Monday, 2 February 2015

Hair | Paul Mitchel Extra Body Daily Boost*

If there's one thing I suffer with, it's quite fine lifeless hair. I'm sure it used to be much much thicker when I was younger, but I think years of heat damage has really taken it's toll on my locks. I went through a stage last year of refusing to use heat on my hair & the difference it made was incredible, it became so much more healthy, but I've relapsed & slipped back into my old bad habits, straightening my hair almost every day now. I know it's bad, my hair's probably crying on the inside but I feel like Paul Mitchell's Extra Daily Boost has come to my rescue.

I actually received this little bottle of wonder after attending a Paul Mitchell event last year in Leeds & in all honesty... I totally forgot about it! It was only after searching for a root boosting product before a night out over the festive season, that I rediscovered this product & I've been using it ever since.
The panthenol induced product adds volume whilst protecting each individual hair strand at the same time - It doesn't actually feel like I'm wearing any product in my hair, so for me it's a complete winner! I've used some products before which have left my hair greasy and sticky, but this does nothing of the sort! On the bottle it says to apply the product to damp hair but I've found it equally as handy on dry hair. The boost it gives is the perfect amount, it isn't so much that it makes your hair look all cave woman like, it still looks really natural... Very much like Rachel from friends if you catch my drift. A few spritzs go a long way with the Extra Body Daily Boost, you only need to spray four or five times and it makes a huge difference. I have the 100ml bottle and can see it lasting such a long time, I've barely made a dent in it so far. 
Even though I received this product as a gift, I'd more than happily spend the money and buy it again, I love the boosting effect it's had on my locks! The smallest bottle they sell online is 250ml and is priced at £15.75, considering this is 150ml bigger than the one I have I think it's an exceptional price!.. And I'm really stingy, so it must be good!

Have you tried any Paul Mitchell products or is there any volumising hair products you could recommend?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x



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