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Monthly Roundup | January

I've had a few mixed feelings with my blog this month, I absolutely adore blogging but have been umming & arring about making the jump over to Youtube to provide an extra extension for my creativity. In fact I actually posted a video this month, then a week later had second thoughts and deleted it... I'm still a bit iffy about displaying my face so nakedly on the internet, there's just something about Youtubing that makes me feel really exposed & completely on show. I have no problem blogging, having my images & content displayed so predominantly but with Youtube it just felt weird & not quite me...

With that in mind I'm going to be doing everything I would have posted in a video & transferring it to a blog post at the end of the month... Hence the title 'Monthly Roundup' - Kind of does what it says on the tin right?

This month I found the most perfect nail polish! Wohoo, the years off to a good start! I was lucky enough to receive a Seventeen set for Christmas and this metallic teal colour was just what I was looking for. I love the shade teal so the addition of a glitter sheen was always going to be a winner in my books!
I also had my first weekend off in I don't know how long! Hallelujah! Even though we live together, Dan and I don't really get that much quality time together, he works 9-5 & I work anywhere from 7am-9pm Monday-Sunday so getting to spend some proper time together can be a bit difficult. It was a pretty chilly weekend so we got wrapped up warm & decided to get out and explore. We ventured up to Roundhay on the Saturday, had a lovely day out & came home to a Dominoes winter warmer deal - It was a bit naughty, but sometimes it's just got to be done hasn't it?! Then on the Sunday we traveled up to Green Acre Park for a crisp woodland walk. It was a fabulous weekend & absolutely perfect to be able to spend a bit of much needed time together. 

I've also started a Jewellery Design course at JWL in Leeds city centre, I'm 4 weeks in at the moment, with another 2 to go, but so far so good - The tutors are brilliant & I've really loved being inspired by different bits & bobs and translating them into some fantastic jewellery pieces. In my last lesson I made this ring out of copper, it's a practice run as I'm wanting to complete the same thing in sterling silver as my final exam piece. I really love geometric jewellery & am planning on completing a stone setting course in the next month or so, then I can really get my teeth stuck into jewellery making & creating a business. So watch this space!!

There are a few products I've really been enjoying this month. I've only selected four as I've been struggling quite badly this month, with what I thought was an allergic reaction, but after barely wearing makeup for what feels like forever & it not budging I'm really not sure what it is. I haven't really been that adventurous with cosmetics this month but my favourite pieces have been:

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean: The newest addition to my showering routine & by gosh it's made such a difference. This is the most luxurious & moisturising product I think I've ever used in the shower, so much so that I can't imagine not using it now.
Dior Addict Lipstick: I wore this in a recent blog post & had such lovely comments about it, I haven't worn it much beforehand but since posting I've not had it off my lips. It's beyond gorgeous.
Rimmel True Match Perfection Foundation: Admittedly I've been stuck in a bit of a foundation rut, I think I've used the same product for around eight years or so now but just recently I've been trying new things & this has been one of them. It's much more dewy than I'm used to but I think it's fab & will be perfect for Spring Summer as it gives the most perfect light to medium coverage. 
Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser: With my skin being so bad this month this has been my go to product. It's quite a light refreshing moisturiser however applies as if it's so much richer and thicker. It drenches my skin with so much hydration & makes me feel all amazing and silky smooth for the full day.

I thought it'd be a really cool idea to give recognition to a couple of blog posts I've loved reading this month. I'm very much a 'it's nice to be nice' person & this is just my little way of giving back to the ever supportive blogging community. 

Bridie from Upon My Sleeve.
I first met Bridie at a blogger event last year & admittedly I've been a fan ever since! She's super talented & writes like nothing I've read before. Everything flows, has a purpose & reads so beautifully, it's amazing - You can always rely on Bridie for good content. My fave post this month has been her What I Wore - Burgandy And Black featuring a fab oxblood dress (from Primark of all places) and a stuning half leather blazer, basically an outfit I really wish I could pull off!

Emma from Just Emma.
Firstly let me say Emma has got to be one of the nicest people I think I've ever had the pleasure of speaking too. She's so lovely! Her blog plays host to a whole host of posts, all of which are a refreshing read - One of my faves this month however has been her introduction to home decor in Updating Your Home On A Budget - The Bedroom. Being an Interior Design nerd this type of post is right up my street & what Emma has produced is a brilliant piece of inspiration! 

What do you think of this type of post? I'm really loving recording other bloggers posts I love and giving them a little bit of recognition.

Lots of love | Claireabella.x



  1. Lovely post, Claire! I love the ring you've created and can't wait to see more of your creations! Thank you so much for the lovely mention! I'm really enjoying writing the Updating Your Home On A Budget series, so I'm glad you've enjoyed reading it. :) xxx

    1. Thanks Emma!! I;m really excited for what the future holds with my jewellery :-) Not a problem at all, you've got a lovely blog!! Yeee, I studied Interior Design at Uni so it's a big passion of mine... I just need my own house now! Ha. Renting a flat we can't decorate is the worst :-( X

    2. Yeah, me too, we are also renting so are restricted decorating-wise. Accessories are a must! :) xxx

    3. Definitely :-) I can't wait till we own our own home, hopefully this year will be the year!! X

  2. I've heard so many great things about the S&G Whipped Clean, I really need to try it. I'm glad the positive comments persuaded you to wear the Dior lipstick more it looked lovely. Hope you're having fun doing the jewellery making course. Bridie posts some great OOTD's! :)

    Claire xx
    Style Affinity

    1. I'm sooo impressed with it. I can tell straight away when I haven't used it, lets put it that way :-) It's fab!! I'm excited for what the future holds with it. Ohh I know right, I wish I could pull off hats the way she does! X

  3. Beautiful post, such a variety of informations!!
    Have problems even wir posting a picture of me on my blog, so I fully understand you :)) Great that you are attending the jewelry course - always wanted to do a thing like this!!


    1. I don't know what it is, blogging is fine, but as soon as I got infront of the camera I just felt totally uncomfortable - Who knows, maybe that'll go and I'll be able to youtube later on. It's brilliant, you should deffinitiely do it if you can, I've learnt so much! X

  4. Love the green nail polish shade :)


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