Friday, 8 May 2015

Beauty | The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment*

One thing that I've been suffering with recently is horribly dry & brittle nails, and I'm completely not down for that, especially now it's getting warmer. I want to start painting them all lovely bright & pastel colours, but I can't because of how heavily damaged they are.
It sounds silly, but working in HSamuels' and having to open & close the tiniest of jewellery clasps all day long, has really taken it's toll on my nails. The tips have become ridiculously brittle & have regularly been snapping off... Which I'm sure you agree is not a great look!

I attended The Body Shop White Rose event recently where I was gifted with the Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment, which was a lovely surprise that came at the most perfect time.

I didn't really know what to expect from this product, I've always heard fantastic reviews from the Vitamin E range but admittedly I was dubious on what sort of effect it'd have on my nails. I had that awful feeling they were going to be too bad to repair.

The scent is very clean and refreshing & lasts a long time on the hands. It's not overly perfumed, which I quite like & in an odd way it feels like it's doing more good. The formula is light & not greasy in the slightest, which can often be a worry when it comes to lotions & potions. It's really quite smooth & sinks into the skin beautifully. 
The pastel pink packaging is the perfect size for popping in your handbag so you can top up during the day.
The tube squeezes out a tad too much product than needed with one pump, you only need a pea size amount so don't be too heavy handed with the product.

As a hand cream I thought the Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment worked brilliantly, it left my skin feeling so soft & supple & I definitely noticed a difference after using this over the week. It left my hands with a much brighter, healthier appearance. As well as suffering with damaged nails, I often get flaky bits of skin around my cuticles (I hope I'm not alone here). It can be pretty painful & sometimes causes bleeding which is really annoying, but this product has really improved the appearance of all that grossness! They're very nearly, almost healed (maybe I need to stick with the product a bit longer) and my hands look so much better. The difference that the Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment has made is amazing! My nails have also seen a vast improvement! Bizarrely they seem to have taken on a different texture, they feel much silkier and smoother now & have a bit more of a pinker colour to them. However most importantly my nails haven't broken since using the Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment, which has been flipping fantastic!... So the product has really impressed me - I'll definitely be restocking this beaut.

Have you tried this product or anything else from the Vitamin E range?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


  1. I used to use the Vitamin E moisture serum, and I really loved the scent! I think it reminded me of baby wipes, haha. I'd definitely recommend Butter London's Handbag Holiday cuticle oil - it works really well and smells amazing! xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. I think that's the general conclusion, I need to try the serum & oil. Oooh fab! You always introduce me to products I've never heard of. Ha. It's good. I'm always wanting to try more stuff :-) X

  2. I've tried the serum in oil and eye cube from this range and I loved them x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. I've heard such amazing things about the serum in oil - I really need to try it. X


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