Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fashion | My Watch Collection

If there's one thing I've really become passionate about since working in a Jewellers it's watches! My love for watches has grown & grown and I'm forever hunting out the next bit of wrist candy I can get my hands (and staff discount) on.

Lets take a closer look at my little collection...

DKNY Stone Set Ceramic Watch *
I am a huge lover of ceramic watches!.. It sounds strange to say, but I absolutely love the way the ceramic feels on the wrist, especially on a morning when they're all lovely & cold! It's like the cold side of the pillow, that's always better right? Anywho... I really like the contrast between the white ceramic & yellow gold, I think they look fab together - I often pair this with my yellow gold Vivienne Westwood bracelet which looks brill! They also do this watch in a silver & rose gold finish which are equally as lovely! I love the packaging that comes with DKNY watches, I think you can really tell the quality of an item from the way it's displayed.

Guess Navy & Grey Mini Sunrise Watch *
Isn't this the most beautiful unusual watch? I haven't seen anything like this at all so when it came on the shelves last year, I knew I had to have it. In fact my beaut parents bought me this for Christmas -Woohoo for parents! I thought the navy blue might mean this watch would be more difficult to wear, but honestly I've barely put it down. This is the fist chronograph watch I've owned, I love the trio of dials featured on the dark blue face, I think it's a really 'cool' looking watch! One thing I'm not a fan of it the packaging with Guess watches, in my eyes (and I hate to say it) it looks quite chavy, I think it has the ability to be just that bit better! 

Radley Stainless Steel Watch *
I never thought I would be, but I've grown into a complete lover of all things mixed metal. With this watch being both silver & rose gold, it really makes me feel all happy inside! It's super duper shiny too, which I love! The face of this Radley watch is pretty domed which I think is a rather marmite situation (love it or hate it), thankfully though I love it - I think it works well as there are a lot of curved elements within this chronograph watch. Radley watches are all packaged in these super cute mint green & baby pink boxes, making them feel really lovely & girlie!

I've got a list as long as my arm for future watch purchases!... I've seen so many Michael Kors and Daniel Wellington watches circling the blogsphere, that are lovely, but I don't want something that everybody else has. Brand names don't bother me too much, as long as it's a lovely looking watch that's all I'm in for!

Have any of you guys got these watches? Have you got any reccomendations for anything else that's a bit unusual?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x



  1. I said it on Twitter and I'll say it again: That DKNY watch is just incredible!! Although the Radley watch is gorgeous too. I see a fair few Olivia Burton watches doing the rounds too, but her collection is huge - there's a rose gold one with a bumble bee on the face that is gorgeous x

    1. Ha. Thank you so much! I absolutely love the DKNY, it's my oldest one, but it's a goodie! Oooh sounds lovely - I'll have a little look at that :-) X

    2. You're very welcome, it's lovely. Definitely do, love Olivia Burton watches! x

  2. wow gorgeous watches!! i have Micheal kors one rose gold is my fav but loving the DKNY too....!!

    1. Thank you :-) I can't decide which one's my favourite. Ha. X


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