Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogmas Day 14 - Beauty: That Soap & Glory Gift Set

I don't like to miss out on a bargain (or anything if I'm honest) so when I heard that THAT Soap & Glory gift set was making its yearly appearance I had to jump at the chance - I've not got the money to spend... But that's never stopped me before.
Soap & Glory is a completely legendary brand & there's always such a huuuge buzz about this piece of kit at Christmas time because of it's equally legendary price! This years goodie bag retails in at £60.00 however because of the special offer, the price has been slashed to £29.00!! Woohoo!
This years installment is named 'The Next Best Thing' and has been ingeniously designed by Hattie Stewart - A fabulous London based print designer & self titled professional doodler, who's done an absolutely awesome job with this years packaging.

The goodie bag this year includes 10 (although I got 11 - but we'll get into that later) full size Soap & Glory beauties. I've tried the vast majority of these products but there's also a few that I haven't so I'm super looking forward to trying them out - I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

* The Righteous Butter - For me this has got to be one of my all time faves! It's probably the thickest moisturiser I've used, it's so sumptuous and sinks into your skin so nicely!
* Hand Dream - This one's completely new to me, I'm a huge fan of Hand Food and I'm anticipating this to be just as good. Hand Dream boasts anti-ageing qualities, which at 24 I may not take full benefit of but still, I'm sure i'll love it!
* Orangeasm - I've raved and raved about this product so much! I love anything that contains citrus & zingy scents so this is an absolute winner in my books!
* Butter Yourself - Another moisturiser & another beauty! This is much lighter than The Righteous Butter but it works just as well. Again I find this very citrus based, the scent of which lingers for so long - It's amazing!
* Heel Genious - I've used this before, but it's one of those products I use a couple of times and then it makes its way to the back of my skincare shelf. I don't know why, because it's actually pretty good - Maybe I'm just neglectant of my tootsies & should pay them a bit more attention.
* Sugar Crush - For me, this product is a little bit oily and not my go to exfoliator - I'll be giving it another try though to see if it's warmed on me. It smells divine though!
* Whipped Clean - Another Soap & Glory I've not tried before - The idea of a shower butter really appeals to me though, I think it's going to be much thicker & much more nourishing that your average joe shower gel.
* Sexy Mother Pucker Charm Offensive - I've used the original many a time and absolutely loved it so I'm super duper looking forward to trying this lovely mauve/nudey colour.
* Thick & Fast - A firm fave in my make up drawer, I've not met a mascara yet that thickens your lashes like this does, its so good for nights out when you want to add that extra wow factor!
* Off Your Face - I'm not big on make up wipes, I much prefer using Micellar water but I actually received two packs of these in my goodie bag so I'll make sure I put them to good use!

Have you guys managed to get your hands on this box of goodies? Whats your fave Soap & Glory product?

Thanks so much for popping by. Lots of love.

The Next Best Thing - Soap & Glory (£29.00)


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