Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Beauty | Getting Rid Of Puffy Eyes... The Natural Way.

Today is my first day off since early last week. Phewie!! I've actually just worked 8 days in a row, and all 8 days I've been getting up at 6.00am and working a super long ass shift! Sucks to be me right? I'd been suffering anyway recently with dry, puffy & tired eyes as you'll know, but this long stint at work has completely tipped me over the edge. I've never seen my eyes look so bad, I've even had a breakout down one side of my face, so safe to say I'm not a happy bunny!
Anyway today I'm talking to you about teabags! I've tried all sorts of lotions and potions on my face over the years and I do think they work to a certain extent, but reducing puffyness (because that's a word) the natural way, with teabags is something I've never tried before. And lets be honest a beauty routine that starts with a cup of tea... I honestly can't think of anything better, can you?

Instead of making your cup of tea as normal, add an extra teabag so you have one for each eye. I let mine brew for a couple of minutes, I've read people do it for longer, but double the amount of teabags obviously means double the strength tea and I still wanted a delicious cup of tea to drink with my breakfast. I removed the teabags as normal and placed them on a small plate which I then transferred to my fridge to cool through. These need to be kept cool for twenty minutes which is the perfect time allowance for drinking your brew & having a couple of slices of toast, I always have peanut butter on mine but I absolutely shovel it on! It's so yummy! After you've done eating your breakfast all you need to do is lay down, place the tea bags on your eyes, and let them do their magic. 

I left the teabags on my lids for twenty minutes as I found after this time scale they'd started to warm & reach room temperature. I thought sitting still for this length of time would be really difficult, but it was sheer bliss! I was listening to the telly and just enjoying being in my own little bubble. They instantly cooled and soothed my entire eye area, even reaching my brow & cheek bones, which was fab. The cooling sensation was just incredible, it felt so refreshing & nourishing on my tired eyes. What I was most surprised at however was the scent, I really thought they'd give off a really strong tea smell but that was hardly there. Maybe because they're cool they don't smell as much, I'm not sure? The end results we're really impressive! Admittedly they haven't gotten rid completely of the puffyness around my eye area, but the way it's left me feeling is just brilliant! My eyes we're really painful & tight before I popped the cool teabags on, but after I feel completely refreshed, awake and ready for the day.

Have you tried this before? I love how easy it is to achieve without having to spend a small fortune! I'm definitely going to be looking into more natural homemade remedies.

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

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