Saturday, 20 September 2014

Event: Marlee & Fee Meets MSA

Hey guys. If you read yesterdays post or follow me on social media sites you'll know that yesterday I attended my second Bloggers Event. The event was hosted by local brand Marlee & Fee up at the delightfully arty MSA in Newcastle City Centre. 

I took my friend Jen to the event, and on arrival we were greeted by Fay (Fee) with a glass of bubbly, or orange juice for me as I was designated driver. (Zzzz!) Fay was absolutely lovely to chat to, she was very down to earth and very much a 'normal chick' & we were chatting about life, what we do for fun, blogging & all the bits in between. 
We were one of the first people to arrive so it was cool to be able to have a snoop round the venue, which was absolutely stunning & super quirky - We were situated in the 'SheOne' room which was an intimate little basement setting with a feature wall designed by London Artist James Choules otherwise known as SheOne (Hence the name). 
As well as the location we got to have a nosey through Marlee & Fee's A/W collection, they had a few tops folded up on 3 tables displayed with their business cards and two small rails with dresses & tops on, whcih looked really smart. Their collection is really lovely and I really love the printed logo tee's and warm cosy jumpers. Jaqueline (Marlee) talked us through how some of their products were made and how frustratingly far in advance you have to be to plan the next collection, It was interesting hearing the business/production side of things as it's something us 'customers' never really hear about, so getting an insight into it was pretty cool.

I have to say I came away from the event feeling slightly disappointed, I hate to say it (Sorry girls) but I thought there would be so much more to the event. I was expecting a runway of some kind, not on a huge scale obviously, but I thought having a catwalk scenario would have displayed the new collection better. I felt a bit embarrassed at the time but when speaking to Fay I asked what the agenda for the night was going to be - To then get the reply 'This is it.' and her jokingly saying 'What were you expecting.' I would have liked to have known more about the brand, how they were formed, maybe a short presentation to introduce themselves & tell us what they're all about would have been better - And more of what I was expecting. There weren't many bloggers at the event either (to my knowledge) I met Shivani from Cloud In A Teacup & her friend Julie who were both absolutely lovely and really chatty, but the rest of the scene seemed to be friends & family.

I've ummed & arred about publishing this post as I hate to write negative comments (and feel a bit mean) especially when I've been invited personally to view their collection. But I've decided honesty is the best policy. I'm sorry girls, you're collection is super gorgeous & I probably will be purchasing some of your items, I just felt the event was lacking somewhat. 

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.


  1. I think this is a very fair and well written up of an event you were disappointed with so good on you :)

    I've never actually heard of the brand before so it's interesting to read a little about it, it's just a shame there wasn't more effort at the event. I knew absolutely nothing about it and hadn't heard about it from any other bloggers either so a little strange!

    Chloe x

    1. Hey Chloe.
      Thank you. I'm glad it's come across well, I've had lots of positive feedback about this post so im super glad, I wasn't sure whether to post it or not at first. I don't wanna be a meanie!
      I think there was another blogger event going on at the same time in Newcastle so I dunno if that was the reason? It just seemed a bit strange, almost like we'd gate crashed their party.
      Thank you again for your lovely reply! X


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