Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty: My Three All Year Round Perfumes

I thought I'd do a really quick post for you today guys. We're in the middle of moving house and packing up our belongings & when it came to organising my Make Up & Perfumes I was inspired to write a post essentially about my three favourite perfumes - But they're three perfumes I can wear all year round and ones that I'm forever repurchasing.

Best for Spring/Summer - DKNY: Red Delicious £33.50 for 100ml (On Sale)
Surely we all remember the advert for this perfume?... The gorgeous Lara Stone picking a rich red apple from a market stall and it morphing into this gorgeous organic perfume bottle. To me it's an iconic advert and one I'll always remember. This is probably my most repurchased perfume as I use quite a lot of it during summer, it's always nice to give yourself a quick spritz in the Summer heat. This has the most perfect fresh & fruity smell, it's also quite a 'young feeling' perfume (If that makes sense?) because of how punchy the fruit scent is. It's more of a raspberry & strawberry smell I would say - It's just fabulous & something I can never see myself getting bored of!!

Best for Autumn/Winter - Thiery Mugler: Womanity £49.50 for 50ml
Firstly how gorgeous is this glass bottle, I'm a complete sucker for good packaging & this one ticks all the right boxes for me. I love the name of this perfume too - it strikes me as a very Girl Power perfume, which I absolutely love! Womanity is a very sexy, musky & autumnal scent, but my favourite thing is its staying power - I can spritz this a few times on in the morning and it'll last all day! 

Best for Occasions - Jimmy Choo: Jimmy Choo £33.50 for 40ml
This one I love for nights out of special occasions, it's a very strong scent and again lasts for absolutely ages after first applying. It's as a very glamorous & luxurious scent, I can't quite put my finger on a reason for this but it instantly make me feel a million dollars (baby!) It's the perfect mix of both fruity & natural wood smells, it's quite an empowering and seductive scent. I really love it!

Hope you enjoyed having a look at my favourite perfumes. Have you tried any of these before or have you got anything you could recommend?

Thanks for taking a look. Lots of love.


  1. Jimmy Choo is one of my favourites, i adore sweet scents :)

    1. Yeaaah you can't beat it! Love the packaging too! X


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