Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bath | The Body Shops' Strawberry Selection*

There's two types of people in this world... Bath people & shower people. It's probably no secret that I am 100% a bath person - Without sounding weird, I can't remember the last time I had a shower, I understand that it's a lot quicker than taking a bath, but there's just something that's so luxurious about taking a dip, getting in amongst the bubbles & having a good soak. For me this is the ultimate 'me time' - I love taking a step back & unwinding in a tub full of the most amazing bath products.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a selection of Strawberry scented Body Shop goodies. I'm really glad I received these strawberry treats, as it's a scent I Wouldn't have normally picked - I gravitate more towards coconut & more buttery scents so this made a refreshing & welcoming change.

Strawberry Shower Gel*
I think I'm quite picky when it comes to shower gels, I'm always dubious of whether they're actually going to clean my skin rather than just making me smell nice. I'm a bit finicky about being clean and quite often find myself using more than one product to do the job! This product however is brilliant, it lathers almost instantly and because it's free of all nasty soapy chemicals I can use this on my face too. I found this product to be really hydrating and left my skin feeling so supple & soft. And the scent is ahhmaazing! Love love love it!

Strawberry Body Butter*
If I had to pick one product from the Body Shop, without a shadow of a doubt it'd be a body butter. The Body Shops' body butters have a really rich & thick consistency, which works brilliantly for me, they massage into the skin perfectly & is one of the most hydrating products I've used! The sweet strawberry scent is fantastic too, it lingers around for the rest of the day and leaves me feeling completely refreshed. It's a fantastic product & I couldn't recommend it enough!

Strawberry Hand Cream*
Tell me off for being a bad blogger, but this is only the second hand cream I've used - The first being hand food. A hand cream isn't something I'd normally jump for & to be honest it's something I would have probably bought and then forgotten about a week later. However... I love this! Surprisingly it's probably my favourite product of the lot. It's such a light formula which melts into the skin & leaves hands feeling hydrated for such a long time. I really feel like I've turned a corner with this product! I've been massaging it into my nails too as I've been suffering quite badly with them recently & this products' been fab! At first I thought it was only a small tube, but from using it I know it'll last a lot longer than I first thought. It's perfect for carrying around in your handbag!

Ultra Fine Bath Lily*
Firstly (and most importantly) I have never heard of one of these being called a lily? I've always just called them scrunchies, I still don't know if that's correct but I feel like I've learnt something new this morning. I've only really just got into using these, strangely I've never really understood them up untill a few months ago - I feel so daft neglecting them, but now I've got into using a scrunchie, I don't think I'll bathe without one now. Not only does it exfoliate the skin as you use it round your body but it also disperses the smallest amount of product, meaning your gels last for so much longer. If I was using the shower gel with my hands I'd have used so much more product than I have done with the scrunchie, so for that alone I think it's fab!

Have you tried the strawberry selection from the Body Shop? I'm really wanting to try some more hand creams, are there any scents you could reccomend?

Lots of love | Claireabella.x


  1. I love strawberry scents but I've not actually tried their range from Body Shop. I'm definitely a bath person as well but my new house doesn'y have one :( I really miss taking a long soak reading my book with candles lit!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

    1. Aw really, you should give them a go! I'm sure you'll love them! Aw that's a shame - We're house hunting atm & one of my main credentials is to have a bath. I think I'd struggle if we didn't have one. I'm the same, I love reading in the bath, or even watching netflix on my laptop propped up on the toilet seat ha. X

  2. Hmmm I love the strawberry selection, such an amazing smell! <3

    I have a new outfit post on the blog, I would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


    1. It's so nice isn't it!! Love it!! :-) I certainely will do. X

  3. I suppose I'd be classed as a shower person, as I have more showers than I do baths, but I see baths as a treat and savour every moment! I also like to use more luxurious products for baths. I have the lip butter from The Body Shop's strawberry range and it's such a lovely, fruity scent and really hydrating. xxx

    1. I think most people are tbh, just because it's quicker :-) I'm one of a few I think. Ha! It's such a gorgeous scent isn't it. I'll have to try the lip butter, that'll be another addition to my handbag. X


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