Friday, 10 October 2014

Outfit: Wrapped Up Warm

After moving house & being Internetless for the past couple of weeks (and kind of not knowing what to do with myself -  sad I know) I'm finally back & getting back into a blogging routine! A few weeks ago as I'm sure you'll know Dan & I packed up our things and moved from Middlesbrough down to Leeds, we both got new jobs down here and were after a change & a quicker pace of life. We've been living in Leeds now for the past few weeks and It's been fantastic, the architecture here is amazing & there's so much countryside for us to go out and explore, we've not been short of anything to do. Not to mention the shopping! The shopping is absolutely unreal! It's a new adventure for us both - And one we're both wanting to fulfil to the max!
On Saturday last week, after taking what seemed like a day trip round Ikea we ventured over to Ardlsey Resevoir. It's a half hour walk from home and then the route around the resevoir takes about the same amount of time - So quite a substantial walk for two pretty unfit people like ourselves. I was feeling a bit under the weather too while we were out, I'd had that 5 day sniffly snotty cold that seems to come around whenever the weather gets a bit colder (Damn you bacteria!) Hence the title 'Wrapped Up Warm'. 

The outfit I wore was one of those 'practicality first' outfits, which lets be honest doesn't happen that often does it? I'm wearing super stretchy jeggings & my ridiculously cosy tan bobble sweater. You can't tell from the pictures beacuse I'm wrapped up but my jumper has chocolate coloured velvet elbow patches which I just love - I love a mismatch of fabrics, I think they're a really interesting touch. This was my first outing as well of these fantastic Timberland boots they're really sturdy boots & we're really comfy during the whole walk. I chucked my khaki parka on over the top because it's such an easy coat to wear & so versatille, it probably wont leave my back until May next year! And having the fluffy hood is just the best feeling when the wind's getting up & you're feeling a bit sniffly!

Have you been anywhere outdoorsy in Leeds you can recommend?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Jeggings - Topshop (Hand Me Down)
Sweater - Matalan (£16.00)
Parka - Next (£60.00)
Boots - Timberland (£44.99)
Headband - Primark (£3.00)


  1. Glad you're feeling happy in your new home :D I do love Leeds, the shopping is just amazing and they constantly seem to have new restaurants popping up. If I didn't already live in an amazing city myself I'd think about relocating to Leeds!

    Chloe x

    1. Thank you sweetie. It does doesn't it. There's always something going on down here & something to do. I love city life :-) X

  2. Lovely outfit! Glad to hear the move went well, I hope you're nicely settled in now! :) Love your boots! xxx
    Just Emma

    1. Thanks Em :-) Yupp all settled perfectly! Thank you. I love them - They were a complete bargain too! X


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