Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blogmas Day 10 - Beauty: Festive Falsies

I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty boring when it comes to nails, I'm big on moisturising my hands & cuticles but when it comes to that extra bit of decoration I'm totally pants. So with it being the festive season I've decided to try something different, get out of my boring nails rut & emrace a bit of festive cheese.

Primark have loads of different Christmassy designs to choose from, they had cutesy snowmen, little festive santas and ruby red reindeers. However I opted for these cobalt blue sparkly snowflake designed ones because I think they'd look perfect with my new Christmas jumper.

How cute are these! Now first things first... I don't know if I've got these on upside down or not, I told you I was a nails novice didn't I. I originally put them on this way round because I thought the sparkly snow section replicated the white tips from a french manicure however now they're on I don't know wether I should have put them the other way round. Answers on a postcard please. Hmmm! What a dilema!
The pack boasts 24 (12 different sizes) stick on nails, which I think is absolutely fab, as there's always that worry with false nails that you're never going to find ones that fit properely. I've got really child like & skinny fingers so I opted for the smaller sizes which fit me perfectly however if you've got bigger hands these would suit just as well, they're just that versataille! 
The glue supplied is really easy to use & dries almost instantly, so you've got to be quick at applying these falsies but as long as you measure up beforehand you'll be spot on! 
In total my nails stayed in tact for about two and a half days, which doesn't seem that long at all, but when you consider the £1.00 price tag, I think it's really good. In these two and a half days I've been going about my daily business as normal, so dealing with jewellery clasps at work, shampooing my hair, washing the dishes - You know, the real exciting stuff! So my hands have been in continuous use. Considering this I think they've lasted pretty well!
These are going to be absolutely fab for upcoming Christmas parties & I think they're a complete steal at £1.00!

Have you tried these nails before? How do you think the £1.00 price tag reflects the quality of these festive nails.

Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love.

Festive Falsies - Primark (£1.00)


  1. They look really cute on you! I think they definitely have some sort of effect. And that's what they're for. :)
    I'm personally not a huge fan of false fingernails. Mainly because I have really small fingers and my nails are a bit too rounded for any kind of plastic or sticker to fit properly.
    x Sonja

    Shiny Glitter Things

    1. Thanks Sonja :-) These are the first falsies I've had on in years! I thought why not though ha. It is the festive season and all that :-) X


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