Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Outfit | Bank Glamorous Pastel Blue Biker Jacket

It's not very often I write a blog post about a single fashion item, in fact it's only happened once when I picked up my Timberlands from the York Designer Outlet, and I was totally buzzing that I'd picked them up for a quarter of the price they should have been! Woop! Actually thinking about it, I'm still buzzing now half a year later...
Well it's happened again! I pride myself on my ability to grab a bargain & this week on an shopping trip in Wakefield I picked up another beauty!
I live dead on between Leeds city centre & Wakefield, but it's always Leeds that pulls me in. In the four months of living here, I've only ever been into Wakefield twice! I think I need to go more often now though!

Bank isn't generally a store I tend to go in, it's only now that it's closing down & they're offering 70% discount that they've really caught my attention! They've got some brilliant bargains in store at the moment & honestly I Could have picked up so much more than I actually did - I swear I need a lottery win! Or a bank loan I never have to pay back! If only!

Anywho, what I'm talking about today is the cutest pastel blue biker jacket. I love it now, but I'm going to love it even more during Spring/Summer - Pastels are always a sign of brighter times to come, so I'm super duper excited to be able to wear this properly. I've been after a leather jacket for a little while now as my Topshop one is on it's last legs, but I always envisaged it being dark brown/black in colour, it's only when I saw this little beauty that my idea completely changed. The cut of this is pretty similar to my Topshop jacket, I love the buckle detailing on the sides as I find it really flattering on my shape & gives an otherwise girlie outfit that added toughness. The jacket from the Glamorous range at Bank is collarless, which I thought wouldn't agree with me at all, but in fact I love it - As soon as I tried it on I fell in love & knew I just had to get it!
And the best bit... Instead of it being £60.00 I only paid £14.50!! Like I said I'm a right jammy cow when it comes to shopping, I've perfected the bargain hunting skill over my 24 years & I'm hoping it'll do me well for years to come.

Have any of you guys picked up anything in the Bank sale? I'm going to keep popping in to see if they add any more lines, 70% off is insane right?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x



  1. Oh my god that is a total steal!! Such a gorgeous jacket I have been eyeing up a pastel biker jacket for ages as I missed out on the Zara ones! x


    1. Thank youu! It really is isn't it :-) Ahh yes, I loved the Zara ones. In fact... I just love Zara - This is such a close comparison though. I love it X

  2. You got an absolute bargain there! Love the colour it will be great for spring and summer. Did they have lots of sizes left in things or is it just like one or two left in each item now?

    Claire xx
    Style Affinity

    1. I knowww!! :-) Thank you, yeah that's what I was thinking - Can't wait to get the pastel colours out for SS again. They had this and a 14, but when I was looking online to link it all up I couldn't find it. I'm guessing it's sold really quickly, there might be some in a store nearer to you though - Hopefully you'll be equally as lucky! X

  3. Ooh, gorgeous! Love the colour. Such a bargain! I'm off for a browse on their website... xxx

    1. Haha. Let me know if you get anything! They've got some fab stuff on offer :-) X


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