Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Topic: London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 15

Okay so I didn't get to go to London Fashion Week last week, but that didn't stop me watching the live feeds each day & oggling the fantastic new collections. It's my aim next year to go to A/W15 (Fingers crossed for me!) I love everything about LFW, the atmosphere & the buzz surrounding the event is one of a kind & something I'm desperate to experience! I've noted below my favourites from each day....

Day One: Bora Aksu
Although the whole collection wasn't this peachy pink colour, this hue stuck predominantly in my mind - I'm still loving the pastel trend so this ticked all the boxes for me. I love the mix of sheer fabrics with laser cut sections & together they make for a really cool sophisticated look. The side ponytails are just amazing too, I think this will be a huge trend for coming months.

Day Two: J.W.Anderson
Leather, leather & more leather - So this isn't the most wearable look, but there's just something about it right? I love the cut of these clothes, the tailoring is really fresh & unique. Admittedly I'm not 100% on the head gear, it's almost a bit Ancient Rome for me - But it's certainly memorable & that's what fashion is all about!

Day Three: Topshop Unique.
It just had to be Topshop didn't it! This was the collection I was most excited about & by golly it didn't disappoint. I'm a huge Cara fan, she can do absolute no wrong in my eyes so knowing she was fronting the catwalk make me super excited. I think Topshop Unique kept it pretty simple with their colouring & cuts, but in my eyes this is what makes it so fantasic. I may not look as good but I can just as easily picture me in these outfits as well as Cara & Jordan which I think is brill!

Day Four: Giles Deacon
As I'm getting older longer length skirts & dresses are really appealing to me & the Giles Deacon collection really added to my fascination. I love the beaded snake design that was prominent throughout the collection, it's something I haven't seen before & I think it looks really cool. The cut of these dresses are really sophisticated too & paired with the chunky masculine shoes makes the collection authentic & flattering.

Day Five: Ashish
Ashish is a brand I'd never heard of before LFW, it seems like I'm the only one though because I've herad loads of people raving about this collection - And rightly so! I don't usually wear a great deal of sequins but I think you have to go the whole hog with them, it's all or nothing in my eyes. And it seems that's the same with Ashish. I love how prints have been incorporated with the sequins too to add another depth to the collection.

What do you guys think of my top 5 collections? Do you agree/disagree with any of my choices?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.


  1. great post! m favourite definitely has to be the Topshop Unique collection, the clothes were just to die for. would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Yeah - I look forward to their shows every fashion week - There's just something about them that always tick the boxes for me :-) X

  2. Hi Claire!

    I LOVED the ashish show it was amazing wasn't it??!!! Did you see winnie harlow walk it? she looked awesome i love her!!!

    i loved bora aksu too - the collection was soooo soft and dreamy!!

    I'm a bit over topshop to be honest, i think they're a bit over-rated and very over priced!! did you know they have a lot of the same suppliers that primark have, but they just mark their prices up SO
    much?? really put me off when i found that out!

    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey

    1. Hey :-) Yes Ashish was amazing! Now I know them I've been seeing their designs all over the place! It's weird. Ha. I didn't realise they share the same suppliers as Primark, however I haven't been buying much from there purely just for the price. The Topshop Unique catwalk is something I always look forward to seeing though :-) X

    2. Hi Claire :D

      yehhhhh it was really fun and different - also loved the barbie moschino show hehe i know it made some people sick but i loved it!!

      yehhh most people don't know!! it's ridiculous the margins that most places like Topshop and RI and Next have on their clothes!! Yeah i do enjoy the Topshop catwalks... maybe one day Primark will have one!! xo


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