Monday, 8 December 2014

Blogmas Day 8 - Beauty: My Handmade Lush Comforter*

So guys, we're officially into week two of Blogmas now - Am I surprised I've still kept up with posting everyday? Oh hell yeah! Honestly though, I'm really enjoying it! I love a challenge, and am a complete stubborn chick when it comes to succeeding! I'm feeling very motivated at the moment with my blog so what happens after Blogmas is done & out the way with who knows?... But today anyway we'll be looking at The Comforter from Lush... Did I mention I made it myself - When I attended the recent Lush White Rose VIP Opening Party Event I had the opportunity to make my very own comforter, which of course I obviously jumped at the chance, resulting in this bad boy - Booyah!

The comforter is a berrylicious bubble bar, all you have to do is crumble pieces under a running tap & let the bubbling commence. To preserve my Comforter I've sectioned it off into three pieces, all of which will give my bath the perfect (if not more) amount of bubbles.
The comforter is made up of Cassis absolute, bergamont oil, cypress oil & a whole host of other natural, animal friendly ingredients. It bubbles instantly & turns your bath water the most gorgeous shade of barbie pink. The Comforter leaves your bath feeling all slinky and luxurious & rather than relaxing it actually feels pretty uplifting & really energising which is amazing! It's a perfect bubble bar if you're having a morning bath or just need as extra pick me up! It gives off the most delicious blackcurrant/palma violet/hubba bubba (I couldn't pick just one) scent which seems to linger both in your bathroom & on your skin for the rest of the day. It's phenomenal.
I didn't have to pay for the Comforter due to making it myself - It retails in at £4.75 which seems pretty hefty considering the size of the bubble bar however because you can get three or four uses out of it, I think it's really reasonable!

This is a little lovely that goes a long way!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

The Comforter - Lush (£4.75)*


  1. I love this bubble bar, it smells gorgeous! I bet you enjoyed your bubble bath even more, knowing that you created it yourself! It looks great, by the way. :) xxx

    1. Oh 100% It was sooo cool making them :-) Thanks love. X


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