Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sweet Treats | Patisserie Valerie White Rose

Last week before I attended the Body Shops event in the White Rose, I had a bit of spare time on my hands so I so popped into Patisserie Valerie for a coffee & cake, along with a bit of people watching. Aren't coffee shops the best places for people watching! I ordered my usual latte but decided to go for something slightly different cake wise & picked the beautifully decorated vanilla cupcake. 

The coffee was lovely. For a latte (the milkiest of all coffees) it still had that really strong coffee taste to it which I liked. If anything, I could have done with the cup being a bit bigger, and in a glass - I'm a bit fussy about my coffee. I get narked when my latte comes in a plain, boring cup - I know that's me being a weirdo though. 
Isn't the vanilla cupcake just the prettiest thing! The little pink hearts and chocolate snowflake (is it a snowflake?) are so super cute and tasty! The vanilla frosting was really creamy & delicious - It was definitely the best part of the cupcake. Surprisingly the actual cake itself was chocolate, which if I'm honest was a tad dry, but still pretty tasty. It doesn't put me off however & I wouldn't hesitate going back.

It was pretty quiet when I visited Patisserie Valerie so I couldn't really get an appropriate feeling for the atmosphere there. I'm wanting to visit the Leeds store as I've heard it's much more cutesy with a waitress style service - And I'm all for the cutesy! So I'll definitely be popping in there at a later date.

I'm wanting to visit more independent tea rooms in Leeds if any of you have any recommendations?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

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