Monday, 8 September 2014

Beauty: NARS Mini Makeover At Harvey Nichols

Today marks the end of my nine days holiday from work and what better way to spend it than in my 'soon to be new home town' of Leeds having a Mini Makeover and a shop around Harvey Nichols
The lovely Joanna over at the NARS counter in Harvey Nic's asked me if I wanted to try out some new products and because I'm a complete Make Up novice & don't really know a great deal cosmetics wise, I jumped at the chance! 
She did a fantastic job & was an absolute delight to get to know; She has so much knowledge & charisma, it was really lovely, five minutes very quickly turned into an hour!... I love it when that happens. 

What's On My Face:
Primer - Multi Protect Primer SPF30 £25.00
Foundation - Mont Blanc Sheer Glow Foundation £31.00
Concealer - Vanilla Radiant Creamy Concealer £22.00
Eye Shadow Base - Castillo Dual Intensity Eye Shadow £21.00
Eye Shadow Bridge - Phoebe Dual Intensity Eye Shadow £21.00
Eye Liner - Sycorax Dual Intensity Eye Shadow £21.00
Blush - Deep Throat Blush £22.50
Lip Gloss - Striptease Lip Gloss £18.50
Mascara - Maybeline Falsies £7.99 (Already had on prior to Mini Makeover)
Brows - New Cid I Groom £17.00 (Already had on prior to Mini Makeover)

I'm really impressed with how Joanna's decorated my face and there were two products I couldn't not buy. She also threw in a sample size tinted moisturiser which was amazing...

Joanna tried both these Dual Intensity Eye Shadows on me as I was wanting to try something new. I'm in a bit of a Make Up rut to be honest so this lilac/purple shade really sprung out to me to do something daring & different. I was instantly impressed with how well it brought out my eyes - I have green eyes that kind of get lost in my usual Make Up routine so this made a world of difference! I've now got super green cat like eyes! Woohoo.
This is also the first Eye Shadow I've heard of that can be applied both wet & dry: Using a quick spritz of water on your bush before application creates quite a high impact finish and works especially well when using the Dual Intensity Eye Shadow as a Liner. Equally to create a more sophisticated sheer look you can apply the Eye Shadow as standard with a normal blending brush.

Have you tried anything from the Dual Intensity collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous look. I love everything in this look. Especially the lipgloss.
    Love the shades of eyeshadows you bought as well though, perfect for autumn.

    Kah-Feh Yen

    1. Thank you :-) I was really pleased with it! Yeah that's what I thought too! I love the purpley shades :-) X


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