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Event | #TheCityGirls

I'm pretty sure every bloggers favourite part of blogging is going to events & having a right good socialise and quite often a couple of glasses of fizz. It's always an amazing opportunity to get to know local bloggers and network with brands so I try me best to get to as many as possible. You'll be surprised how many times working part time gets in the way of getting to events, but one I knew I needed to attend was #TheCityGirls.

#TheCityGirls is an event ran by two bloggers, Holly-Lucy & Lorna whose aim is to bring bloggers and brands together, with lots of fun and socialising in between. Being bloggers Holly-LucyLorna know exactly how to put on an event and after seeing their previous roaring success story in Sheffield I knew I needed to get my butt to this event!

#TheCityGirls event was held in the gorgeously designed bar The Liquorist. Being quite new to Leeds, it isn't a bar I'd previously heard of, but after visiting last week I know I'll definitely be returning. I'm a sucker for amazing interior design & an array of cocktails (maybe more so the latter). I loved everything about how the bar was designed, in fact we're going for a similar style in our living room - minus the rows upon rows of spirits (Damn!)

We grabbed a booth in the bar area and began gossiping & sifting through the really extensive cocktail menu. Seriously, if you're into your cocktails, get yourself to The Liquorist - Their menu is amazing! It was barely past lunch, but I took Jess' expert advice & opted for the Strawberry Mojito... Not my usual cocktail of choice but it was blooming lovely! 

To begin the event Holly-Lucy & Lorna introduced themselves, explaining why they had started blogging and how it has brought them full circle into managing #TheCityGirls events. This was only the ladies second blogger event, the first being in Sheffield a few months ago, but their plan is to take it round the full country, bringing bloggers & brands together across the whole of the UK. This is a more than reasonable aim & I'm pretty sure it's going to happen sooner than they think!

The girls then introduced us to Suzie from Leeds Womens' Aid, a fantastic charity that protects women & children from the damage that domestic violence can catapult on their lives. Suzie herself had been a victim of domestic violence so hearing her stories & hearing her passion for the charity was really rousing & really pulled on the heart strings. Suzie & #TheCityGirls were holding a raffle (with some freakin insane prizes) at the event with all proceed going to the absolutely deserving Leeds Womens' Aid. But more about that a bit later... 

Let's get mingling...

The first brand we gravitated towards was Voss Water, I'd noticed the brand attended the previous event in Sheffield so it was lovely seeing them again in Leeds. I've gotten into a really bad habit at the moment of barely drinking any water so hopefully this will spur me on to try get close to those 8 litres a day. I might even look 'cool' drinking out of my Voss Water bottle, water seems to have gotten right trendy recently, don't you think? Voss Water also provided us with a little menu card inspiring us to make fruit infused water, I'm looking forward to giving their 'Australlian Infusion' a go with kiwi and cucumber. I can imagine it being super duper refreshing & perfect for first thing on a morning. We were also gifted with a Voss Water USB stick which I'm sure will be put to good use & will hold all my blogging work.

Opposite Voss Water was Ben from Manuka Doctor, a company that uses purified bee venom & manuka honey to help encourage natural collagen formation. At #TheCityGirls event Ben kindly gifted us with a full size lip enhancer (as well as a discount code) that claims to plump & enhance the lips in 5 minutes. I'm looking forward to trying this, I can only imagine it'll be like Soap & Glorys' Sexy Motherpucker only on a way tinglier scale, so we'll see how that goes. I'm excited but nervous all at the same time.

Next onto Derma V10... And let me tell you, these aint no ordinary cardboard boxes! Personally I hadn't heard of the brand Derma V10 before but as soon as I saw these boxes contained some chocolatey goodness, I knew I'd be in for a treat. By chocolatey goodness, I mean a cocoa scented body butter which promises to add instant moisture and leave ypour skin feeling soft, smooth & smelling great. As well as the body butter we also received a Derma V10 multi randiance cream with spf 15 & a rescue oil aimed at reducing scaring. I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of the rescue oil but the radiance cream I'll be going hell for leather for!

After making a quick pit stop and popping our goodies away myself & Katie made a bee line for Chloe who was representing the Leeds based fashion brand Kendelle. Chloe had brought a few pieces to display including the most fabulous pair of bright white pleated palazzo pants. I've definitely got my eyes on those bad boys, and with a 20% off voucher, who's betting they end up in my wardrobe. Kendelles' blue & green leaf print went down really well with all us bloggers too, so If I end up seeing these pop up on my bloglovin feed soon I will not be at all surprised!

Next up was a snoop at Nails By Ivy, a super talented nail artist giving bloggers the most fantastic talons. I unfortunately didn't get mine done however what she was doing was crazy good! I wish I had the patience to do my nails even half as good as what Nails By Ivy was doing.

The Body Shop were also at the event, with Leah who manages the White Rose store, I'd met Leah at a previous event so it was lovey catching up and having a gossip, in particularly  about the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, I friggin love that stuff! The Body Shop was there to show us their new Italian Summer Fig fragrance, which (apart from obviously smelling of figs) was really unusual but really refreshing scent & took my senses back to being on holiday. I'm sure it's going to be a complete winner!

Holly-Lucy & Lorna had thought of everything, even supplying us with a cupcake pit stop as we waited to have our makeup done by Mel from Benefit. You crafty devils! Mel was demonstrating Benefits' new They're Real Coloured Collection, a compete throwback to the 90's, but one that shouldn't have gone anywhere!... If you told me previously that I'd have been wearing purple liner & blue mascara I'd have laughed in your face, but it looked amazing!! The colours complimented each other perfectly & because the blue mascara was only applied to the tips of my lashes it made them look even longer than ever! Amazing products!

During the afternoon #TheCityGirls hosted a raffle with the proceeds going straight to Leeds Womens Aid. Amazingly we managed to raise a massive £240 during the event, and even more amazingly Aviva matched it, meaning Leeds Womens Aid were actually walking away with a whopping £480!! A fabulous amount that will make a huge difference to the charity. Unfortunately I didn't win any prizes (I suck at raffles) but it was really heart warming knowing us girls had managed to raise such a huge amount.

I had a complete blast at #TheCityGirls event last week, you could really sense a difference having bloggers organise an event - It was much more casual, relaxed & a hundred times more fun being able to catch up properly & meet new bloggers. As we left we were all gifted with the most amazing bag of goodies.

Have you tried any of the products you can see in my goodie bag?

Lots of love | xclaireabella.


  1. This sounds like so much fun! xx


  2. Oh hey! That's me! Was so lovely to meet you and spend the event making our little piles of goodies together!

    Katie || KNEL xx

    1. Woohoo - It's you!! Ha. Lovely meeting you too. Oh yes. Ha. I've never been to an event where they give you that much stuff before. X

  3. I am really hoping you meant 8 glasses of water and not 8 litres as you would probably die if you drank that much every day lol x

    1. Oh my goodness. I genuinely thought it was 8 litres. I'm obviously crap at measurements. Ha. Thank you!! I'm closer to what I need to be drinking anyway! Ha. Thankssss. X

  4. It was a fab day & although i'm not a lover of herbal tea, i loved the Virtue iced tea we got. See you at another event! x
    Donna - midlifecrisisbeautyaddict.com

    1. It was brill wasnt it :-) Best event I've been to! Yupp, I'm sure I;ll see you at another event soon. X

  5. looks like a fab day! and what a lovely goodie bag to top things off!

    Charlotte Harvs | Blog

    1. Oh it was brilliant :-) An amazing day! Yupp. Ha. I'm still making my way through them now. X


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