Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Event | Paul Mitchells' Big Night Out Ft New Cid Cosmetics

The first blogger event I received invite to when I moved to Leeds was that of Paul Mitchell & New Cid Cosmetics so seeing another invitation email ping into my inbox was amazing! 
Because I had such a fab time at the first event, I really couldn't say no to the second!

I was greeted by the lovely Sarah, who couldn't wait to pop a Prosecco in my hand (not that I'm complaining) and started mingling with the other bloggers. The Quebecs hotel supplied us with some super tasty canapes, including pigs in blankets, thai duck rolls & cocktail sausages. I didn't help myself to too much, but what I did eat was delicious, and much needed after a day of decorating at home!

Sarah introduced us all to the Ultimate Colour Repair range - The newest offering from Paul Mitchell, and by gosh it's a good'un... I don't know many women who don't colour their hair so I'm pretty sure the range is going to go down a treat.
The range is the first of it's kind to contain Quinoa, a super food & colour locking agent which claims to leave your hair looking as vibrant as the day you dyed it for up to 9 weeks. Pretty bold statement I know!... I've just recently dyed my hair so this will be the perfect opportunity for me to test drive some products! 
The range also claims to prevent thermal damage by 86% and cause 88% less breakage. Breakage is a massive thing for me and my locks so to say I'm excited to try these products is an understatement.
The Ultimate Colour Repair range contains a shampoo, conditioner & triple rescue treatment all of which smell exactly like holidays (whatever that smells like) and come in super summery orangey red packaging. All products come in both a full size and travel size which will be perfect for jet setting.

Next onto the makeup! We can't forget the makeup can we! This is where James from New Cid Cosmetics stepped in. With over 10 years experience in the cosmetics business, his wealth of knowledge was outstanding & listening to him was a real eye opener, for even the simplest of makeup tasks, such as colour matching foundation... This should be done to your chest rather than the back of your hand or jaw line to ensure a constant transition of colour. Nobody wants an english rose pale chest with a bronzed godess mismatched face. It seems like a simple task to do but it's something I'd never thought of doing - I'm usually a back of the hand type of gal!
After introducing himself & giving us all an insight into his background he began performing a makeup tutorial on Kariss from Shy Strange Manic carefully applying & explaining the benefits of each product, in a step by step guide. Something that caught my eye in particular was the i-glow, a super gorgeous shimmer, perfect to use as a pick me up, the shade Coral Crush swatches absolutely beautifully!

Upon leaving Sarah handed me a fabulous little gift bag with the new Paul Mitchell products in as well as a rose gold hairbrush & New Cid Cosmetics lip gloss. I had a fantastic night, cut short by my parking ticket running out (oops) but it was amazing chatting to Sarah & getting an insight into James makeup obsessed brain. Thank you so much for my invitation!

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


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