Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Monthly Roundup | April

This months monthly roundup is going to be super duper short & super duper short, compared to the previous ones anyway! I've literally got a million and one things going on at the moment & barely any time to do any of it all. I'm working full time, blogging part time,  being an interior designer part time, moving house part time, being an events coordinator part time & running a house (less than) part time - You name it, I'm doing it!
I've recently taken over a new job role at work, which has brought so much more workload, but it's a really exciting role that (as sad as it sounds) actually makes me excited to get to work! As well as working in a HSamuels selling all the sparklies, I've started managing their social media sites and being their events coordinator. Working in social media is a huge ambition of mine, one I've developed through blogging & taking on this role is hopefully this is just the start of something exciting for me!

I've been doing a lot more fashion based posts on the blog this month - It's what I started blogging about so it's been nice to get back into it. I think now the weathers getting a bit nicer & the lighter nights are here it's sparked up my energy again for fashion blogging... It has however made me lust after a whole new wardrobe overhaul! Ooops!

I also attended an event down at The Body Shop in the white rose shopping centre this month. I think of all the events I've been to, this has to have been my favourite! The energy at the event was amazing, the staff at the store had so much passion for their products it was really inspiring to be a part of. 

We're a bit further along with our house move too. If you regularly read my blog, you'll know that Dan & I have finally saved enough money for a deposit on a house & successfully applied for a mortgage. We've found a house we think's perfect for us to start our next chapter, unfortunately we don't have a move in date yet, but it can't be too far away now!

As well as getting back into more fashion based blog posts, I've also been enjoying some new beauty products...

Real Techniques Blush Brush.
It really is worth investing in some quality tools! That's what my Dad says anyway, he obviously doesn't mean makeup brushes, but the same rules apply here. The blush brush is so light & fluffy, it's the perfect tool for applying a quick swish of colour to the apples of your cheeks. It always looks clean too, which is a big bonus for me & anyone else who has their brushes on display. It's a really lovely, luxurious looking product.
Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush, Bronze & Brighten.
This wonderful little palette is probably my most used product throughout the month of April - I don't think I've actually gone a day without using it! I love having everything in one place with my cosmetics, so this product has been an absolute wonder. It's the easiest contour kit I've used & from a price point of view it's fantastic!
Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream - Sweet Boy with a Big Mouth.
Never in a million years would I think I could get away with a barbie pink shade lipstick, but I absolutely love it. I think it goes so well with my skin tone, I think it makes me look much more tanned which is always a bonus. I love the application of this lip cream, it's between a gloss & a pencil texture so it glides onto the lip really easily. It doesn't last a massive amount of time on the lip, but I could happily apply this all day - It's such a fabulous colour! And I'm definitely tempted to buy more bold pink colours.
The Fragrance Library - Peach.
I wouldn't say I have the biggest perfume collection, nor am I that into it, but a fragrance that really got me all giddy was the peach scent from The Fragrance Library. As a brand, the scent selection is huge (like really huge) but it's always the summer, sweet, sickly scents that catch my attention & this one's just perfect! I use it as a bit of a pick me up throughout the day & now it's getting closer to Summer it's going to be perfect!
Garnier Ultimate Blends - The Marvellous Transformer.
I started using this product around six months ago now, I did take a little break in between, but since reusing these products my hair has never looked better. The marevllous transformer range is perfect for reconstructing limp, lifeless hair into locks Rapunzel would be proud of. I dye my hair slightly more auburn than natural & find these products enhances the colour amazingly!

What have you guys been getting up to this Month? What is your proudest achievement throughout April, I'd love to know!

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


  1. Congratulations on the new job role! Looking forward to lots of interiors posts when you get the new place! xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

    1. Thanks Emma, Hopefully something will come of it soon. Ohh ye better believe I'll be getting to interior design posts up. It's going to be so exciting! X


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