Monday, 30 March 2015

Monthly Roundup | March

For me March has been a ridiculously busy, ridiculously exciting & a ridiculously grown up month!... March is the month that Dan & I have bought our first house! Eeeek! We've been saving for such a long time & now it's finally happened, it feels like a bit of a whirlwind - Everything's going so fast & there's so many 'serious' forms to fill in, it's a completely mental situation... Mental exciting though! I can't wait for us to have BBQ's out in the garden in summer, get decorating the house exactly how we want & get a beagle puppy! I can't fricken wait to get a beagle puppy!

Understandably this month my blog has taken an iddy biddy back seat with everything that's been going on with the house, however March for me has been an intriguing month blogwise. March has been the month of discovering lots of new brands & having some brill opportunities....

Beauty Matters.
I had the opportunity earlier in the month to venture down to Garforth for the grand reopening of the Beauty Matters salon. The salon was absolutely stunning & getting to see first hand some of the non surgical procedures available was really interesting. I watched a lady having 3D Liposuction & another having semi permanent eyebrows tattoed on, which does sound a little bit eeek, but it was super interesting, I'm even fancying getting my own eyebrows done at some point, they were that good!

More recently I had the pleasure of receiving & test driving a few Younique goodies. I'll be honest & say I'd previously not heard of any of the Younique products available, but boy was I impressed. They are a little on the pricey side admittedly, but the quality in particular of the lip glosses & foundations are brill! 

March has also been the month of discovering some new fantastic products - A few of them I haven't had chance to write full blog posts about yet, so I won't ramble on too much about them, but here's what I've been enjoying this month...

Environ AVST 1*
I received this little tube of goodness at the Beauty Matters event earlier this month. Environ offer various levels of vitamin A in the AVST range, obviously the bottle I have is the first level & it's reccomended to go through two of these level 1 bottles before moving up to level 2 & 3. I've been using this product now for just under a month, which isn't the longest amount of time to be trialling a skincare product, but it really has worked wonders for my skin. I'll have a full blog post up at some point soon hopefully.
Soap & Glory Solar Powder
I've never really been that into bronzing, I'm much more of a peach blush type of gal, but just recently Solar Powder has creeped into my make up bag & got real comfy there. I love that it's not too dark & in your face - It's perfect for people just starting out with bronzer because the pan has two shades, one quite tan & matte, the other being more of a highlighting shimmer - It's a great mix & super duper wearable!
Radley Stainless Steel Watch*
There are some perks to my job, one of them being winning this beautiful Radley watch! My jewellery is categorised into gold & silver piles, but one thing I've been lacking is a silver watch so winning the Radley competition came at just the right time. The face has chronograph dials in rose gold too, which I think looks perfect against the silver stainless steel.
Monki Miracle Purse*
Another win, I've been so luck recently - I seriously need to start putting the lottery on! I won the purse from a blog competition & have been using it religiously for the past three/four weeks. I never carry cash on me, but I have endless amounts of bank/store/loyalty cards so this purse works perfectly for me. And it's black & black goes with everything! Wahoo!

Like I said, blogging has kind of taken a back seat this month with everything that's been going on with the house, but there are a few blog posts that I've really enjoyed reading & have stuck in my mind this month...

Thumbelina Lillie | Walking the red carpet with New Look.
Even though I no longer live in Middlesbrough, it's something that I'm ridiculously proud of & make sure it's something I shout & scream about. I love being from the North East & seeing my fellow NE Blogger Megan achieving something so amazing as being invited by New Look to travel down to London for the Insurgent premiere, it's just insane! It made me feel all proud & excited for Megan, her blog is unbelievably good & she completely deserves the recognition for it. Go NE Bloggers!

Lydia Rose | Instagram tips for bloggers.
Oh my goodness! My instagram is looking so hot right now & it's all down to Lydia Rose! The main pointer that stuck out for me was having a theme! Previously my instagram was a bit all over the place but after reading Lydia's tips & tricks I truly believe it's come on leaps and bounds - I'm so happy with it at the moment!

Have you guys set yourselves any themes with Instagram? I'd love some more links to check out so send them my way!

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


  1. Wow, congratulations on purchasing your first home! So jealous, haha. I do hope you will be sharing your before and after house updates?! Sounds like you've had an exciting month! xxx - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. Thank you so much! Now we've just got that awkward 6 weeks of waiting for everything to sort itself out. Hopefully it'll go quick. Oh i definitely will be! I can't wait to get my hands on some paint tins. X


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