Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lifestyle | Moroccan Inspired Bedroom Transformation.

Just before we moved house I put together a blog post detailing my dream Moroccan inspired bedroom. I love this style of interior design & already had a few items collected however because of the move it's spurred us on to go the whole hog and totally transform our new bedroom. 
If you have a nosey at the previous post you'll notice that we did go a tad off spec from what we had originally planned, but here's our finished room.

The biggest difference we made to the room was to change the walls, we opted for a feature wall of Sandersons' Srinigar wallpaper in Bengal red and the other two with Valspars' matching paint. By not having a neutral wall the room feels much warmer and cosier - Some might say it makes the room look smaller, but we get away with it having mirrored wardrobe doors - And who doesn't want a cosy bedroom? We picked up the bedspread in Asda for a pretty affordable price, and because it's a block colour we added the elephant print throw to add a bit more interest to the room and tie everything together. We bought the throw on our last trip to London from Camden Markets. Camden is an absolute hive for pieces like this, if I remember right we got this for £10 which was a blooming bargain. We've accessoried with Moroccan inspired trinkets which we've managed to pick up over the last year or so. My favourite piece is the elephant artwork because I think this brings everything together & makes the room complete.

We're so happy with how the room has turned out & knowing that we've done it ourselves (the lame first time diyers that we are) makes it feel that bit more special. The room feels so homely and cosy. I absolutely love what we've achieved with the space, it's perfect!

What do you think to our transformation? Would you like to see more interior design posts on my blog?

Lots of love | xclaireabella.


Monday, 27 July 2015

Fashion | My Jewellery Collection.

There's something amazing about collecting jewellery and having it grow as you do. I've always been a bit of a hoarder, but since working in a jewellers, my passion for all things sparkly has rocketed. In my collection, I have some statement/fashion pieces however some of the jewellery in there are more investment pieces, ones I've had for years & will continue to wear them for years to come... Today I'm letting you have a snoop through both.

Hearts of Brass stacker rings.
I'm very lucky to have a mother in law who manages & runs her own Jewellery business so I'm quite often getting sneak peaks into her new collections as well as a few freebies thrown my way, which is always amazing. There are so many pieces available from Hearts of Brass however it's the stacker rings that I really love. I have some that are highly polished & some which are hammered, which when worn together look absolutely amazing.
Copper Daisy Ring - Hearts of Brass*
Silver Cross Ring Set - Hearts of Brass*
Trio Stone Ring - Hearts of Brass*
Silver Stacker Ring - Hearts of Brass*

Pandora stacker rings.
I'm pretty sure everyone as their dog has something from Pandora, whether it be their intricate earrings, thoughtful charm bracelets or like me their stacker rings... Seeing a bit of a theme with stacker rings here, oops!! The large black heart ring I picked up in the sale a few years ago so is no longer available, but the other two are both continuous lines. As soon as I saw the tiara ring my inner princess screeched and I knew that I just had to have it, my lovely boyfriend however bought me the heart stacker ring to wear underneath it.
Black Heart Ring - Pandora (£35.00)
Tiara Ring - Pandora (£40.00)
Heart Stacker Ring - Pandora*

Sister Vintage collar clips.
I discovered Sister Vintage and their ridiculously affordable jewellery last year. After having a quick internet peruse I don't think they're available anymore, but I wanted to show you my collar clips. I'm a big fan of wearing shirts under knitwear and find wearing collar clips just takes me outfit to the next level, they give a really cool, individual look.
Pink Collar Clips - Sister Vintage (£1.00)
Blue Collar Clips - Sister Vintage (£1.00)

Vivienne Westwood bracelet.
Dan bought me this bracelet a few Christmases ago & I absolutely adore it. It's simple enough to be worn as an everyday bracelet however because it's Viv & because it's got a little bit of sparkle to it I can wear this for evenings out too, it's amazing. Whenever I wear this piece, my friends always comment on how lovely it is.
Orb Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood*

Charmed Ivy.
Again I discovered Charmed Ivy last year & I haven't looked back. I love their products, their customer service, their prices, you name it... I love it. I find their pieces to be the most wearable & I'm often going straight for them on an everyday basis. They're very buildable too, so I'll quite often wear the necklaces together to create a layered look.
Solar Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£5.00)
Horne of Selene Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£4.50)
April Violets Bracelet - Charmed Ivy (£4.00)

Primark gold bracelets.
I love pieces like this! Affordable bracelets that you can just throw on to enhance an outfit. I normally wear these on my opposite wrist if I'm wearing my Vivienne Westwood bracelet. They're super duper easy to throw on and for the price you can't go wrong. I'm wanting to pick some more up in silver.
Gold Bracelet Pack - Primark (£2.00)

Primark Statement necklace.
If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll have seen this necklace a thousand times. I love the contrast between the black rope & gold spikes, it's a very casual necklace that seems to go with literally everything. I love it!!
Rope Necklace - Primark (£4.00)

HSamuel Diamonds.
I thought I'd save these two beauties till last! I love my diamonds with a splash of colour, hence the blue topaz & blue sapphires. The sapphire & diamond ring was a hand me down from my mum however the blue topaz was a complete indulgence on my part. Absolutely no excuse what so ever, other than I saw it & I like it!! We deserve a treat every now and again though don't we?
Sapphire Ring - HSamuel*
Topaz Ring - HSamuel (£116.10)

I'm really enjoying building my jewellery collection.... Next on the list is a Forever Diamond ring, I can't see it happening for a wee while yet, but a girl can dream right?

Have you spotted anything here that you own? Or something that you love?

Lots of love | xclaireabella


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Beauty | The Body Shops Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask.

A few months ago now, I went to a blogger event at The Body Shop where I was very kindly gifted with a sample size sachet of the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I hadn't used an overnight mask before so I was really looking forward to trying it... Turns out, I loved it! And so much so, that I ended up purchasing the full size tub.

The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is designed to be applied just before bed and then left for 8 hours to work its moisture injecting magic. 
The first thing you'll notice about the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is its ridiculously bouncy texture. I've never seen or felt anything like this before in my entire life! The masks texture is quite similar to silicone because it's thick and tacky, but don't let that put you off... It is a bit daunting at first, but a couple of minutes after application it smooths itself out and leaves the skin feeling much silkier, almost like you've just applied a primer.
For the application process The Body Shop supply the cutest little spatula which helps in determining how much of the product you actually need on your face, and it's a lot less than you might actually think. One little spatula goes a long long way so the 90ml tub will last a ridiculously long time. I've been using the product for just over a month now and as you can see I've barely scratched the surface with it. Yay!
The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask contains Edelweiss stem cells which targets anti aging, and even though at the ripe old age of 25 I don't necessarily need it just yet, I think it's best to start early. I ant got me no laughter lines yet, but what I can tell you is that it's made my skin feel so nourished and plumped. It's really surprising how different my face looks the next morning - It's amazing! What I've mostly been doing is applying the mask a couple of times a week, but the day after having a no makeup day just to give my skin a rest and feel the full benefits of the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask.

I absolutely adore this product! The difference it makes to my face is sensational and I'll continue to buy & buy again. Have you tried the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask before? Is there anything else in the range I should be trying?

Lots of love | xclaireabella.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Event | #TheCityGirls

I'm pretty sure every bloggers favourite part of blogging is going to events & having a right good socialise and quite often a couple of glasses of fizz. It's always an amazing opportunity to get to know local bloggers and network with brands so I try me best to get to as many as possible. You'll be surprised how many times working part time gets in the way of getting to events, but one I knew I needed to attend was #TheCityGirls.

#TheCityGirls is an event ran by two bloggers, Holly-Lucy & Lorna whose aim is to bring bloggers and brands together, with lots of fun and socialising in between. Being bloggers Holly-LucyLorna know exactly how to put on an event and after seeing their previous roaring success story in Sheffield I knew I needed to get my butt to this event!

#TheCityGirls event was held in the gorgeously designed bar The Liquorist. Being quite new to Leeds, it isn't a bar I'd previously heard of, but after visiting last week I know I'll definitely be returning. I'm a sucker for amazing interior design & an array of cocktails (maybe more so the latter). I loved everything about how the bar was designed, in fact we're going for a similar style in our living room - minus the rows upon rows of spirits (Damn!)

We grabbed a booth in the bar area and began gossiping & sifting through the really extensive cocktail menu. Seriously, if you're into your cocktails, get yourself to The Liquorist - Their menu is amazing! It was barely past lunch, but I took Jess' expert advice & opted for the Strawberry Mojito... Not my usual cocktail of choice but it was blooming lovely! 

To begin the event Holly-Lucy & Lorna introduced themselves, explaining why they had started blogging and how it has brought them full circle into managing #TheCityGirls events. This was only the ladies second blogger event, the first being in Sheffield a few months ago, but their plan is to take it round the full country, bringing bloggers & brands together across the whole of the UK. This is a more than reasonable aim & I'm pretty sure it's going to happen sooner than they think!

The girls then introduced us to Suzie from Leeds Womens' Aid, a fantastic charity that protects women & children from the damage that domestic violence can catapult on their lives. Suzie herself had been a victim of domestic violence so hearing her stories & hearing her passion for the charity was really rousing & really pulled on the heart strings. Suzie & #TheCityGirls were holding a raffle (with some freakin insane prizes) at the event with all proceed going to the absolutely deserving Leeds Womens' Aid. But more about that a bit later... 

Let's get mingling...

The first brand we gravitated towards was Voss Water, I'd noticed the brand attended the previous event in Sheffield so it was lovely seeing them again in Leeds. I've gotten into a really bad habit at the moment of barely drinking any water so hopefully this will spur me on to try get close to those 8 litres a day. I might even look 'cool' drinking out of my Voss Water bottle, water seems to have gotten right trendy recently, don't you think? Voss Water also provided us with a little menu card inspiring us to make fruit infused water, I'm looking forward to giving their 'Australlian Infusion' a go with kiwi and cucumber. I can imagine it being super duper refreshing & perfect for first thing on a morning. We were also gifted with a Voss Water USB stick which I'm sure will be put to good use & will hold all my blogging work.

Opposite Voss Water was Ben from Manuka Doctor, a company that uses purified bee venom & manuka honey to help encourage natural collagen formation. At #TheCityGirls event Ben kindly gifted us with a full size lip enhancer (as well as a discount code) that claims to plump & enhance the lips in 5 minutes. I'm looking forward to trying this, I can only imagine it'll be like Soap & Glorys' Sexy Motherpucker only on a way tinglier scale, so we'll see how that goes. I'm excited but nervous all at the same time.

Next onto Derma V10... And let me tell you, these aint no ordinary cardboard boxes! Personally I hadn't heard of the brand Derma V10 before but as soon as I saw these boxes contained some chocolatey goodness, I knew I'd be in for a treat. By chocolatey goodness, I mean a cocoa scented body butter which promises to add instant moisture and leave ypour skin feeling soft, smooth & smelling great. As well as the body butter we also received a Derma V10 multi randiance cream with spf 15 & a rescue oil aimed at reducing scaring. I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of the rescue oil but the radiance cream I'll be going hell for leather for!

After making a quick pit stop and popping our goodies away myself & Katie made a bee line for Chloe who was representing the Leeds based fashion brand Kendelle. Chloe had brought a few pieces to display including the most fabulous pair of bright white pleated palazzo pants. I've definitely got my eyes on those bad boys, and with a 20% off voucher, who's betting they end up in my wardrobe. Kendelles' blue & green leaf print went down really well with all us bloggers too, so If I end up seeing these pop up on my bloglovin feed soon I will not be at all surprised!

Next up was a snoop at Nails By Ivy, a super talented nail artist giving bloggers the most fantastic talons. I unfortunately didn't get mine done however what she was doing was crazy good! I wish I had the patience to do my nails even half as good as what Nails By Ivy was doing.

The Body Shop were also at the event, with Leah who manages the White Rose store, I'd met Leah at a previous event so it was lovey catching up and having a gossip, in particularly  about the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, I friggin love that stuff! The Body Shop was there to show us their new Italian Summer Fig fragrance, which (apart from obviously smelling of figs) was really unusual but really refreshing scent & took my senses back to being on holiday. I'm sure it's going to be a complete winner!

Holly-Lucy & Lorna had thought of everything, even supplying us with a cupcake pit stop as we waited to have our makeup done by Mel from Benefit. You crafty devils! Mel was demonstrating Benefits' new They're Real Coloured Collection, a compete throwback to the 90's, but one that shouldn't have gone anywhere!... If you told me previously that I'd have been wearing purple liner & blue mascara I'd have laughed in your face, but it looked amazing!! The colours complimented each other perfectly & because the blue mascara was only applied to the tips of my lashes it made them look even longer than ever! Amazing products!

During the afternoon #TheCityGirls hosted a raffle with the proceeds going straight to Leeds Womens Aid. Amazingly we managed to raise a massive £240 during the event, and even more amazingly Aviva matched it, meaning Leeds Womens Aid were actually walking away with a whopping £480!! A fabulous amount that will make a huge difference to the charity. Unfortunately I didn't win any prizes (I suck at raffles) but it was really heart warming knowing us girls had managed to raise such a huge amount.

I had a complete blast at #TheCityGirls event last week, you could really sense a difference having bloggers organise an event - It was much more casual, relaxed & a hundred times more fun being able to catch up properly & meet new bloggers. As we left we were all gifted with the most amazing bag of goodies.

Have you tried any of the products you can see in my goodie bag?

Lots of love | xclaireabella.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Fashion | Pastel Knit

Last year I felt like I wore pastel colours every day during summer however this year for some reason I seem to have developed a more monochromatic (if that's a word) wardrobe. It was only yesterday when the weather turned a bit chillier that I pulled this pastel knit back out of my wardrobe... I'd probably forgotten about it otherwise.

Because of the colour, the sweater is a really transitional piece, it's bright enough to wear when it's sunny but cosy enough to wear when the weather starts to cool. I love transitional pieces like this, I know I'll get so much wear out of it, and I've definitely gotten my moneys worth already.
I've smartened up my look with a crisp white shirt & a pair of tan loafers. There's something about wearing loafers that make me feel all smart, sophisticated and ladylike. The only thing about these little buggers is that they squeek with every pace - So any tips on how I can get rid of this, please send them over. Squeeky shoes are literally the worst!

The older I'm getting the less & less I'm buying what you might call 'trendy' clothes. Clothes that last one season & that you'll never wear them again. I feel like I'm narrowing down & creating a capsule wardrobe with classic transitional pieces. What do you think of todays' look?

Lots of love | xclaireabella

Shirt - Primark (£8.00)
Sweater - New Look (£10.00)
Jeans - Miss Selfridge (£38.00)
Loafers - Topshop (£40.00)
Satchel - Primark (£8.00)

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Beauty | Three From Vitamin E

There's always been a massive hype around Vitamin E & how beneficial and protective it is for our skin!
What's so special about Vitamin E is that it acts as a barrier, repelling any everyday nasties away from your skin, so things you wouldn't necessarily think of such as environmental pollution, UV radiation, even smoke, these products will all stick two fingers up to them. Not only will popping some form of Vitamin E product onto your skin will eradicate any nasties, but it also helps to moisturise & rejuvenate the skin... So all in all, it's a pretty handy Vitamin to get mates with.

Vitamin E Cream Exfoliator.
When I think of my exfoliator collection (because I have a few) I think of really gritty & texturised products that'll literally scrape a layer of my skin off... This however is very different! The grains inside are so super duper tiny & the product has a really creamy texture. It's so soft and gentle and leaves the skin feeling really hydrated, which is pretty unusual for an exfoliator, especially if you have a look at my sandpaper-esque collection. I've really enjoyed using this product, it's amazing! I use it once a week and find it brightens my whole face area massively. 

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream.*
Because it's been so hot outside, I've been using this so much recently - It's taken over from my usual foundation. It's much lighter & leaves my skin actually feeling like skin. Surprisingly this BB Cream has quite a thick consistency, so I find it applies best like my foundation, with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. The shade is absolutely perfect for me and blends amazingly well to leave a sun kissed dewy finish. 

Vitamin E Overnight Serum In Oil.
I feel like this is probably the most hyped product of the lot! Landing on The Body Shops shelves last year it seems every blogger and their dog has tried this product, the majority of whom have sang it's praises to no end! 
As the name suggests its between a serum & an oil, so it's a very unusual texture and consistency when applied to the face. This product recharges the skin overnight so when you wake up your face feels much softer and so much healthier. It's especially good if it's been wet & windy the day before, the bad weather plays absolute havoc with my skin so popping a bit of this on overnight works absolute wonders.
I have enjoyed using this product & it's grown its way into my overnight routine however I can't help but feeling a little bit lack lustre with it - Sometimes I think products can get hyped way to much (this being one of them) so when it works well & not outstandingly well you can be left feeling a tad peeved. Does anyone else get like that? I think this product is great, but I don't love it love it! I much prefer the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask - Now that is a product I love love!

Have you tried any of these products before? What else would you reccomend from The Body Shops Vitamin E range?

Lots of love | xclaireabella

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Lifestyle | Bettys Tea Room.

A few weeks ago, on what I'm pretty sure was the hottest day of the year, I took a trip up to Harrogate with my friend Nikki for a bit of shopping, a bit of gossiping & to visit the famous Bettys Tea Room for afternoon tea.
I've wanted to go to Bettys for as long as I can remember, but my foot has never stepped through the door because of how unbelievably busy it gets. The queue to get in constantly wraps around the building so it's best to get there early like we did. We popped in just before lunch and surprisingly got a table right in the window.

The combination of Swiss confectionery & Yorkshire warmth (not to sound biased) is an absolute success, we received a super duper warm welcome as soon as we stepped through the gorgeously ornate doors & into The Montpellier Cafe Bar. There was an instant buzz of excitement, we knew straight away that we were going to be in for a treat!

After looking through the menu & trying to suss the huge variety of teas I ended up playing it safe and ordered a pot of Peppermint Tea... Not very original I know, but sometimes too much choice can really freak a girl out. The tea came out on a super cute silver tea tray with a seperate pot of sugar cubes and a strainer. The tea was a beautiful blend & really refreshing, I unfortunately however couldn't finish it because there was just too much (and I didn't want to pee my pants) but it was really scrummy.

There were two options for afternoon tea, one being the Yorkshire Cream Tea which had a selection of scones, strawberry preserve & clotted cream which sounded delicious, however what we opted for was much sweeter, the Afternoon Tea Patisserie Selection; A selection of three miniature afternoon tea cakes and patisseries. 
My eyes lit up when I was delivered my plate of sweetie goodness. On it was a fresh fruit tart, chocolate layer cake & a macaroon. All three items were delicious, especially the chocolate layer cake (gahhh it was amazing) it was so so rich but it was bloody lovely & surprisingly just the right size. The whole plate was just the right amount of food & with the copious amounts of tea we were drinking, we left feeling surprisingly full.

We had a wonderful day & I would 100% go back to Bettys, it was an amazing experience & really nice to just chill out and have a girlie gossip! Have you been to Bettys before? 

Lots of love | xclaireabella.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Fashion | What I Wore To #TheCityGirls Event

On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending #TheCityGirls event at The Liqorist in Leeds. I'll be posting more about the event next week (it was ahhmazing) but today we'll just be looking at what I wore.

After the event I was actually heading off to a friends Hen Party so I needed a good transitional outfit. Something casual enough for during the day but also something slightly dressy for a night on the tiles. That's when I thought monochrome... You 100% can not go wrong with a monochrome outfit.

I don't think I've styled this blouse on the blog yet, but I've had it for a little while now and I've worn it loads. It's amazing because from the front it looks like an average black blouse however on the back it's a dipped hem with a coat tails style slit up the back. I love how lightweight it is too, perfect for the glorious (hoping I'm not speaking too soon) weather we've been having.
I've contrasted with super bright white jeans, that if I'm honest are a teeny tiny bit too tight for me, but what the heck... I'm a slave to the fashions... I didn't eat too much at the event, lets put it that way. I've worn skinny jeans for the last hundred years & think they always look best paired with a floaty or over sized top to balance out the silhouette.
Because of the beautiful weather I decided to wear open toe sandals, and I kept them flat knowing the busy day I was going to be having. If I'd have worn heels I would have been absolutely buggered by mid afternoon.
Even though I work in a jewellers I don't acually wear too much jewellery but because my outfit is very minimalist I thought I needed it today. I've gone silver, picking pieces from Pandora, Charmed Ivy & an amazing ebay find!

If you were at the event I'd love to see your links, it was great meeting so many new people.

What do you think to todays' monochome outfit?

Lots of love | xclaireabella

Blouse - Primark (£8.00)
Sandals - Primark (£4.00)
Bag - Primark (£8.00)


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Beauty | Dr Paw Paw Original Balm.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a sample sized version of Dr Paw Paws' original balm
If I'm honest, Dr Paw Paw isn't a brand I'd heard of, but after doing a bit of research I thought I'd give it a go because of its' rave reviews.
What attracted me to the original balm was that it's branded as the ultimate multitasker! As well as being used as a lip balm, Dr Paw Paw's original balm can also be used as a moisturiser, brow tamer and cuticle cream, which to me sounded amazing! I love products like this, ones you can just throw in your handbag, that you know will cover you for the rest of the day. I'd imagined this product would come in very useful!

The original balm contains olive oil, aloe barbadenis leaf juice & its' main ingredient, fermented Pawpaw, the fruit of the carica papaya plant. Carica papaya is believed to be the finest natural medicine due to it's amazing healing powers, so it's safe to say I was excited about using this product!

I used the product on my lips, cuticles and elbows as these are areas where my skin isn't quite as nourished as it should be. 

I thought the product would have the same consistency as Vaseline, but it's much thicker and spreads much smoother without all the stickiness that usual balms have, so that was a really nice surprise! The original balm melts into the skin really quickly and feels super duper nourishing. It's one of those products where you can feel it working right from the very beginning - It's amazing & I've definitely noticed a difference in the way my skin feels, maybe not so much my cuticles, but my lips & elbows have certainly gotten more supple. 

The original balm is also available in tinted peach pink & tinted ultimate red which would work amazingly on the lips & cheeks, however if you wanted to make the most of the what Dr Paw Paw really has to offer I'd definitely recommend the clear version as it's much more versatile.

Have you tried this product before? What did you think?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Event | Paul Mitchells' Big Night Out Ft New Cid Cosmetics

The first blogger event I received invite to when I moved to Leeds was that of Paul Mitchell & New Cid Cosmetics so seeing another invitation email ping into my inbox was amazing! 
Because I had such a fab time at the first event, I really couldn't say no to the second!

I was greeted by the lovely Sarah, who couldn't wait to pop a Prosecco in my hand (not that I'm complaining) and started mingling with the other bloggers. The Quebecs hotel supplied us with some super tasty canapes, including pigs in blankets, thai duck rolls & cocktail sausages. I didn't help myself to too much, but what I did eat was delicious, and much needed after a day of decorating at home!

Sarah introduced us all to the Ultimate Colour Repair range - The newest offering from Paul Mitchell, and by gosh it's a good'un... I don't know many women who don't colour their hair so I'm pretty sure the range is going to go down a treat.
The range is the first of it's kind to contain Quinoa, a super food & colour locking agent which claims to leave your hair looking as vibrant as the day you dyed it for up to 9 weeks. Pretty bold statement I know!... I've just recently dyed my hair so this will be the perfect opportunity for me to test drive some products! 
The range also claims to prevent thermal damage by 86% and cause 88% less breakage. Breakage is a massive thing for me and my locks so to say I'm excited to try these products is an understatement.
The Ultimate Colour Repair range contains a shampoo, conditioner & triple rescue treatment all of which smell exactly like holidays (whatever that smells like) and come in super summery orangey red packaging. All products come in both a full size and travel size which will be perfect for jet setting.

Next onto the makeup! We can't forget the makeup can we! This is where James from New Cid Cosmetics stepped in. With over 10 years experience in the cosmetics business, his wealth of knowledge was outstanding & listening to him was a real eye opener, for even the simplest of makeup tasks, such as colour matching foundation... This should be done to your chest rather than the back of your hand or jaw line to ensure a constant transition of colour. Nobody wants an english rose pale chest with a bronzed godess mismatched face. It seems like a simple task to do but it's something I'd never thought of doing - I'm usually a back of the hand type of gal!
After introducing himself & giving us all an insight into his background he began performing a makeup tutorial on Kariss from Shy Strange Manic carefully applying & explaining the benefits of each product, in a step by step guide. Something that caught my eye in particular was the i-glow, a super gorgeous shimmer, perfect to use as a pick me up, the shade Coral Crush swatches absolutely beautifully!

Upon leaving Sarah handed me a fabulous little gift bag with the new Paul Mitchell products in as well as a rose gold hairbrush & New Cid Cosmetics lip gloss. I had a fantastic night, cut short by my parking ticket running out (oops) but it was amazing chatting to Sarah & getting an insight into James makeup obsessed brain. Thank you so much for my invitation!

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

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