Thursday, 30 October 2014

Outfit: Fawn Silk Sweatshirt

Last Friday I opened my emails to find a lovely little message from Fawn Clothing titled 'Claire I'm obsessed with your blog'... I was of course intrigued & double clicked straight away! The email written by Fawns' founder Iram Imtiaz asked me to review the companys' website, analyse its usability & get back to her with my thoughts. I was also privileged enough to be entitled to a little bit of discount - Which is always a bonus right? 
I found the website really easy to navigate around & super easy to use: I only had one iddy biddy criticism about the payments page, which when I notified Iram she absolutely lovely about, and said it will be rectified within the next week, which should be anytime now!
Fawn stock some absolutely stunning pieces from handbags to party dresses to casual tops, all of which 'evoke a luxury feel and encompass high-end-looking designs at affordable prices'. The website contains a wide variety of items, but I knew pretty much instantly that this Bryony tiger print silk sweater was the one for me!

Fawn only 'had its official launch in August this year' which is really surprising considering how well thought out the website is & how professional Iram is. It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know Iram & you can tell she has the 'strongest passion for both business and fashion' - It absolutely shines though! She's super grateful and realises the importance of bloggers & our 'workable feedback on how to improve her business(which is so so lovely to hear as a blogger!) As a business Iram has huuge ideas for Fawn, conveying her 'ultimate aspiration is to build Fawn into a well-loved global brand for fashionistas'. And let me tell you... I think she's going to do brilliantly!!

I took delivery the day after ordering this sweater (how often does that happen?) and was given regular updates from Iram of where my order was & how it was progressing. I love little touches like this that make you feel completely valued as a customer & in turn will keep me coming back. Everything was packaged beautifully in black crepe paper with a cute little bow on the front - I was like a kid at Christmas!

The quality of the sweater is just fab! Even though it's a pull over it still feels really girly & feminine because its so silky. The cuffed sleeves & bottom keep this looking quite casual & cool, channeling a sports luxe feel - Which if you know me, is always a winner! I would say though if you are quite tall I can imagine this sweater riding up slightly, but It's the perfect fit for me as I'm only 5 foot 4. The print is just gorgeous, I don't really own anything like this & it's quite a statement piece for me. My only wish is that it was a little bit warmer... Maybe I need a miracle with that one though! I've styled this quite simply, as for me the print is pretty bold, I'm wearing my trusty leather look jeans, biker jacket & heaps of gold jewellery. I wasn't sure whether this would be too much leather in one look, but I think because there's such an array of textures it works really well. 

As a little thank you I'd love to share with you my discount code for Fawn Clothing which entitles you to 20% off your next order! You can use it up untill 30th November and as many times as you wish! Just in time for the festive season & Fawns new selection of party dresses! All you have to do is input CLAIREABELLA into the discount code and Voilla! You've saved yourself some buck!

Thank you for taking a look. Lots of love.

Sweater - Fawn (£27.99*)
Trousers - Miss Selfridge (£20.00)
Jacket - Dorothy Perkins (£45.00)
Handbag - Topshop (£35.00)
Necklace - Primark (£4.00)
Bracelets - Primark (£2.00 for 5)
Watch - DKNY at HSamuels (£185.00)

All words written by Iram Imtiaz at Fawn Clothing have been italicised. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Outfit: Tailored Shirt Dress & Bitches Tee

Hey guys, how's everyone doing? I've just got in from work and have quickly got myself ready to go meet friends for tea. I started at 7.30am this morning hence why my hair is shoved up on top of my head! This isn't really my faaave kind of hair do (if you can call it that) but its super super quick to put together & needs must at that time of morning. Anywho... Hair aside, I had to blog this 'bitchin' outfit because I love it so much.

I picked this white shirt dress up a little while ago now, it was one of those impulse buys where I knew I didn't really need it, but it was so pretty & I wanted it - Not to sound like a brat or anything! I rarely wear this as it's intended in its dress form, I much much much prefer to leave it open & layer outfits like I've done today. I think it's having something to cover my butt that I like so much, because my tee is slightly cropped I prefer to wear something that feels slightly over sized over the top.
My bitches tee! I love wearing this! Granted it gets some funny looks & double takes, but this is so cool. I love how the fancy, barbie style writing doesn't really match the statement written. It's amazing! I'm not sure you can tell because I've thrown this shirt dress over the top, but it's a really boxy type crop which I find super flattering for my 'straight up straight down' figure. This style seems to work so much better for me rather than the tighter/almost bralet type.
Now onto my jeans, after being gifted with a New Look gift card I jumped at the chance of picking these up. I had a reeeaaally old pair from Topshop that I had to bin because the rips were getting bigger & bigger & kept putting my feet through them.... There's a very fine line between the distressed look & damn right scruffy. Ha!
I've also chucked on quite a bit of jewellery here, I've gone gold as I think it's a much warmer colour than silver & just fits better around this time of year.

Confession time: Notice how I've not included my fancy footwear in? I dunno how I managed it but I still had my Ugg slippers on while I was taking photos. Not my best moment! My feet must have been that toasty that I didn't notice. Either that or it was the early start I had this morning! Ooops!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Top - Sheinside (£6.60)
Shirt - Primark (£13.00)
Jeans - New Look (£24.99)
Necklace - Primark (£4.00)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Outfit: Does This Come In Black?

Hi guys! Hope you're all keeping okay. I've had to write myself a 'to do list' today, even though it's my day off from work, I seem to be so much busier when I'm away from the place, than when I'm actually there. One thing on my list is writing up this post... 

With a passion I've steered clear of the 'all white everything' trend that's arisen over Summer. I think to pull off the look you have to have a darker more olive type skin tone than the Casper white tone I have - I think I'd look pretty washed out if my outfit was fully white - All black though... Now we're talking! 
This is much more my type of outfit! I'm wearing this ensemble to go out for tapas & cocktails with Dan at the Sky Lounge in Leeds city centre - I'll let you know how it goes, the atmosphere there looks amazing so I'm hoping it lives up to my expectations.

These are my bargain H&M jeans, I told you they washed well didn't I, they still look brand new - Even my sister asked if they were brand new a couple of days ago, so well done H&M! Woohoo!! I've opted for a waffle print boxy black top which is super flattering & pays homage to one of my favourite trends - Sports luxe. Aysha at work actually asked me if these pointed flats were from Office (which was a huge compliment) so when I told her I'd picked them up in Primark she was really surprised!... And I was really chuffed! Ha.

In fairness this is probably one of my simplest looks, but because it's a fully black outfit it makes a really huge impact - I love it!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Jeans - H&M (£7.99)
Top - Primark (£8.00)
Flats - Primark (£6.00)
Necklace - Primark (£4.00)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Outfit: Brightening Up My Warehouse Cigarette Pants

Hey guys. Hope everyone's doing okay & enjoying this autumn Wednesday afternoon. After having a really productive day yesterday, today seems to be much more subdued, I'm still in my onesie (which is leopard print & totally awesome btw) my hair looks like a birds nest, and I've still got a naked face. I really have my 'can't be bothered' head on at the moment, I'll just ride it out though - I'll be all cool again by this afternoon... And I have to go to work! Boo!... Good job I've got these OOTD pictures ready to go.

I wore this outfit yesterday whilst out and about doing my jobs, I was actually off work yesterday, but you know how it is - Sometimes days away from work can feel so much busier than days there. Or is that just me? I don't know what it is either, and this is probably going to sound really strange, but when I'm adding to my Interior Design portfolio, I like to dress quite smart & sophisticated. As if I am a 'real' Interior Designer (I will get there!) I wore this yesterday when I was out sampling fabrics.

These cigarette trousers don't really make that many appearances out of my wardrobe unfortunately, I rarely get the opportunity to wear them now with me changing jobs, but I thought they'd work perfectly though with this splash of colour. Warehouse are currently only stocking the black & blue pair of these but I was lucky enough to pick up this soft grey colour. They're not as harsh as the black pair & I thought they'd be much more versatile for everyday wear. I've teamed these with a simple white tee, you can't see from the images but it's got a lovely cut out on the back that's super flattering & just adds that little bit extra pzazz! My injection of colour for this outfit is this brilliantly bright blazer - How amazing is this colour? I still can't decide weather its a bright yellow or a lime green: It's classed as lime green on the website but I'm just not convinced. And this fabulous Ted Baker clutch, I know I bang on about affordable fashion all the time, this is a little bit of a splurge, but I thought long and hard about it. It did take a few months for me to bite the bullet & fork out for this little beauty, granted it's not mega expensive, but I'm such a tight arse - I hate spending a small fortune, especially if I can find a cheaper alternative. I'm also doing something here which I very very rarely do, and more often than not, regret doing... Wearing heels! These are an absolutely gorgeous pair, and surprisingly, they're really comfy! In fact I have them in black as well as this taupe colour. I always find wedges are much comfier than stilettos but these are something else, I think because they're more of a boot, they have that added support & makes mooching round Leeds just that little bit easier.

PS. Please excuse the state of our flat, we haven't got round to unpacking everything yet & could really do with an extra desk/unit to store everything in. Ooops!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Cigarette Trousers - Warehouse (£36.00)
Top - Sheinside (£8.01)
Blazer - New Look (£24.99)
Wedges - New Look (£24.99)
Bag - Ted Baker at House Of Fraser (£69.00)
Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£5.00)
Bracelet - DYO*


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Beauty: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

A week or so ago I had a bit of an epiphany with my blog. I had previously had a few weeks away from the internet & in this time I came up a little blog evaluation because I wasn't totally happy with my posts, and felt I was writing about anything and everything. I've had time to think & have basically gone back to how I started this blog, I've narrowed posts down to mostly fashion with a few beauty notes added in for good measure. I'm very fashion orientated & love picking up a good bargain but my interest in cosmetics seems to be growing & growing - And they show no sign of stopping.  

My skins normally pretty good but I've been struggling recently with dark circles under my eyes... Maybe it's a sign of getting older, who knows? I've been using the Garnier BB Eye Roll On Cream but feel like I could just do with that little bit extra coverage, especially now that winter chill is just round the corner. This leads me on to this little beauty... Rimmels' Wake Me Up Concealer.

I didn't actually intend on picking this up when I was out shopping, I'd actually gone out to Boots to buy some Sensodyne - It's not just for old grannys you know! Ha. It works absolute wonders for my knashers! Anywhoo (off on a tangent there Claire) I'd always known about Rimmels Wake Me Up range and always liked the look of it, In fairness I don't know why it took me so long to purchase something, but when I saw this on my walk back up to the till I knew I had to give it a go. 

I opted for 'Ivory' which is the lightest colour in the range, they also have one named 'True Ivory' which is similar & i was toying between the two but the latter had more of a pinky tone which I wasn't totally 100% about. I'm glad I chose 'Ivory' though as it seems to be a perfect match for my skin tone, it even illuminates where I'm putting it, which is fab. It's quite a thick formula which can sometimes be quite off putting but for what I'm needing, I think it's perfect! It covers blemishes perfectly and when put under the eyes gives a much more awake, matte look - I've been transformed from zombie princess to belle of the ball! I've used this product both with & without my Garnier BB Eye Roll On Cream & have to say it works effortlessly either way.I'd probably use both for nights out but am solely using the concealer for everyday use, and it lasts all day too, which is an absolute triumph for me! I have quite oily under eyes and any make up around this area seems to fall off... Apart from this! Hallelujah! Thank you Rimmel!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Outfit: Primark £3.00 Dropped Hem Dress

I tweeted a few days ago about a very unseasonable item I purchased last week & as you can tell from the title it's a dropped hem dress! I've seen these all over the blog scene - understandably more in summer - But with a £3.00 price tag I couldn't resist this!

I don't usually wear casual dresses, I much prefer wearing midis & maxis and even with those I don't wear them a great deal. As soon as I put this on though I fell in love! There's something so cosy & relaxed about this, it really struck a chord with me, and kind of made me feel like a tennis player - Bizzare yes I know! I like the way this sits, with the hem just below my hips and then flowing into a floaty skirt which still makes this still quite a feminine look. The jersey material is super cosy & super comfy - I really think this is £3.00 well spent!
I could only really make this a casual look, I can't imagine turning this into a heels & blazer type dress - Answers on a postcard if you have done btw, I'd love to see your look! Because of this I've dug out my trusty Converse boots, I've had these for years & years, and really believe Cons get better with age - I love that roughed up look you get with these. My most favourite sorts luxe bag is making an appearance again - I absolutely adore this boxy style bag and it comes with little handles as well as a longer strap so you can use it as a cross body bag too. I love how simple it is yet it really makes an outfit come together.

How have you styled your dropped hem dresses? I'd love some links ladies so plug away!

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Dress - Primark (£3.00)
Tights - Primark (£3.00 for 3)
Boots - Converse at Shuh (£48.00)
Bag - Primark (£6.00)
Earrings - Sister Vintage (£1.00)
Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood (£70.00)
Watch - DKNY at HSamuels (£185.00)


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Outfit: Charmed Ivy's Autumn Look Challenge

So it's no secret I'm a massive fan of Charmed Ivy, I love their products & everything they stand for, not to mention they are the most loveliest ladies you'll ever speak to! I recently received an email notifying me of their latest newsletter as well as a challenge... And never one to miss out I jumped at the chance - probably a little later than everybody else but still! 
The challenge set by Charmed Ivy was to create an Autumn Look using their fabulous jewellery in either a fashion or beauty based environment. And because I'm a complete beauty novice I of course opted for fashion.

What I love about Autumn, apart from the crunching leaves, is being able to wear dresses with cosy thick tights & knee high boots. I understand this isn't to everyone's taste & there's a very fine line between looking good & looking like Julia Roberts at the beginning of pretty woman, but I think the key to this look is layering & lots of it!
The deep purple colour of my dress works brilliantly with the Autumn theme & contrasts the emerald colour from my Radley bag perfectly - I love wearing jewel colours around this time of year because it really notifies the change from a S/S wardrobe into an A/W one. I picked this dress up a little while ago from French Connection at the York Designer Outlet at the bargain price of £20.00 - I'm good right! And the cut of this dress is just to die for - as a pretty 'straight up straight down' woman this dress gives me the most flattering hourglass figure... Looks can be very deceiving! Ha. I've layered my outfit today with a khaki knitted cardigan & my H&M trench coat which never seems to leave my back!

Now onto the jewellery - Yay! I've decided to accessorise with more muted colours because I think the colour from my dress is already pretty bold & I didn't want my outfit to look to 'in your face'. I like to double up (& sometimes tripple up) my Charmed Ivy necklaces & today I'm wearing the ever popular 'Solar' and 'Horne of Selene' - I absolutely love these two together! The newest of my jewellery items is this fantastic 'Pop Ring' but my fave fave fave (which I've mentioned before) is my 'April Violets' bracelet. There's just something about it that's so different & so pretty and dainty that I just  love!

So here it is, this is my Autumn Look. I hope you like it & I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Dress - French Connection (£20.00)
Cardigain - Topshop (£28.00)
Trench - H&M (£25.00)
Hat - Matalan (£8.00)
Bag - Radley (£80.00)
Solar Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£5.00)
Horne Necklace - Charmed Ivy (£4.50)
Pop Ring - Charmed Ivy (£2.00)
Bracelet - Charmed Ivy (£4.50)

Outfit: H&M £7.99 Jeans

Again like with my previous post 'Cobalt Concession Dress' I picked up these Jeans from a store I very rarely go in, which kind of makes that feeling of purchasing just that little bit more victorious! Woohoo!
Last week Dans' parents came down to visit us & we ventured into Leeds city centre for a  bite to eat and a spot of retail therapy. Whilst in the city centre we popped into H&M which like I said isn't somewhere I'm usually drawn too but after picking these up in store, and for such a good price especially, I'll definitely be going a lot more now. 
The denim section at the H&M Trinity Centre store was quite a lot bigger than what I'm used to & I knew it was jeans that I was after so I dived straight in - Shopping in Leeds is certainly a hundred times better than it is in Middlesbrough!... It's going to be a nightmare for my bank balance I can already tell. There was a huge choice of cuts, colours & styles - of which I opted for these Black Skinny Jeans which cost me the grand total of £7.99!! 

I'm normally quite fussy when it comes to jeans, it's only in the last few months that I've strayed from my trusty Miss Selfridge skinnies & ventured into a more diverse denim world - I'm getting brave, I know! 
I was a bit dubious when I approached this pair because £7.99 isn't normally what I would pay for a pair of jeans, I'd normally expect to pay double if not more for a good quality pair. When items are a bit cheaper I often question the quality, but these are really excellent especially for the price. Granted they aren't as stretchy and the fabric isn't as soft as my other pairs but the materials really thick & they're super warm and cosy. They wash really well too (for all you cleaning nerds like myself out there) there's nothing worse than when jet black jeans fade to that horrible faded grey colour. 
I absolutely love these & think they're excellent for the price! They had quite a few different colours in store so I'll definitely be going back to pick some more up!

I'm popping out again into the City Centre today to pick up a few bits & pieces from the market (and start my Christmas shopping - Eeeek) so have dressed my jeans quite casually. I'm wearing a wine coloured vest top from Primark with my relatively new monochrome printed bomber jacket. I love the print on this and it instantly jazzes up any of my outfits - Not to mention it was another bargain! Woohoo! Because it's getting a bit colder outside too I've opted for boots, I could really do with a pair of flat boots when I'm trudging through the City Centre, these are still on my 'to buy list' but these heeled ones are really comfy so they'll work just as well! 

Have you tried these jeans before? How do you think the price compares with the quality?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Jeans - H&M (£7.99)
Vest - Primark (£2.50)
Bomber - Primark (£15.00)
Boots - New Look (£29.99)
Scarf - Peacocks (£8.00)
Necklace - Primark (£4.00)

Monday, 13 October 2014

Outfit: Cobalt Concession Dress

Hi guys, hope everyone's okay & enjoying the Autumn chill we've been having & that feeling of crunching leaves under your feet I don't know about you but it makes me really giddy and excited for Christmas. 
I've been at my current job now for the last two weeks now and it finally feels like everythings coming together. It's scary being the 'newbie'... Moving house, starting a new job & especially making new freinds has been a really daunting process for me. I've never really been subject to change & boy was this a big one, but I finally feel at a point where things feeling a bit more routine, I'm making new friends & the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

After my first week at work, last Friday we met with a few friends for a couple of drinks in the city. I've had this stunningly cobalt blue dress for a little while now, it's one of those purchases that shouldn't nescesarily have happened. I picked it up from a shop I very very rarely go into... Dorothy Perkins! In my hometown the Dotty P's is absolutely tiny and I've found the staff there really unhelpful which in all honesty (and I hate to say it) has put me off from buying there. However, after seeing this in the shop window, I couldn't resist this little jewel coloured beauty. It's from their concession 'Billie & Blossom' range & I absolutely adore it! I think it's a fabulously flattering piece, the cross over front cinched in at the waist & elbow length slim sleves makes my silhouette look really lovely & femine - I can't rave about this enough! I picked this dress up for £25.00 so not majorly expensive, but equally not one of my cheaper dresses however the style & cut of this piece is so timeless I think it's worth every penny and I'll be wearing it for years to come.
Going with the jewel colour theme I've dug out a pair of emerald Primark pumps, I've got these in a few colours because I love the pointed toe style. I used to really hate this look of shoe because I thought it made my feet look like boats (even though I'm an average size 5) but over the last year or so I've been absolutely loving them - I must have matured! I've accessorised with gold tones in my belt, ceramic watch & Vivienne Westwood bracelet, I think ties everything in together.

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Dress - Billie & Blossom at Dorothy Perkins £25.00
Tights - Primark £3.00 for 3
Pumps - Primark £6.00
Watch - DKNY £185.00
Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood £70.00
Ring - Sister Vintage £1.00
Bag - Michael Kors £260.00

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Blog Evaluation.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll have realised that a little while ago I took a short two week break from blogging - This wasn't really intended but with moving house & having loads of odds and ends to tidy up, It just kind of happened. In these two weeks I've had a lot of time to think & evaluate my blog - And even though I'm immensely proud of my little space on internet, I feel it's slipping into a direction of which I didn't really intend on going. 
I started my blog back in February to document different budget orientated OOTD's, fashion inspiration & hauls. Without realising however, over the last month especially, I've been blogging about everything and anything, which isn't really my style and looking back doesn't really fit with my blog - I'm normally way to organised, have a slight case of OCD & stick to exactly what I say I'm going to do. I love reading lifestyle posts and tags from other bloggers & having a bit of a nosey into their lives but with my slice of internet I want it purely to be budget fashion based, possibly with a few beauty posts popped in for good luck (I haven't decided on this one yet, I'm a bit of a beauty novice as you'll know but that doesn't stop me loving makeup)
I'll more than likely still document my daily shenanigans over InstagramGoogle+ and Twitter but with regards to blog posts I'm going to be narrowing it down & cutting these bits out.

After participating in various Twitter chats I've come to realise I'm one of very few bloggers who doesn't plan my posts, as much as I love being organised, I'm very 'willy nilly' when it comes to posting. I'll publish maybe three/four times a week but I think I need a little injection of organisation to pull my blog posts together & give it a much more professional edge. This week I'm going to be working on my blog layout, scheduling future posts & catching up on the backlog of emails I've received over the last few weeks... I'm gonna be a busy lady!! 

I've also taken the plunge in setting up a second blog! Dum dum duuuum! I studied Interior Design at Teesside University & it's been a huge passion of mine for as long as I can rememeber. I've started 'Claire McPartland Interiors' another little slice of internet where I will be posting my portfolio, interior inspirations & finishing touches. It's only new so I'd be absolutely over the moon if you could check it out & have a nosey at my design work.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this? Has your blog taken an unlikely direction 

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Outfit: Layering Up At Temple Newsam

Since moving to Leeds we've been trying to get out and explore our surroundings as much as possible, especially before it gets colder & (I hate to say it) the snow comes - because it's pretty much inevitable. Okay so that's a huge over reaction, but i bet it won't be far off! On Tuesday last week me & Dan ventured up to Temple Newsam, which is about a 20 minute drive from our new home. It plays host to the festival 'Cocoon In The Park' once a year; Dan's been on a few occasions but today we thought we'd go check it out in it's usual every day state.

As mentioned in my last post I'm just getting over that horrible sniffly snotty cold so I thought instead of going out in palazzo pants & a cami (which I'd much rather have been able to do) I'd better play it safe and wrap up in this thick cosy scarf & trench.
I was given this scarf last year as a Christmas present from my lovely friend Marilyn and it's getting to that time of year again where it needs to be brought back out the closet. I love the checked print & think it'll be really big this Autumn/Winter, again, mostly in the traditional tartan red of course, but it's nice to be a little bit different - And who doesn't love monochrome?
I've layered my outfit with my trusty beige inbetweeny trench, I've been loving this trend & this coat has literally not left my back - It's super easy to wear and super versataille! I'm also wearing my equally trusty Miss Selfridge leather skinny jeans with a green knitted Topshop top I picked up in the sale a few months ago. I refound these Chelsea boots not long ago after 'loosing' them for a few years. If loosing means chucking to the back of your wardrobe and forgetting about them - Oops. It's quite sad (and a bit bratty) that I've actually got that much stuff that I forget about things, but that feeling of rediscovering a hidden gem is awesome!

How have you been transitioning into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love. 

Trench - H&M (£25.00)
Knitted Top - Topshop (£10.00)
Jeans - Miss Selfride (£20.00)
Boots - Primark (£12.00)
Scarf - George At ASDA (£Unknown)


Friday, 10 October 2014

Outfit: Wrapped Up Warm

After moving house & being Internetless for the past couple of weeks (and kind of not knowing what to do with myself -  sad I know) I'm finally back & getting back into a blogging routine! A few weeks ago as I'm sure you'll know Dan & I packed up our things and moved from Middlesbrough down to Leeds, we both got new jobs down here and were after a change & a quicker pace of life. We've been living in Leeds now for the past few weeks and It's been fantastic, the architecture here is amazing & there's so much countryside for us to go out and explore, we've not been short of anything to do. Not to mention the shopping! The shopping is absolutely unreal! It's a new adventure for us both - And one we're both wanting to fulfil to the max!
On Saturday last week, after taking what seemed like a day trip round Ikea we ventured over to Ardlsey Resevoir. It's a half hour walk from home and then the route around the resevoir takes about the same amount of time - So quite a substantial walk for two pretty unfit people like ourselves. I was feeling a bit under the weather too while we were out, I'd had that 5 day sniffly snotty cold that seems to come around whenever the weather gets a bit colder (Damn you bacteria!) Hence the title 'Wrapped Up Warm'. 

The outfit I wore was one of those 'practicality first' outfits, which lets be honest doesn't happen that often does it? I'm wearing super stretchy jeggings & my ridiculously cosy tan bobble sweater. You can't tell from the pictures beacuse I'm wrapped up but my jumper has chocolate coloured velvet elbow patches which I just love - I love a mismatch of fabrics, I think they're a really interesting touch. This was my first outing as well of these fantastic Timberland boots they're really sturdy boots & we're really comfy during the whole walk. I chucked my khaki parka on over the top because it's such an easy coat to wear & so versatille, it probably wont leave my back until May next year! And having the fluffy hood is just the best feeling when the wind's getting up & you're feeling a bit sniffly!

Have you been anywhere outdoorsy in Leeds you can recommend?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.

Jeggings - Topshop (Hand Me Down)
Sweater - Matalan (£16.00)
Parka - Next (£60.00)
Boots - Timberland (£44.99)
Headband - Primark (£3.00)
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