Saturday, 2 May 2015

Beauty | Bank Holiday Pamper Night

It's a bank holiday weekend, and whilst most 24 year olds' will be getting glam, ready for a night on the tiles, I'm cosied up at home in my jim-jams preparing for a pamper night.
Quite frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way... I do enjoy a night out, but after a while I think they can get a bit samey, going to the same bars, seeing the same people - I'd much prefer a bit of 'me' time, buffing & polishing myself up again to feel all lovely. 

I always start a pamper night with a luxurious, lush induced bath. I'm pretty stocked up at the moment with Lush bath bombs & bubble bars, so I've got my pick of goodies. Tonight I've used the appropriately named, Space Girl bath bomb! I've not used this one before & I've been really looking forward to trying it. It's perfectly sweet with hints of popping candy & turns you bath the most delicious burnt orange colour. It's a really impressive bath bomb & I'm boldly going to say it's probably my favouite bath bomb of all time! It's really converted me after only one use. It's unbelievable!
I normally have a soak with my laptop propped up on the toilet seat watching the latest series or my favourite youtubers. At the moment I'm watching Pretty Little Liars, I'm three quarters of the way through series 5 & it's getting so freakin juicy! Who is A!! I need to know!! Gahh!!

I soak in the tub for a good half an hour or so before actually lathering myself in any form of product. I'm using The Body Shops' Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel which has the most delicious, invigorating scent that leaves you feeling super duper refreshed. I always use a scrunchie with bath products as I think it makes the product last so much longer, and the exfoliant part is just a bonus! I use this product on my face too (even though I'm not sure if i should - Answers on a postcard please) to try and break down some of the makeup I've been wearing throughout the day.

I then indulge my locks with a bit of loving! I've been using Garniers' ultimate blends honey treasures, along with an Avon morrocan argan oil treatment which really restores moisture back into my tresses. The longer my hair getting the more I need to look after it & this combination seems to work perfectly. I try and leave the Avon morrocan argan oil on for as long as possible, usually when shaving my legs, just because I think the longer you can leave it, the better job it'll do. If I had a lie in the next day I'd be tempted to leave this on overnight as well, wrapped up in cling film.

Now for the second cleanse! I'm a huge fan of the Garnier Micellar Water & use this to sweep away any left over makeup. I've only been using this over the last six months & I really can't imagine not having it on my dresser - It's fantastic! I tone with the Simple Kind to Skin Facial Toner, this helps even out my complexion & completely refresh my skin. I've also recently discovered the Environ AVST1 moisturiser, from a blogger event I attended a few months ago. It's bloody brilliant & has become a firm favourite in my skin care routine.

To moisturise the rest of my body I've been using The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet which has the weirdest texture, but it works so so well, and the smell is just divine! The sorbet sinks into the skin ridiculously fast, so you can put your pj's on pretty sharpish, instead of hopping around in the nud for ages. My skin isn't overly dry at the moment, but I find using a thicker moisturiser like Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter on my elbows & knees works wonders, so tend to pop this on for added hydration.

And after all that pampering it's time for a cup of tea & some biscuits!

What products do you incorporate into your pamper nights? Is there anything you couldn't live without?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


  1. Sounds like the perfect bank holiday pamper night! I'm loving the Fuji Green Tea range too after the body shop event! Keep having my tea baths haha! :)

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

    1. Woohoo. It totally was! I'm fancying the same tonight. Ha. It's so good isn't it! The scent is just ridiculously good. I still need to go back & purchase the Drops of Youth moisturiser, that sample pack we got worked absolute wonders for me. X

  2. I'm on the same page with you- being cosy at home!

  3. I much prefer a good pamper night over a night out, too! The bath bomb sounds lovely. As I don't have as many baths as showers, I try to buy more luxe bath products as they will last me longer. I like a lot of bubbles and a good scent! I love to apply a face mask while in the bath - my favourite is the self-heating vanilla fudge mask from 7th Heaven (formerly Montagne Jeunesse). And a good body butter afterwards is great, too. I'd definitely recommend pure coconut oil as a hair mask - I like to leave mine on overnight, and after I wash my hair, it's super shiny and soft! Oh, and we can't forget a nice scented candle for a pamper night - I love the ylang ylang one from Eve Taylor. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Ahh! I've actually ran out of candles at the moment (Shock horror) That would have been ideal though! I've not smelt any of the Eve Taylor candles, I'll make sure to check them out though. The ylang ylang scent sounds really therapeutic, perfect for a pamper night! X

    2. Yes, you must try some! There a lot to choose from; I may have to stray from my favourite to test out some other scents! :) xxx

    3. Haha, I know what you mean, I'm the same really. If I like something I'l buy it & buy it again. I'm going homeware shopping today so I'm bound to pick some up! It's only inevitable. X

  4. Pamper nights are the best, and with the long weekend it gives you more of a chance to chill out :) <3

    1. They definitely are! The longer the time off the better if you ask me. Ha. X


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