Monday, 15 September 2014

Outfit: A Trio Of Necklaces

I'm not totally 100% sure if this outfit is weather appropriate or not but I've been inspired by seeing other bloggers attending London Fashion Week (I definitely need to go A/W15 - I'm making sure of it) and seeing lots of floaty dresses paired with big chunky black boots and pretty little socks. Admittedly I don't own a lot of 'pretty dresses' I don't think I can carry off the white floaty dress thing, probably because I'm ridiculously pale - I'm much more of a darker midi sort of gal. This week I'll be visiting family before we move down to Leeds and I wore this outfit today to meet a few of them for lunch.

I've had this midi for a few years now and class it as one of my A/W staples, it's a really thick knitted material so perfect for this inbetweeny bit of the year where the weather can't decide what it wants to do. I think it's a nice change as well to move away from my jeans, I feel like I'm overdoing them at the moment and could probably do with a complete wardrobe overhaul - Help would be much appreciated! My boots are another A/W favourite of mine - I think every woman should own a pair of little black boots, they're so versatile and will go with literally any outfit. I like these because the heel isn't huge and I don't end up walking like Old Mother Hubbard after a day of wearing them. Woohoo!.. Always a bonus! 

Anyway onto the title of the post, this is probably the most jewellery I've worn for a long time to be honest - I'm terrible for forgetting to accesorise, I have a little tin on my bedside cabinet with a few rings in that I tend to wear everyday but bracelets & necklaces I always forget about! I don't know why because I've got loads in another jewellery box! Silly Claire! Two out of my three necklaces are from Charmed Ivy, a brand that I absolutely love and have raved about in previous blog posts. The middle necklace however is a bit of a novelty one, if you're a Harry Potter fan then you'll know what it is straight away. I bought two of these, one for both me and my sister as we're huge HP geeks! I was concerned at first whether the silver jewellery would get lost in the monochrome dress but I think because I've got a trio of necklaces on they stand out really well.

Thank you for taking a look. Lots of love.

Midi - Primark £10.00

Trench - H&M £25.00
Boots - New Look £25.00
Socks - Primark £1.50
Scarf - Peacocks £8.00
Bag - Dorothy Perkins - £20.00
Solar Necklace - Charmed Ivy £5.00
Harry Potter Necklace - EBAY £0.99
Horn Necklace - Charmed Ivy £6.00


  1. Oooooh Harry Potter necklace!!! Love it!!!! This outfit is beautiful :)


    1. Haha :-) Can't beat a bit of Harry Potter!! Thank you my lovely :-) X

  2. Gorgeous outfit. Loving the HP necklace! :) xxx
    Just Emma

  3. I'm a huge necklace fan and I love the way you have layered these! They are all so pretty. Also loving the outfit! :)

    Love From Twinkle

    1. Thank you loads :-) I'm normally like that with rings but thought this would make a change. X


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