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Beauty | Zoeva Lip Crayons

After chatting with Emma from Just Emma recently about cruelty free make up, and in particularly about lusting after the CF Zoeva  lip crayons, I decided I needed to invest in some shadesI'll be honest, I don't know a massive amount about cruelty free makeup or which brands to buy from to ensure natural cosmetics, but Emma's an oracle of information about the subject so it was nice finding out more information. Definitely check her blog out for more tips & tricks, she's fab!

I've heard everybody & their nana raving about the Zoeva brushes, but cosmetics wise I hadn't read an awful lot, so I was really looking forward to these arriving & knowing they're cruelty free makes them that little bit more rewarding.

The first thing that surprised me with these products was the price. I picked these up from Beauty Bay at £5.95 each which I thought was a complete  bargain - For some reason I thought Zoeva products were mega expensive, I'm not sure why, but how wrong I was!
The packaging's super duper sleek with a simplistic black & white outer. The product itself looks like a standard, chubbier style lip crayon & mirrors the monochrome packaging. I'm not normally a fan of standard lip crayons, I much prefer they style where the product twists up without having to sharpen it, but obviously these type of designs come with higher end, more pricey products, so I can't complain too much.

I opted for shades sweet heat (left) & second chance (right) which are both between a coral pink and a nude colour. Looking back now, I shouldn't have chosen shades as similar as these two are, as you can see below, but oh well. You ca never have too many lip products right?

The application of this product is sensational - They're super duper buttery & creamy and feel really hydrating on the lips. I honestly don't think I've tried a lip product so refreshing, it's amazing. 
There is a slight tackiness with the product that kicks in a couple of minutes after applying, however this wears away in no time so it isn't a mega turn off, but it's certainly an odd feeling.
The crayon lasts a long time of the lips - It needs reapplying I'd say, every four or five hours which is surprisingly good going for a product as buttery as this.

I'm really impressed with these products & knowing that they're cruelty free makes them that bit better. It's really got me thinking about the makeup products I've previously been using & how they've been produced.

Have you tried any of the Zoeva cosmetics products before? What else should I try?

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  1. Glad you are enjoying them! I was really impressed with the staying power - they last ages on your lips! Love the shade I chose, too - "Tender Rose", and the formula is lovely. Such a bargain! I also bought another ZOEVA product, which will be featured in my May purchases post. Thanks for the mention! :) xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. They're fab aren't they. Can't wait to read your review, it'll be interesting to compare :-) Ooooh sneaky! Ha. I'm looking forward to reading it! :-) X


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