Thursday, 4 December 2014

Blogmas Day 4 - Beauty: The Lush Christmas Hedgehog*

As I've mentioned probably a little too often (just let me get excited) I was recently invited down to the Lush White Rose VIP Opening Party - It was an amazing night & all the bloggers who attended were gifted with a fab little Christmas themed goodie bag. Wrapped up in a It's Christmas Deer knot wrap I found myself a few little treats, one of which being The Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar.

Now then... I can't decide wether this little fella is really really cute or really really creepy. I can't put my finger on it & I know all you guys are going to say 'aww' but there's just something about him (I've decided he's a he  btw) that's a little unsettling... Maybe it's the overly obvious finger holes for eyes. I don't know - I'm probably on my own on this one, right? What do you reckon?

Anywhooo this little guy is made from super moisturisig & nourishing shea & cocoa butters as well as a whole host of essential oils, which you can feel as soon as you tootsies touch the bath water. It's a very calming bubble bar & it's amazing how instantly silky soft & nourished it makes your skin feel - It's so so good! The Christmas Hedgehog also has a very slight glitter to it which gives the skin a fabulous shine. It made my body look so glittery when I was in the bath but after coming out & drying off, the sparkles seem to have worn off which is probably for the best. I don't want to be going to work looking like a disco ball. 
Because The Christmas Hedgehog is a bubble bar you crumble a portion of the product under your running bath tap to create a lovely bubbly tub. Now I'll be honest this product didn't create the biggest bubbles - Not like those the Comforter creates, but still it oozes enough luxury to make your soak in the bath a bit of a treat.
To me this product doesn't particularly have the strongest scent, however when talking to a couple of other ladies they've thought otherwise & thought it was really potent. Our little friend has a combination of buttery & minty scents which portray a very clean feeling, which is always a good feeling when having a bath right?
Although this was gifted to me The Christmas Hedgehog comes in at £3.50 which I think is a perfect price for such a festive little fella. I'd happily buy myself another (perhaps even more) but I think it'd also work brilliantly as a little stocking filler for friends & family. 

Have any of you guys tried The Christmas Hedgehog before? What are your thoughts on his little face? Cute or not? I can't decide!!

Thanks so much for reading! Lots of love.

The Christmas Hedgehog - Lush (£3.50)*


  1. Yeah, it's definitely the eyes, haha! Sounds like a lovely product though and the scent sounds nice too. I'll have to start trying more mint-scented products because it's not something I seem to pick up, yet I love that scent! xxx

    1. Oh good. I'm so glad It's not just me who thought he was a bit strange looking. If you look on the Lush website his eyes are so much smaller & he deffs looks less creepy. Ha. Yeah It's lovely. Really super duper calming. It's a good one for before bed. X


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