Monday, 29 June 2015

Fashion | Tailored Trews.

Hey guys, hope you're all okay & enjoying the start of this 'mini heatwave' we're supposed to be having. I've used inverted commas there because I still don't know whether I believe it or not... But I've got my fingers crossed, I've actually got a week off work from today so I'm really super duper hoping it's true!!

I forgot just how comfy these trousers were! They're not silk, but they've git a very silky feeling to them and because they've got an elasticated waist band, they're an absolute dream to wear. It actually feels like I'm wearing pjamas all day, which I don't know about you, but that's a bloody good feeling for me! I picked these up last year in an amazing Miss Selfridge sale for the grand total of £3.50 which is totally amazing!!
I wanted todays' outfit to be very light, summery & to incorporate pastle colours so I've opted for a simple white tee and then accessorised with a hint of colour. I made the necklace at my very first blogger event with DYO up in Newcastle - I absolutely love it & knowing I've made it myself makes it that bit more special.

Apologies for the lack of photos, my camera had a bit of a breakdown... But you did catch a glimpse of little Willow so I'd like to think that makes up for it.

What are your plans for the week? I'm so glad I've got a bit of time off to rest & recuperate.

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

Trousers - Miss Selfridge (£3.50)
Top - Matalan (£3.00)
Sandals - Primark (£4.00)
Necklace - DYO*
Bag - Primark (£8.00)
Jacket - Bank (£14.50)

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Beauty | The Long Bob.

Many many moons ago I had 'that' asymmetrical haircut that everybody had, you know one side shaved in, the other side bob length. I'd love to go back to this cut however the only thing that puts me off is the growing out stage. It was really annoying getting both sides to an equal length before I could even begin growing it out.

Anywho... A few years later (& how you'll know me on the blog) my hair grew to sit around the middle of my back. I was in love with the idea of having long flowing locks however I felt like it'd got to a length where I didn't have a clue what to do with it. More days than not it'd be shoved up in a messy bun right on the top of my head so it seemed a bit pointless to have all that hair hanging there. 

I've been thinking about getting the chop for a little while now however kept putting it off because I'm a massive scaredy pants!... Until now! 

I visited Supercuts in The White Rose Shopping Centre & even though (& I hate to say it) it was a pretty pants blow dry, I was given the most fabulous long bob. I've been styling it with a slight curl rather than my usual straight look, becasue it's much more summery & I feel it suits my face shape that bit more. 

What do you think? Have you dared the chop this Summer?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Lifestyle | Tips for a stress free house move.

If you're a regular reader of my posts you'll have been wondering why I've been slightly MIA on the blog scene recently, well surely the title of this post is going to give it away! That right, after years of saving Dan & I have finally been able to save up enough cash for a deposit on our own little home.
I'll probably be writing a variety of posts on the subject, such as tips and tricks for first time buyers, because honestly we had absolutely no idea what the house buying process would entail when we first started. It felt quite scary at first, but it's honestly not! 
Today however I'll be talking through a couple of steps you could take to ensure you have a (hopefully) stress free moving day.

Okay, so this sounds ridiculously simple, but with us it really helped because neither of us have taken any time off work (this is a stupid idea btw) so obviously the more items we had prepared the better. Around three weeks before our move, I began packing up all the 'unnecessary' items, so this included wall hangings, light fittings, throws - Basically all the things used to make your house look homely, stuff you don't really need & can quite happily live a few weeks without. As the big day grew closer I kept adding to my collection, by this time the spare room was looking like a warehouse, but trying to get things organised really helped with moving. Another little tip is to make sure you label your boxes up, so when you do eventually move you can transfer the right boxes into the right rooms, it makes the process just so much easier.

Hire a van!
You'll be surprised how cheap it is to hire a removals van, we've always used Northgate, as we find their prices to be really reasonable & their website is really quick and easy to use. On this occasion we opted for a larger van, which meant it only took us four hours to get everything shifted because we didn't have to make too many trips. Obviously you can hire vans for a much longer period of time but we wanted to get everything moved as quickly as possible so opted for the shortest time period... Nothing like being under pressure to hurry the moving process up!

Move the bigger bits of furniture first! 
I know it's totally off putting, but moving the beds & sofas etc first is one of the best things you can do. Not only does it get them out the way, but it also makes moving the smaller items easier too. There'd be nothing worse than getting all your boxes into the new house & then having to shift them again to make room for larger furniture pieces.

Wear comfortable shoes! 
I wore Uggs one year for house moving and sadly this is going to be tmi, but I couldn't shake that sweaty feet smell for about a week, it was ridiculous. This time I wore my running trainers, which were an absolute dream - They're bouncy & made from breathable fabric so pretty much the perfect moving shoe! I'll never make the Ugg mistake again. 

It's an unwritten rule that you need to have a takeaway on your moving day & gosh you don't half deserve it... Lets be honest, you haven't unpacked the plates yet so really, it makes perfect sense for a little indulgence. We pigged out on a spicy chicken pizza & let me tel you, it was the best flipping pizza I've ever tasted. And after everything's unpacked & you've got your bits & bobs sorted, kick back & relax - Maybe even throw yourselves a super kick ass party! That's what we'll be doing on Saturday. Eeeep!!

I hope this has helped somewhat if you are moving house or thinking about moving in the not to distant future. In the last couple of years, we'll have moved house three times so I'd like to think I'm a pretty dab hand at the art now. It's safe to say this will be it now, for a good couple of years. We're hoping to do the house up a bit (after a really long chill out sesh of course) over the next few years, sell it on at a proffit & move somewhere hopefully even more perfect... That's the plan anyway!

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

Monday, 22 June 2015

Fashion | Adidas & Cigarettes.

I'm baaack! We finally have internet at the new house so expect lots of preplanned scheduled (yes I mean business) fashion, beauty & lifestyle posts... Cutesy moving in stories, new products I've been trialing as well as a million and one pictures of Willow, our twelve week old beagle pup - She's freakin adorable btw!

Because we've recently moved house I haven't really had anything on my feet other than these Adidas trainers - I've been going straight to the m each morning, without fail! They've been absolute saviours for my tired tootsies since the move. 
I'm not usually a trainers type of gal, but I've been enjoying them so much that it's spurred me on to add a pair of Nike Roshe Run's onto my birthday wish list!
Anywho, I've really enjoyed having lovely cushioned feet & because they're really neutral this Adidas pair literally go with anything, they've been really easy to style which is fab. I've particularly been enjoying wearing them with a pair of tailored trousers as I think this contrast of styles works really well. Today I've teamed my Adidas footwear with a pair of hot pink Topshop cigarette trousers. I don't often wear block coloured trousers so this pair make for a really bright, Summery change, and they instantly put me in a good mood! Who can't be happy in a pair of pink trousers?

What do you think of todays outfit?
Hope you guys have all been enjoying the start of summer.

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

Trousers - Topshop
Vest - Primark
Jacket - Topshop
Rucksack - Primark
Trainers - Addidas
Necklace - Accessorise
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