trying something new!
I'd always heard such great reviews of the Bourjous healthy mix foundation & because so many of you were suggesting I try it, I knew I was onto a winner. Turns out, I even prefer it to my usual foundation! I opted for light vanilla, which is actually the lightest shade in the range & it matches my colouring perfectly. The product applies really smoothly & leaves my skin with that desirable flawless finish. The Bourjois healthy mix foundation is an absolute dream to wear as it lasts all day, looks impeccable on the skin and comes in at a mere £9.99!

I'm absolutely over the moon with my new base products. Bloggers well & truly know best, I reckon, so when I'm on the look out for new products you'll all be my first port of call!

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love | xclaireabella.


  1. I still havent tried this foundation, but I am a big fan of the concealer :)!

    Lillies and Lipbalm

    1. You should definitely try it. I'm going to have to put the concealer on my to buy list :-) X

  2. I want to try this concealer! - Amy

    1. You really should :-) I'm really pleased with how it's worked out on my skin. X

  3. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is my all time favourite drugstore foundation!

    - Darcy Victoria

    1. It's fab isn't it! I'm really enjoying using it :-) X


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