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Fashion | My Jewellery Collection.

There's something amazing about collecting jewellery and having it grow as you do. I've always been a bit of a hoarder, but since working in a jewellers, my passion for all things sparkly has rocketed. In my collection, I have some statement/fashion pieces however some of the jewellery in there are more investment pieces, ones I've had for years & will continue to wear them for years to come... Today I'm letting you have a snoop through both.

Hearts of Brass stacker rings.
I'm very lucky to have a mother in law who manages & runs her own Jewellery business so I'm quite often getting sneak peaks into her new collections as well as a few freebies thrown my way, which is always amazing. There are so many pieces available from Hearts of Brass however it's the stacker rings that I really love. I have some that are highly polished & some which are hammered, which when worn together look absolutely amazing.
Copper Daisy Ring - Hearts of Brass*
Silver Cross Ring Set - Hearts of Brass*
Trio Stone Ring - Hearts of Brass*
Silver Stacker Ring - Hearts of Brass*

Pandora stacker rings.
I'm pretty sure everyone as their dog has something from Pandora, whether it be their intricate earrings, thoughtful charm bracelets or like me their stacker rings... Seeing a bit of a theme with stacker rings here, oops!! The large black heart ring I picked up in the sale a few years ago so is no longer available, but the other two are both continuous lines. As soon as I saw the tiara ring my inner princess screeched and I knew that I just had to have it, my lovely boyfriend however bought me the heart stacker ring to wear underneath it.
Black Heart Ring - Pandora (£35.00)
Tiara Ring - Pandora (£40.00)
Heart Stacker Ring - Pandora*

Sister Vintage collar clips.
I discovered Sister Vintage and their ridiculously affordable jewellery last year. After having a quick internet peruse I don't think they're available anymore, but I wanted to show you my collar clips. I'm a big fan of wearing shirts under knitwear and find wearing collar clips just takes me outfit to the next level, they give a really cool, individual look.
Pink Collar Clips - Sister Vintage (£1.00)
Blue Collar Clips - Sister Vintage (£1.00)

Vivienne Westwood bracelet.
Dan bought me this bracelet a few Christmases ago & I absolutely adore it. It's simple enough to be worn as an everyday bracelet however because it's Viv & because it's got a little bit of sparkle to it I can wear this for evenings out too, it's amazing. Whenever I wear this piece, my friends always comment on how lovely it is.
Orb Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood*

Charmed Ivy.
Again I discovered Charmed Ivy last year & I haven't looked back. I love their products, their customer service, their prices, you name it... I love it. I find their pieces to be the most wearable & I'm often going straight for them on an everyday basis. They're very buildable too, so I'll quite often wear the necklaces together to create a layered look.
Solar Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£5.00)
Horne of Selene Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£4.50)
April Violets Bracelet - Charmed Ivy (£4.00)

Primark gold bracelets.
I love pieces like this! Affordable bracelets that you can just throw on to enhance an outfit. I normally wear these on my opposite wrist if I'm wearing my Vivienne Westwood bracelet. They're super duper easy to throw on and for the price you can't go wrong. I'm wanting to pick some more up in silver.
Gold Bracelet Pack - Primark (£2.00)

Primark Statement necklace.
If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll have seen this necklace a thousand times. I love the contrast between the black rope & gold spikes, it's a very casual necklace that seems to go with literally everything. I love it!!
Rope Necklace - Primark (£4.00)

HSamuel Diamonds.
I thought I'd save these two beauties till last! I love my diamonds with a splash of colour, hence the blue topaz & blue sapphires. The sapphire & diamond ring was a hand me down from my mum however the blue topaz was a complete indulgence on my part. Absolutely no excuse what so ever, other than I saw it & I like it!! We deserve a treat every now and again though don't we?
Sapphire Ring - HSamuel*
Topaz Ring - HSamuel (£116.10)

I'm really enjoying building my jewellery collection.... Next on the list is a Forever Diamond ring, I can't see it happening for a wee while yet, but a girl can dream right?

Have you spotted anything here that you own? Or something that you love?

Lots of love | xclaireabella



  1. Nice jewelery


  2. Absolutely love the VW bracelet! And the Charmed Ivy pieces are so pretty. Love the statement necklace too. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Thanks Em :-) I could probably do with getting a bigger jewellery box now. X

  3. I’m absolutely in love with Pandora’s stacking rings. I’ve bought them as gifts for my girlfriends and family members. They come in both gold and silver. These rings make me feel like a princess! I’ll have to ask my husband to buy me another one for my birthday! Unfortunately, it would be impossible to pick just one ring!

    Brandi Bradley @ Rotax Metals

    1. Thank yu for reading Brandi. Yupp. I know that feeling. Ha! I have an enless wish list! X


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