Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Event | Leeds White Rose Spring Colour Goodie Bag.

Last week the White Rose Shopping Centre played host to its' first (as far as I'm aware) fashion event, and because I work in the Centre it's something I couldn't miss... Not that I would want to!

Throughout the week the White Rose Shopping Centre had stalls from brands such as Benefit, Boux Avenue & Dorothy Perkins displaying a variety of their products at discounted prices. Each day the arrangement of brands changed so it was nice to see the Shopping Centre look different each day... It certainly made going to work that bit easier! 

The White Rose also offered a lovely little goodie bag if you were spending £70.00 throughout the whole Centre, which I had done... But not intentionally. Working at H.Samuels it's very easy to get carried away with all the sparkly stuff (see how I'm making excuses already) and it just so happened that I'd noticed the most gorgeous blue topaz & diamond ring go in the sale & knowing I'd get a bit of staff discount off as well, I blooming well went for it! It was a complete impulse buy, but I thought I'd treat myself, I deserve it right? This took me over the £70.00 mark, so I tottled down to the stalls and picked up my free goodie bag.

FashionistA Secret Gel Eyeliner*
FashionistA is only a relatively new brand being stocked in Superdrug, so I've not had chance to try anything from them yet, however I'd have probably picked this up if I'd seen it. I tend to favour more budget brands over designer so I'm really excited to try this & with it being a really lovely deep purple I think it'll bring out my green eyes brilliantly.

FashionistA Magnetism Nail Polish (Fired Red & Ego Green)*
This is what I'm super duper excited about!! FashionistA worked with The Saturdays in creating five ripple patterned magnetised nail polishes. I've never tried this type of polish before so I think I'm going to get painting tonight with Ego Green, a beautiful deep earthy green shade.

Fashionista Blush (Rose glow)*
I've literally just bought this same shade blush from Makeup Revolution so we'll let the two fight it out shall we. I'm really enjoying bright pink blushes for Spring so this is lovely & the more the merrier!

The Body Shop Born Lippy (Strawberry)*
I've tried a few of the strawberry scented products from The Body Shop, and have always loved them, however I really dislike lip products in tubs. Please tell me I'm not the only one, but I hate getting the product on my fingers and under my nails (OCD I know) so I'm doubtful of how much use I'll get out of this, but maybe I'll just sit & smell it all day!

The Crepe Boutique Voucher
If you've ever been to the White Rose Shopping Centre you'll probably have smelt the delicious, chocolatey, gooey scents drawing you in from the Crepe Boutique. If you haven't, then let me tell you, you're seriously missing out! The voucher is for buy one get one free which I'm sure wont last too long!

Nails Inc London Voucher
After noticing how many nail polishes I already own, and after gaining two more here I probably shouldn't use this voucher! It entitles you to £10.00 off when buying Nails Inc products from their concession stand in Debenhams, but I'll probably take this back into work and leave it for one of the girls to use.

Born To Shop Chocolate*
Mmmm! Chocolate's always a winner for me, especially with a slogan like that! I'm surprised this has lasted as long as it has actually. 

Tonight I shall paint my nails Ego Green whilst devouring that chocolate lolly. I'm wild I know!

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

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