Sunday, 23 November 2014

Beauty: Paul Mitchell Lavender & Mint Shampoo & Conditioner*

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Paul Mitchell Gift Of Style event down at the Quebecs Hotel in Leeds City Centre. I had an amazing time & was so fortunate to receive a little, but very heavy goodie bag, part of which was this lavender & mint shampoo and conditioner set.

After getting some advice from the lovely ladies who organised the Paul Mitchell event I feel like I've made a drastic hair care change... I've stopped washing my hair... Or I've cut down at least. I've been growing my hair for the last couple of years & it seems to have got to boob length and just gave up on me, so after chatting to the ladies there & doing a bit more research into it I now only wash my hair every 5/6 days, which I thought was going to be really difficult, but it's actually really easy - And took no time at all to get used to. So with this in mind I was super excited to start using this new shampoo & conditioner to restore a bit of health back into my hair.

Both these products have absolutely blasted the moisture back into my hair, it feels so much healthier & loads thicker since using them. When I was younger I was always complimented for my thick hair but since discovering hair straightners, blow drys & any other which way of damaging my hair, it's really thinned. Because my hair has become healthier & thicker I've also found it really easy to style & it actually stays in place all day, I've said goodbye to those flyaway wispy bits of hair. So thank you to Paul Mitchell for gifting me with these beauties!
The mix of lavender & mint to me is a bizarre one, I dunno if this is the general consensus or whether I'm on my own with this one. I like lavender & I like mint, but together it doesn't do anything for me, in fact I find it quite a sickly scent. It's a really potent smell as well, you know the ones that keep your bathroom smelling all day, but unfortunately the mix of scents doesn't work for me.
Now I'm one of those girls who always runs out of conditioner before finishing the shampoo, so for me having the conditioner with the pump application really works! I find myself using less conditioner than normal, which in fairness is probably the right amount so I've got real high hopes that I'll be finishing my shampoo & conditioner reasonably close together.
Lastly lets talk about costs... Without sounding like a complete cheapskate, with the shampoo coming in at £13.95 & the conditioner priced at £14.95, these both are a little out of my price range. Even though I'm so so grateful to have been given the opportunity to try out these products, I doubt I'll be repurchasing. I think if I was going to be paying £30.00 for a shampoo & conditioner set I'd want to be 100% happy with them & unfortunately with these I'm not totally there.

If you've tried these products before I'd really love to hear your thoughts? What do you think of the mix between the lavender & mint scents? Also without being too nosey what would you normally pay for a shampoo & conditioner set? Is £30.00 too much?

Thanks for popping by. Lots of love.


  1. Lavender and mint does sound like an interesting combination... They seem a little too contrasting to be paired together. The products themselves sound pretty good, but I agree about the price point; I would probably spend no more than £10 on one hair product, and even then it would have to be really good and a decent size! With having such long hair, I do begrudge paying lots for hair products because they don't last me very long. I'm thinking of getting quite a bit chopped off soon though... Scary! xxx

    1. Oh good. I'm glad I;m not the only one who thinks its a strange combination. The products are really good, its just the smell that puts me off, and because it's so potent it's difficult to get round for me. Thanks for your comments Em, they're realy reassured me I'm not going mad. Oooo cool, love that idea. Go for it!! X


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