Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blogmas Day 13 - Weekend Wisdom: Working In Retail At Christmas Time

For me, working in retail, Christmas seemed to have started about a month and a half ago... Kitting the shop out full of Christmas decorations in the middle of October was certainly a bizzare & unnatural feeling. The festive season seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year - Who knows... Next year we might be seeing the advent calenders & Christmas decorations on the shelves in the middle of Summer. 

There's things about working in retail at Christmas time that really effs me off...

* Fearing for your life, opening the shutters to a queue of avid shoppers waiting to rip you to pieces.
* Being so busy at work you have a queue of 10 customers waiting to be seen too, inevitably when you get to the tenth person, they're calling you all the names under the sun. Be prepared for that.
* A serious lack of social life - Meals out now mean a quick dash to the corner shop for a £3.00 meal deal because your dinner break is just long enough time to eat it.
* Having a working day starting from 6:30am and ending at 10:30pm does some serious damage to your body clock.
* Because of such shifts you'll miss 90% of your friends festive nights out. Sometimes you gotta compromise those extra tequilas for a few hours kip before a 10 hour shift.

Because it's been Christmas for me, for such a long time it's easy for the novelty to wear off, so now it's getting a bit closer to the big day (12 more sleeps- woohoo) I'm fully getting back into the Christmas spirit! How I'm planning on getting back into the Festive Spirit...

* Having a day off where you do absolutely nothing - That's right, you need to treat yourself & let your body relax, Christmas pyjamas are a necesity & they must be worn all day!
* Watching your favourite Christmas films tucked up in bed with a Terrys' Chocolate Orange. My faves are Elf, Love Actually and The Grinch - I could quite hapily watch all three in one sitting. 
* Making regular trips to Costa/Satrbucks/Nero & making the most of their specialty Christmas Coffees, they're a little more sickly sweet, but that's half the fun of the Festive Season.
*Christmas candles - Need I say more? Having that delicious Christmassy cinnamon smell running through your house is so gorgeous, I have a candle for every room pretty much.

Do you work in retail? Have you got the same thoughts/issues as me? I'd love to hear any funny pointers you have to add.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.


  1. When I worked at a children's clothing boutique, it would get pretty hectic around the festive period and the amount the grandparents spent was extortionate, haha! I just bought a Terry's chocolate orange each for me and the hubby - going to try and keep them unopened till Christmas Eve! That's gonna be a challenge... Aww, I love those films, too! Also one of my new favourites is Arthur Christmas - definitely watching that on the big day! xxx

    1. Ah yeah I can imagine. I think it's daft buying kids expensive clothes (depending on how old they are obvs) they grow out of them so quickly - it seems like a bit of a waste. Aw thats cute! I don't think I've actually seen Arthur Christmas. I'll have to get it on my watch list. X

    2. Me too, and some of the clothes were pretty expensive! Yes, definitely get Arthur Christmas on your watch list! :) xxx


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