Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Guest Post | Emmas' Perfume Collection

Hello! I'm Emma from Just Emma, and today I am taking over xclaireabella to share my fragrance collection with you! I hope you enjoy this post, and please do have a little wander over to my blog to see Claire's very own fragrance collection!

Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Refreshing Body Mist, £14.99 £7.51/250ml.
This genuinely smells like strawberries and champagne! It has quite a strong, fresh and sweet scent at first, which fades to a lighter version of the scent. This is really handy for a quick freshen up and is really refreshing as a mist. 
The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist, £7.50/100ml.
Although this is a body mist, I often use it as a room fragrance! This body mist is really nice to use during the warmer months, as it is really refreshing to spritz all over your skin! It has a real musky yet sweet vanilla scent, but isn't over-powering.

Christian Dior J'adore EDT, £54.50/50ml.
This has been a long-time favourite of mine and when I'm lucky enough to receive it as a gift, I ration it as it's pretty expensive! Something I'd probably never buy for myself. This is such a classic, sophisticated and feminine scent; fruity, sweet and warm, with notes such as jasmine, rose, musk, and vanilla.
Beckham Intimately Beckham EDT, RRP £24.95 £11.99/75ml.
Now, this particular perfume is pretty special as it's the scent I wore on my wedding day! A little over-powering at first, but with notes such as orange blossom, vanilla, and bergamot, this soon converts into a gorgeously feminine, musky, floral bouquet which lingers on the skin long after application. 
Di Palomo Orange Blossom, Honey & Olive EDP, RRP £24.95 £19.96/50ml.
This long-lasting fragrance really captures the essence of summer! This is a really sweet, fruity and refreshing scent with notes such as orange blossom, honey, geranium, and amber. I love to wear this in spring and summer as it just seems to suit the seasons so well.

Avril Lavigne Forbidden Rose EDP, RRP £20 £9.95/50ml.
This is a strong, yet not over-powering, unique fragrance with notes such as wine peach accord, chocolate, vanilla, and red apple. This is long-lasting and definitely an evening perfume for me. A predominantly warm, musky and slightly floral scent. 
Alex Curran Alex EDT, RRP £19.95 £8.99/100ml.
This is a really easy-to-wear, everyday feminine fragrance. With notes such as black pepper accord, vanilla, musk, and tonka bean, this has a musky and sweet scent with fruity accents. 
Coty Ex'cla-ma'tion EDC, RRP £13.95 £4.99/50ml.
This is another one which has to fade a little to be fully appreciated, as it's quite strong at first. This contains notes of peach, apricot, amber, and sandalwood, so it is a slightly musky, fruity, sweet fragrance, which is quite long-lasting. 

What's your favourite fragrance at the moment?



  1. Thanks again for your guest post, Claire! I now have a huge wish list for The Library Of Fragrance, haha. xxx - a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. Haha! I noticed that on your blog. I havent had chance to read the post yet, but it's on my to do list! I've been soo busy this week, we've started the mortgage/househunting process so hopefully thing will be getting really exciting for us this year! They have some awesome scents mind, stay away from Fireplace though ha, that one's not so nice! X

    2. Ooh, exciting times! We'd love to buy our own house, but we need about 10K for the deposit and fees, so it takes time to save up. Hopefully in the near future though! xxx

    3. Yes indeedy! Oh it's been a long time coming - It feels like we've been saving forever :-) So it's brill that we've finally got there :-) Yupp. Best of luck lovely!! You'll get there & it'll all be completely worth it.X


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