Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Beauty | My Nail Polish Collection

I'll be honest, this one's even a bit of a shocker to me!... I like nail polishes as much as the next girl, but it was only when I was sorting through my bedroom a few days ago, that I discovered actually how many polishes I own... A grand total of 31!

Is 31 many?... Because it really surprised me! I think because I keep my polishes on the bottom shelf of my vanity desk, my collection kind of grew without me knowing. Anyhow, today I'll be discussing with you a couple of my favourite brands & shades.

Probably my favourite brand when it comes to nail polishes.I really love the formula Rimmel use with their polishes, I've found them to be the easiest to apply & some of the longest lasting polishes I own. The applicator brush is the perfect size & covers the nails with three quick swishes, I wouldn't necessarily say they dry in 60 seconds but I'm still really pleased with these polishes. I've gone for bold shades with Rimmel as I think they're one of the best polishes out there, go bold or go home right. From a price point of view Rimmel again tick all the boxes for me, the colours here have cost me a grand total of £2.99 each - Thats less than my lunch at work! My favourite is the lasting finish in strawberry fizz, not only is it a stunning, long lasting hot pink colour, but it genuinely smells of strawberries too!

For me Essie are one of the more luxuriously branded high street polishes, the packaging's super duper sleek, they have a huge colour choice & apply like a dream. Essie polishes have a great consistency & apply really easily however on me, the colour can chip quite quickly. It wouldn't put me off buying more though, especially when they have such a plush colour range. The polishes are slightly more expensive than the rest I'm going to be talking about, coming in at £7.99 each, but I think they're fab. My favourite in Mint Candy Apple, it'll look brilliant over spring time when all the pastel colours come back on trend.

Barry M.
Even with their cosmetics line, I see Barry M as being at the forefront for displaying the most fantastic colour spectrum. The formulation of the Barry M polishes are great, they're really easy to apply & have an especially long brush so you can get right into the very corners of your nails. I like the square glass bottle packaging, as they're pretty similar to the Essie cases - I think they look really sleek & expensive sitting on my vanity desk. I love Barry M's Gelly Hi Shines however it's their glitters than really catch my eye - I wear the Mermaid glitter from the Aquarium range, both on its' own & over other green/blue shades. I love both effects & can't wait to expand my collection. Barry M have a huge (& I mean huge) selection of glitter/sequin polishes starting at £3.99.

I actually received these Seventeen polishes as a gift set last Christmas & have been rather impressed with them. The formula is lighter than the others, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing; Being lighter, the product doesn't gloop or stick - It's a really nice inbetweeny polish! Seventeen isn't a brand I would have necessarily tried before, but I'm glad I was gifted with these little beauties. I received a fab colour collection however it's the metalic shades Fury & Copper than I've been reaching for more. They're such fashion forward colours - I love them!

So what do you think to my collection? Is 31 polishes really that many?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

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