Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Beauty | Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush, Bronze & Brighten

One thing I'm a huge fan of with beauty products is having them all in one place. Every morning at 6.30am sharp I cart my makeup from my bedroom to the living room, so I can use my  special makeup mirror (because we all have that one that we rely on) to apply the products to my tired & disheveled face. It sounds ridiculous, but at this time in the morning and in the dark, carrying ten different makeup products can be pretty tricky! 
This Iconic palette from Makeup Revolution makes my makeup routine just that little bit easier...

The Iconic palette in shade 'smoulder' contains a blusher, bronzer & highlighter so everything you could possibly need to contour your face & give your bone structure that bit of extra definition. All three products are divided equally into quite large pans & comes with a full length mirror on the flip side of the packaging, which is a brilliant size to use when travelling.

The contour colour is a muted tan, which works perfectly with my skin tone because I'm pretty pale at the moment. I feel this product gives just the right amount of colour for me to brighten my skin tone (& help me look more alive) however I can imagine if you had a darker, more olive skin tone, the effects wouldn't be as substantial.
The blusher is the most fantastic hot pink colour! I love the sudden injection of colour this brings to the apples of your cheeks & because it's so pigmented, a little goes a really long way with this product. I love how quick this product is to apply, just one quick swish & you're ready for the day.
The highlight is a shimmery pressed powder of pale pink gorgeousness! Again with this product a little goes a long way - I like to apply this with my fingers as opposed to a brush as I find it being a much more precise application process.

I own a massive amount of Makeup Revolution products & have always been really impressed with their quality & price, however this Iconic Brush, Bronze & Brighten just blows everything else out the water. I've been reaching for this product every day for the last few weeks & will continue to do so - It's ridiculously impressive.

I picked up this palette for the bargain price of £4.00 which I think is absolutely fantastic - I really don't know how Makeup Revolution do it, but they do & they bloody do it good! As well as 'smoulder' Makeup Revolution also have three other shades in the Iconic range which I'm really looking forward to trying.

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


  1. I really want to try Make up Revolution & this palette has been on the list for a while, I love the blush colour! x


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