Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogmas Day 17 - Wish List: Festive Party Outfits

There's a huge pressure when it comes to the festive season, to pick that perfect party outfit, whether it be for the works office party or dinner with friends.
Before the buzz of the actual night out there's always that conversation that goes a little like...'what are you wearing'... 'oooo i dunno, what are you wearing'... 'i don't know either' Zzzz! So today I've picked three complete different styled outfits from three of my favourite stores.

I love the softness of this look & how femenine everything looks together - The idea of a pleated midi skirt is dreamy enough, but packing it full of sequins is just amazing! I love this piece & it's probably my fave item from this look... Or maybe it's the shoes, or faux fur clutch. I just can't decide!

1. Metallic knit crop (£60.00)
2. Faux fur heels (£58.00)
3. Sequin pleated midi skirt (£75.00)
4. Faux fur clutch (£32.00)
5. Gold curved bar ring (£7.50)
6. Gold torque collar (£16.50)

River Island
For my inner rock chick! I don't actually own a co-ord (oh my goodness) but this set from Rivers, Chelsea Girl range is brilliant. I love the whole rough an tough look for during the day so why not continue it for nights out! This is a but more casual so maybe would work better as a day to night look. 

1. Bow crop top (£18.00)
2. Heeled chelsea boot (£75.00)
3. Black mini satchel (£20.00)
4. Bow mini skirt (£16.00)
5. Gold pendent (£12.00)
6. Leather look fitted jacket (£50.00)

New Look
No Christmas look would be complete without sequins, and lots of them! Don't let people say I don't do things by half! Christmas is the only time you could get away with wearing this much glitter. I love the burgundy colour from this look, it's so warm and festive! Absolutely delicious!

1. Burgundy sequin dress (£34.99)
2. Silver glitter box clutch (£15.99)
3. Hollographic heels (£19.99)
4. Silver flower bracelet (£7.99)
5. Silver crystal watch (£34,99)
6. Burgundy frill socks (£2.99)

As you can see, three completely different looks, Which one is your favourite? I just can't decide - If only I had more money to buy all these amazing items! Hmm.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.


  1. My favourite is the Topshop outfit; loving the neutral, golden tones and the luxe fabrics! Closely followed by the New Look outfit; I think red has to be the most festive colour, and sequins are a must! xxx

    1. Haha :-) I have to agree with you - The toppers one is my fave... It's also the most expensive (typical) I do love all three though for different reasons :-) X


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