Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Outfit: H&M £7.99 Jeans

Again like with my previous post 'Cobalt Concession Dress' I picked up these Jeans from a store I very rarely go in, which kind of makes that feeling of purchasing just that little bit more victorious! Woohoo!
Last week Dans' parents came down to visit us & we ventured into Leeds city centre for a  bite to eat and a spot of retail therapy. Whilst in the city centre we popped into H&M which like I said isn't somewhere I'm usually drawn too but after picking these up in store, and for such a good price especially, I'll definitely be going a lot more now. 
The denim section at the H&M Trinity Centre store was quite a lot bigger than what I'm used to & I knew it was jeans that I was after so I dived straight in - Shopping in Leeds is certainly a hundred times better than it is in Middlesbrough!... It's going to be a nightmare for my bank balance I can already tell. There was a huge choice of cuts, colours & styles - of which I opted for these Black Skinny Jeans which cost me the grand total of £7.99!! 

I'm normally quite fussy when it comes to jeans, it's only in the last few months that I've strayed from my trusty Miss Selfridge skinnies & ventured into a more diverse denim world - I'm getting brave, I know! 
I was a bit dubious when I approached this pair because £7.99 isn't normally what I would pay for a pair of jeans, I'd normally expect to pay double if not more for a good quality pair. When items are a bit cheaper I often question the quality, but these are really excellent especially for the price. Granted they aren't as stretchy and the fabric isn't as soft as my other pairs but the materials really thick & they're super warm and cosy. They wash really well too (for all you cleaning nerds like myself out there) there's nothing worse than when jet black jeans fade to that horrible faded grey colour. 
I absolutely love these & think they're excellent for the price! They had quite a few different colours in store so I'll definitely be going back to pick some more up!

I'm popping out again into the City Centre today to pick up a few bits & pieces from the market (and start my Christmas shopping - Eeeek) so have dressed my jeans quite casually. I'm wearing a wine coloured vest top from Primark with my relatively new monochrome printed bomber jacket. I love the print on this and it instantly jazzes up any of my outfits - Not to mention it was another bargain! Woohoo! Because it's getting a bit colder outside too I've opted for boots, I could really do with a pair of flat boots when I'm trudging through the City Centre, these are still on my 'to buy list' but these heeled ones are really comfy so they'll work just as well! 

Have you tried these jeans before? How do you think the price compares with the quality?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Jeans - H&M (£7.99)
Vest - Primark (£2.50)
Bomber - Primark (£15.00)
Boots - New Look (£29.99)
Scarf - Peacocks (£8.00)
Necklace - Primark (£4.00)


  1. I don't think you can really complain for £8, they're fab! I've never tried Miss Selfridge jeans, but I was completely obsessed with pull and bear and for years I could only get them in spain, we didn't have any around here, I used to stockpile them! You'd never guess that was a Primark necklace, it's absolutely gorgeous.

    Sammy xo.

    1. Absolutely not! :-) Aww I love Miss Selfridge jeans, they just seem to be perfect for my body shape. I think you can get Pull & Bear over here now can't you. I'm sure they've got a shop on Oxford Street in London (I might be wrong). Aw thank you! Yeah I thought that when I bought it - Good old Primark!! X

  2. Great bargain! Love the berry hues in your outfit. xxx
    Just Emma

    1. Thanks honey :-) I love wearing colours like this during A/W :-) X


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