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Beauty | Makeup Revolution Atomic Make It Right.

I know what you're thinking... It's the middle of Summer, why on earth is this loon posting about deep, dark, vampy lips? Yes I know it is a bit weird & it is a bit odd writing a blog post about autumnal & wintery coloured lipsticks, but I'm currently sat writing this on a miserable as sin, freakishly stormy Wednesday afternoon (feeling pretty organised with my scheduled posts here btw) where all I want to do is wear a shed load of bronzer, create some lovely dark honey coloured smoky eyes & go out with a bright, bold, vampy lip! Say hello to Make It Right by Makeup Revolution.

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Makeup Revolution products, however something that took a little longer for me to love was their lipsticks. I bought a handful when the brand was only fairly new & found the formula to be very slippery & sheer, basically something that didn't pack the punch I wanted it to. 
I've grown to love Makeup Revolution lippies and they're now often my go to products, especially for adding a certain highlight of colour. This brings us on nicely to Make It Right - A super deep, rich purple shade from the Atomic collection.

Make It Right has a huge impact to a makeup look, it's a complete transformer & one I'm a massive fan of! As soon as I applied this product I just felt my face looked 100% better, it gave me a massive pick me up & instantly made me feel ready for the day! The colour looks phenomenal on. I'm a massive fan of the colour purple anyway, but this shade is pretty much perfect. 
The staying power of this product is fab & even when it's wearing off, the colour looks amazing! It's a more muted purple, but still a shade I really adore. Make It Right is a complete winner for me. The product needs reapplying every three or four hours which is about average I'd say, however it's it's staying power whilst eating drinking that is truly amazing! Normally bold colours dont fair well with food & drink but this is fab! I could quite happily go out for a meal & cocktails without worrying about lipstick smearing all over my chin.
Like I said, I'm pretty sure the lipstick formulas have changed since Makeup Revolution first came about (I'd love to know for definite) because this one is so so soft, it's amazing! It's a really buttery consistency & applies really easily with just one quick swish. It's comfortable to wear, doesn't flake & looks super duper slick. I really have no complaints about this product at all!
Also can I just point out that this lipstick cost a grand total of £1. Yupp.. One hundren whole pennies! How ridiculously good is that?

Makeup revolution have 5 bold & bright colours in the Atomic lipstick range.The others are all fabulously bright & bold and will more than pack a punch. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to wear Serpent but, Make It Right I'd buy time & time again. I absolutely love it!

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolutions' Atomic range? I'd love some reviews of the shade Serpent?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x



  1. This shade suits you so well! Nothing wrong with mixing things up during Summer :) love that it's only £1 too!!

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Thank you!! I'm loving a bit of purple at the moment. It's a complete bargain isnt it!! Such good value. X

  2. LOVE that colour! It looks so good on you!
    I haven't tried their atomic range yet, but I must soon!

    1. Thanks Ella. You really should, they're so good for the price. They have some amazing colours in the range too! X


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