Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Lust List | Creating A Capsule Wardrobe With Zara

Hopefully we'll be moving house in the next couple of weeks, we should get a definitive date at the end of this week (Eeek!) but it's really got me thinking about downsizing and creating a capsule wardrobe.
The older I'm getting, the more I want to steer away from those really trendy clothes, the ones that are around for one season & then forgotten about, in favour of more classic, timeless pieces. 
At the moment I'm really loving Zara. I've always seen Zara as an inbetweeny shop, with a target audience of those who aren't that young, but equally aren't that old... And at the ripe old age of 24, I feel I fit in perfectly.

1. The Camel Coat.
What a way to transform an outfit! I don't actually own a camel coat but I really feel that they are a necessity when it comes to a womans' wardrobe. I love the masculine oversized look this coat has & think it'd work perfectly with a number of outfits.
2. Black Skinny Jeans.
Whether they be ripped or high waisted, a good pair of skinny jeans is an essential element of your wardrobe. I've opted for a black pair here, as black goes with literally everything! These would look brilliant with a pair of converse for a casual look, or equally as fab with a pair of heels & sparkly top.
3. The White Tee.
Where would we be without a white tee! I love this one from Zara, because of the detailed drop back - To me it just screams Summer & I love that about an outfit. Wearing a white tee with an outfit is a very basic concept however sometimes I think simple works best & I think this one's amazing because it looks so much more expensive than it is.
4. The Leather Jacket.
If you know me even a little bit, you'll know how much I love a leather jacket - My favourite being a dark tan aviator style jacket from Topshop. I love how a leather jacket toughens up girlie outfits & think they look really showstopper over tutu style dresses. A leather jacket works just as well with a casual outfit, maybe with black skinnies, a white tee & some Nikes.
5. Cut Out Sandals.
I'm not normally one for getting my toes out but with a good pair of sandals I jump at the chance. They're just so cool, comfortable & really easy to wear. I've picked this pair because they're pretty basic in the way they're designed, but the gold hardware addition down the front of the sandal makes them look very expensive & sophisticated.
6. Black Boots.
I love a good pair of boots! Maybe this pair aren't exactly season friendly at the moment, but for Autumn/Winter these would be amazing. The heel on this pair is relatively low, and because they're quite a tall ankle boot, they'll be really comfy & easy to walk in which is always a bonus!
7. The Casual Maxi.
Now the weather's getting a bit warmer (Hallelujah!) I think it's really important to add a maxi into your wardrobe. Something that's really comfy & casual would be great, so I think this pastel blue number is fabulous. I love the Grecian style, and how it's cinched in at the waist too - It'll be really flattering on.
8. A Mary Poppins Bag.
And by Mary Poppins, I mean something you can fit everything in - Something with enough pockets & compartments to fit all your bits and bobs in. I really love the two straps with this bag, so you can wear it over your shoulder or as a handheld depending on whats comfiest.

What do you guys think of my selection? I'm deffinitely going to think more about future purposes before I hand over my hard earnerd pennies.

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


  1. I feel the same; creating a capsule wardrobe of timeless, classic pieces that just work together seems very logical! I love the leather jacket you've picked out - a (faux) leather jacket is at the top of my wish list at the moment! I love the powder blue maxi dress, as well. Lovely picks! Fingers crossed for a swift and relatively stress-free house move! :) xxx
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    1. Definitely :-) I'd love to have a super chic wardrobe so I'm downsizing at the moment to make way for new classic, timeless pieces. I need to think more about what I'm buying instead of going off on one & impulse buying. Thanks so much! I'm hoping so too. X


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