Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Outfit: Emerald Knit

Hi guys, hope everyone's keeping okay. Hasn't it got cold recently... Like really cold! I forgot all about the pain of having to defrost the car before setting off to work! Gahh. I dunno about you, but that could be an extra ten minutes in bed for me.
Like everybody else I've been living in super snuggly warm knitwear & today's no exception...

My knitwear of choice is this really old emerald green Topshop number. I picked this up well over a year ago in the sale, and it's served me really really well... Because it's got shorter sleeves I'm able to wear this pretty much all year round which is a bonus. It's snuggly enough to keep me warm during A/W but not too thick so that I'm sweating my butt off in S/S. 
I love adding a simple crisp white shirt under sweaters, whether it be simple ones like today or a more casual logo sweater. Leaving it untucked aswell is quite a quirky touch I think and seems to work well with the rest of my outfit. I've been getting a bit sick of wearing Jeans recently, so these silky trousers made for a good change - They feel amazing on, they're super luxurious and sooo comfy! Lastly I've dug out my ever trust H&M trench coat. This has to be my best purchase this year. It was £25.00 which is a complete bargain & I've had sooo much wear out of it - You'll probably be sick of seeing it!

Also (pretty unrelated) but I'm trying to cut down how much I wash my hair - I usually wash it every other day, but I've read loads of reviews recently that if you only wash it once a week it's so much healthier for your hair. I also heard that it helps with hair growth too? Mine's seemed to have stopped growing at the moment, so any thoughts on this subject would e very much appreciated.

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Knit - Topshop (£10.00)
Shirt - H&M (£7.99)
Trousers - Miss Selfridge (£3.50)
Trench - H&M (£24.99)
Boots - New Look (£24.99)
Bag - Primark (£8.00)


  1. The jumper looks so cute. Also can't help but comment, the cushion in the background is freaking awesome.
    Little Blonde Life | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks chick. Haha it's fab isn't it! Everybody comments on it when they come round. It's only Primark though :-) X

  2. Great outfit, love the jumper! I used to wash my hair every day and now wash it every other day but I have to use a dry shampoo. I can't seem to make it last any longer, unfortunately. xxx

    1. Thanks love :-) Aww mines been doing really well - Just hoping I see the benefits sooon. X


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