Friday, 1 May 2015

Beauty | Top Three Summer Pink Blushers

I'm writing todays' post about summer cosmetics on what seems like the gloomiest, rainiest, all round most miserable May morning! It seems like a complete oxymoron, but I'm still hopeful that Mr. Sunshine's going to show his pretty little face some time soon... He'd better do anyway! 

The little bit of sunshine that we have had recently (I know i'm clutching at straws here) has inspired me to ditch the contoured, vampy, autumnal look for something much fresher & more dewy... Obviously with all that summery goodness comes the summer pink blush!

Fashionista - Rose Glow
I actually received this blush as part of a Leeds White Rose goodie bag a couple of weeks ago, so I see this as my 'treat blusher'. I've not actually heard of the brand Fashionista before, but from what I can gather they're a bit like Makeup Revolution & MUA in the sense that they're a budget based drugstore brand. I'm all for budget makeup, so I was really looking forward to sweeping this little beauty across my cheeks. Rose Glow is a really warm toned matte pink shade so it leaves the cheeks with a really nice rosy glow. It isn't the most pigmented of pinks but I actually quite like that about this blush, it's perfect for the days when I'm wearing a bb cream or a tinted moisturiser. I'm going to be switching to those pretty soon, rather than a foundation. I like to wear a really light, sheer base layer when it gets a bit warmer so this blush will work perfectly for then. The packaging of the Fashionista blush looks pretty basic, but there's a little genius hack to it, you can actually pop the pan out of the black casing & make up your own palette with these products. Essentially you could mix & match eye shadows & blushers & make your own travel palette, which would be brill!

Bourjous Little Round Pot Blusher - Lilas D'or
I'm pretty sure this is the first blusher I've ever owned! Not literally this pot, but the range definitely. I couldn't tell you what it was that first attracted me to this Bourjois beauty but the formula's just so good that I couldn't not repurchase again & again. I think it's nice sometimes to stick with what you know - I know this range of blush is the absolute bomb, so I'm going to bloody well stick with it! Lilas D'or is a lovely typical pink colour with an ever so slight shimmer to the baked formula. Even though it has a hint of glitter, I've found this shade really wearable, due to the pink neither being too much on the hot pink or pastel pink scale. It's perfectly in between. The packaging is nice & neat and contains one of the handiest brushes I've used that comes with a product already. I think it can be dodgy territory sometimes when a cosmetics range supplies or brings out a set of brushes, but the small curved applicator you get with this works brilliantly. Because the brush is domed it's really easy to hold & to use, it seems to hug the apples of my cheeks perfectly applying a really even coverage. I just love it.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer - O Boy
When this landed its' way through my letterbox a few months ago I was more than terrified on how to use it. Never in my life have I used a liquid blusher!... But let me tell you, it's been absolutely brilliant! The pump only allows the smallest amount of product out at a time, but one pump is exactly the right amount. This product gives excellent coverage & blends really well with it being a liquid blush - I feel like I've been converted into a liquid blush pro! It also makes my cheeks feel ridiculously soft, adding to the dewyness of summer skin. The colour is absolutely perfect for the warmer weather because it's the hottest of hot pinks & even though it applies slightly more muted, it still packs a punch! The packaging isn't the most inventive here, it's very budget based, but that's exactly what Makeup Revolution's about. They've got a fantastic little product on the inside & it's what's on the inside that counts right?

What are your favourite summer pink blushers? Can you think of something that I really need to try?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

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