Thursday, 8 January 2015

Beauty | Urban Decay Naked 3*

I've always been aware of Urban Decay as a brand, but being the bad beauty blogger that I am, I've never taken the plunge and handed my money over to buy anything... That was until I saw the Naked 3 palette .... And I still didn't hand any money over as my amazing Boyfriend bought me this for Christmas - Top BF points for Dan! (Even though he doesn't understand why I was lusting after this little beauty.)

Rose gold tones seem to have taken the world by storm recently, with stacks of it appearing in jewellery ranges and hardware so why not incorporate it into our makeup looks? 

Like with Naked 1 & 2, their new palette consists of 12 absolutely delicious shades, the vast majority of them having a slight shimmer. I believe this is slightly different concept to the Naked 1 & 2 palettes, but this works completely in my favour, The more shimmer the better as far as I'm concerned! 
The Naked 3 palette also comes complete with a dual purpose synthetic brush, one side for applying, the other for blending - I own a few eye make up brushes & this one really surpasses them, I think it's brilliant & the quality of the bristles are just amazing - Super duper soft! 
What's also amazing (& I know it's only a small thing) is the mahoosive mirror that comes with it - Honestly I didn't realise how useful this would be, but it's so so good & will be excellent to use when travelling... I just need to book a holiday now, that's a reasonable excuse right? 

The left hand side of the Naked 3 palette consists of more neutral bases, I love the names of the shades too - It's the little things that really get me!
Strange: A super light beige highlighting tone perfect for under the brow or in the pop of your eye.
Dust: The first shimmery product, that introduces rose undertones for your base.
Burnout: A more voluptuous pale peach/pink & one of my faves!
Limit: An almost nude matte pink colour - This will be perfect for evening skin tones on your lid. 
BuzzA super glittery rose colour, I find this works perfectly with Dust for a cute shimmery daytime look.
Trick: Pretty similar to Buzz in it's glitteryness but this has more of a copper tone.

If I want to add a bit more drama, I use the right hand side of the palette to fill in the crease of my eye.
Nooner: Possibly my favourite named colour, but perfect for adding depth.
Liar: Another highly glittered shade bordering on the gold side, ideal for more dressed up looks.
Factory: A chocolatey brown shadow full of glittery goodness. Another one of my favourites!
Mugshot: Probably the most golden of all shades, this adds such a nice warming shade to the lid.
Darkside: The most gorgeous purple shimmer, I love how much depth this colour adds to your eyes - Yummilicous!
Blackheart: A dark chocolate mysterious glitter shade - This works so well as a liner!

All colours in the Naked 3 palette are really highly pigmented and so super duper easy to apply. Before receiving this palette I had really high expectations of it and but  by golly it didn't disappoint! I'm absolutely over the moon with how gorgeous all the colours are! Would you recommend getting the other two Naked palettes? This one seems pretty hard to beat at the moment.

Lots of love | Claireabella.x

Naked 3 - Urban Decay (£37.00)*


  1. The shades look wonderful! I'm definitely favouring the left hand side shades. xxx

    1. They're amazing aren't they. I love them all! Ha. X


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